Complementary kits - Some advice needed

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Complementary kits - Some advice needed

Hiya folks,

As you probably know, I´m a really newbie designer, planning to open a store somewhere soon. I´m opening this topic to share an idea that have been on my mind for a while now...

Sometimes, when designing, I feel that some kits complement each other very well: They are independent, and sometimes have different themes, but they go along to expand the possibility of uses; sometimes I feel I make two separate kits that go along very well, sometimes I feel like some kits work really well with others (want an example? I´m using Oxford and Prague together in a photobook... And Oxford with Superlatives in another one - If you look on my gallery you´ll see layouts featuring cats and those two kits...).

What I think that makes a kit go well with other is, probably, that they have at least one very similar color - the first time I stopped to think of it I thought it was a "color coincidence" but well, it keeps happening... and it works!

I´d like to know if I´m getting crazy and I´m the one who thinks of it, of if there are other people that think - and use kits - like that. Also, how useful would be if a designer indicates kits of her own that can complement each other? Or do you use a single kit and wouldn´t really be confortable to mix two or more? Do you think that complementary kits may be a good strategy?

I guess I'm the last person who should reply to this but hears my take.
I have certain colors I love and use, earth tones so most any kits I buy and use do have very similar colors (talking paper scrapping right now) I tend to stick with a company that caters to my taste. If your opening a store you could have a break down for search purposes such as, Earth Tones, Pastilles, Bights or Vibrant, you see what I mean, to say search for blue you get every range and it takes time to sort through, but if you had earth tones then blue it makes the search shorter.
It is nice when you can mix and mingle kits, you get more value and variety.

And that's my story LOL

I think you have a great idea Lorien. I know there are a lot of sites that use colour as a filter to search for kits. My kits are usually so wildly different that I don't think that they would complement each other. But, I do use papers (IRL) that are from all different companies that work well together, so I'm sure that it would work really well in digi scrapping too.

I love your idea Lorien. I often times find myself moving amongst lots of kits just for one layout. I like bits and pieces from different ones sometimes and don't always want to use soley one kit for a layout. ...RUN WITH IT! I say lol its a great strategy ...and you will probably be helping others who don't recognise that could even do this if they have it pointed out, I am sure they would be thankful for the discovery and open up new worlds for them in their scrapping

I mix & Match use of kits, too... but I do love it when a designer makes it easy for me saying these kits were made to go together! smiley
Anything at all that makes my creative process easier and faster is a PLUS for me as a non-designer, craft imitator type. smiley

Thanks for the input. It´s glad to know I´m not that crazy! I´ll try to do these with my kits then, and see what happens smiley

@Cathy: In fact, your comment was very important to me, because made me realise that this idea, in fact, started when I used to paper-scrap: As I almost never had money to buy stuff when they were released, I used to buy things of past collections on sales, and it was rare to have lots of papers from the same collection - so I always matched stuff from different collections and companies. This thing of "using what is in a specific kit" just came with digiscrap smiley

I mix & match, too - it was a habit I developed when starting out with digiscrapping... I didn't want to invest a lot into a hobby I was not sure if I would like or not (been there, done that with DAZ - I never really liked it). I rarely scrap from one kit and, when challenges require me to, I have a very hard time doing it. Mainly because I want to make the page for me - not just to meet a challenges requirement - and sometimes I feel like there's something that I really want on the page that the kit doesn't provide, KWIM? smiley

I stay within one kit mostly, but sometimes I just crave for something on my layout that just isn't in the kit. Like frames or flowers. That is when a color search would be most helpful!