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Only child!

I was the middle child and only girl. I have a brother older and had a brother younger. My youngest brother was murdered and I was closest with him when we got older but now I have only one and we are getting closer. Although as a child being the middle I always felt left out because my Mom favored My youngest brother and My Dad favored My oldest Brother.

I am the 6th of 8 kids (7 girls, 1 boy). smiley At one time, I was the youngest. Then a middle child for a lo-o-o-ong time. smiley Then when all my older sisters moved out, I was the oldest until I moved out (about 4 years).

I'm the 2nd out of 2. I'm the baby.To hear my older brother talk, I was completely spoiled and always got my way. smiley

I am the third of four but the oldest girl.

I am the eldest of 4 ,,therefore the best one !! smiley

Middle one here smiley - older sister and younger brother.

I'm the eldest one out of 5

I'm the oldest of 8, and only girl, and my Mom always said I was the badest

I lost 3 brothers so feel blessed I had so many.

I am the 4th of six. Three older brothers & 2 younger sisters ... the spoilt brats lol

I am number 3 of 4. I have 2 older brothers and one younger sister.

I am number 4 of 5. I have 3 older sisters, 1 older brother, and 1 younger brother.

I'm the second of seven and the eldest girl - I got all the housework since my two sisters came 9 and 11 years later!

I'm the eldest.

The youngest of three, the only girl.

I am the eldest of two girls. I have always been pretty close with my sister who is almost 3 years younger.