Mini Kit Challenge - Deadline Dec 5

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Mini Kit Challenge - Deadline Dec 5

It's holiday time! So your challenge for this week is to use a holiday theme (Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Winter) for your kit. Here are a few more specifics:

  • 10 papers
  • 25 elements

Thank you for another great challenge Marisa, they are so fun, there's still so many color palettes to choose from smiley

Awesome, thanks for keeping us busy lol.. smiley

Samantha and Jiovanna - LOL. are you all related?? I can't help but notice that your frames are the same on your avatars and your kits are very similar sisters!! Lol smiley

@Kiana: good point.. but no we're not related in any way, we just know each other in real life, we went to High School together and that's about it.. smiley

@Kiana: Lol no Kiana, we are not related in any way, just what Samantha said, I think is obvious that we just like the same style! smiley

This sounds fun! I am going to give this a go but am seriously short on time so not sure if I can finish it on time. I do have a question though ...are these challenge kits meant to be able to be downloaded by members? Because I don't have a blog or hosting place for downloads and won't be looking into either of those things for a long while yet. Is there any other get around to this? ...the rules say if you want to share do I take that as meaning we don't have to share? ...I would like to share but its on a long list of things to do atm lol

It's definitely obvious you like the same style!! I love seeing your creations because they always compliment each other....friends are like that!!! That is so awesome!!! smiley

hahaha smiley I noticed the same as Kiana! You're like twins! Nice to see that you actually know each other. And I love both your styles smiley

@Janae: I don't know if you have to share but that's always nice. You can put it up for Personal Use only if you want and there are easy ways to upload a kit on mediafire, dropbox, 4shared or some other without having a blog or something. Some even use google documents. But if you do want to share please make sure to make a zip file. For more "pixel scrapper" rules you can look here.
I think it's not only usefull for blog trains.... smiley

And about the new kit challenge; I am not sure about the celebration theme, so maybe I will skip this one. I am working on a new kit but it's more universal in use.

I was thinking the same Nadia. I'm kinda holiday'd out...I need to save some of this spirit for actual Christmas! Lol

@Janae: Sharing is totally optional. Sometimes people are working of things to release at a later date, and sometimes people don't want to bother with figuring it out. It's all okay!

@Kiana & Nadia: Yes, we do know each other even though we haven't seen each other for years, Glad to hear that you enjoy seeing our designs smiley for me is a pleasure, I love to read comments like both of you!!

thank you Nadia & Marissa for responding, I really appreciate that. I am even struggling atm to get some of the kit done lol so not sure if I will even get that far let alone sort somewhere to host etc. Its just that time of the year lol

Turned out I had a theme after all! We celebrate Sinterklaas overhere and it’s a childrens party. So I thought to make a kit out of it. smiley But now I noticed the 10 papers....oops I made 15...

#update# I noticed that one paper is not shown in the preview, but it's in the kit: it's a solid/textured red one... smiley


Thank you Nadia, Love it!

Sinterklaas sounds like a wonderful celebration (had to google it to find out about it though) and I love the bright colours in your kit.
Thank you

@Hi Trish: thanks for your comment. (If you click on the "pink" Sinterklaas you'll get the link to a Wikipedia page") smiley

@ Nadia: I love your Sinterklaas kit! I was actually already thinking about making a Sinterklaas themed kit myself smiley. I will have great use for your wonderful kit. Thank you so much for sharing!

Here's my kit, the downloads are in my Blog

I Chose "Christmas" as my theme for this mini kit challenge and i named it:
"It's Christmas"
• • •

• • •
Download this mini kit and many more freebies on My Blog ♥
• • •
Have Fun Scrapping! smiley

Good morning everyone, here is my mini kit, I choose Christmas as my theme, perfect for the holidays! smiley
★ ★ ★

★ ★ ★
You can download this mini kit in my blog

Lovely kit Nadia, thank you very much.

I have a Thanksgiving kit here:

You can download from my BLOG

Beautiful colors Cintia smiley

Pretty kits everybody! Now that my life is comming back to normal, I can maybe play with you again - just not sure if I´ll have time for this challenge or will need to wait the next one smiley

gorgeous work everyone!

Beautiful kits! Hoping I have time to get in on this one...never enough time. smiley

A end of year holiday celebrated for millennia. Papers come in both 8.5x11 and 12x12. Thank you to Marisa, Janet, KeravanBlack, IHEA, and DTD for templates, textures, and brushes.
Download at Dropbox. 8,5 x 11 papers12 x 12 papersElements

Ladies, your kits are amazing. I love how different they all are!

Here is my kit, I was really challenged by the number of elements.. 25 are so many!

You can download it on my blog!

What beautiful kits everyone!

Harriett I really love your winter solstice kit.

And Rani, you did a really nice job on your elements!