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Sorry, after searching around, I found the answers to this! Thanks anyway!

How do we earn points so that we can dl items?

Thank you and much success with your new endeavor! smiley


Hey Cimm... see my post just below yours... there is a link in Marin's reply to me on how to get points

Hi Cinmcw. Please take a look at our forum guidelines and profile expectations. I'll be happy to help you once you've uploaded a profile picture etc.

(I'm not meaning to be rude, but some people come by here and post in the forums, then are never seen again: following through with the profile expectations is a way for you to prove that you are someone who will be coming back smiley)

Just saw this...already did this...not sure when...sometimes between yesterday and this morning! smiley For some reason, I was just able to use my DC! Yay! Also, just read again about comm. pts. and dc. Thank you!