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Oooh, it seems to be a close one.

Remember, your vote is being counted even when you see the error message. Just refresh the page and you should see results.

Love the best is yet to come.
Whatever gets picked will be great though.

And yup, the error message is still there.

Hope I'm not too late to vote. Got the error message but when tried to vote again, it said I had already voted so that's fine with me! Can't wait to see what wins!

My vote went to The Best Is Yet To Come but I'm good with Snow Birds too.

A difficult choice, but I went with New Beginnings because I love that color palette. I really like the birthday palette, but not the theme so I chose the one with similar colors.

Yay, the best is yet to come is winning. Hope it keeps winning till Marisa closes the pool and posts the theme smiley sorry for the ladies who voted for snow birds, but I haven´t even seen snow in real life, and can barely imagine what exactly the theme is - do birds really go out on snow? Or it´s some kind of expression of english-speaker countries? I remember that, when we did birds and bees blogtrain in the beginning of the year, I just realised it was an expression when other designer posted her part and explained the expression...

Exiting again!! I love all the palettes but I am like Lórien not a big fan of the snow bird theme after all those holidays and I want to think about sun, new things, a new year! But I will go with whatever comes out.

@Lórien: yes, some birds actually do come out in the snow. Most of the time it are very tiny little birds that won't migrate when it turns cold. I give them extra food so they survive winter. Do you really never seen snow in real life? I am not a big fan of snow but it's a great sight to see.


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