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ISO: Comic-book style elements

Hello all! I was wondering if anyone knew of any sites that feature comic-book style scrapbook elements? I haven't see anything in that style yet on this site, or any of the others I've checked.


Just wanted to let you know I moved your topic to the correct category of "digital scrapbooking discussion". If you need help looking for certain things in the future, it's best to post in this forum topic and title your post "ISO: ... " so people know you're in search of something smiley

Can you give an example of what you're looking for Rachel?

Splendid fiins has a "super" kit and there are a few other designers at the Lilypad:

What about an action and you can make it yourself? Action here! It does this...

Or tutorials to help achieve the effect (assuming I'm on the right path?)?

20+ Awesome Photoshop Cartoon Tutorials and Actions

10 Comic Book Photoshop Tutorials

Thanks for the tip Sharylinn! I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to forums.

I'm looking for elements that look as though they were drawn for a classic comic book. I'm working on a bit of a scrapbook/yearbook for some kids I tutor and I thought it would be fun to do some pages that look more comic-book style instead of scrapbook. The girls would love the scrapbook style, but I think the boys might get bored if I don't include some things that interest them. I'm thinking along the lines of thought-bubbles, star shapes that seem to shoot out from the page, the "burst" shape with words like "ka-pow!" in them. That sort of thing.

I'm definitely checking out the posted links and tutorials you all have provided though! Thank you so much!

This is EXACTLY what I'm looking for!!! Thank you so much!

....oops, forgot the post the link in the last reply I left, sorry!

But yes, this is EXACTLY what I was looking for!

Glad you liked them! I've actually had my eye on them for a while, but with the supercool tuts Tina posted I think I'll try making my own. Some day... smiley Thanks Tina!

Take a look on this layout on Shelby gallery. She lists what she used to make the layout on the description section.

Thanks Lorien!

Megan Turnidge recently did a hero kit with a girlie twist that is really cute.

Here's a link to it.

Oh, and I think these templates are the coolest!

Those are super cute!!!! I'm excited smiley

ooooo Tiffany... those template are oh so cute! TFS!

Ha! I was looking for those templates, but just couldn't remember who made them. They are definitely the coolest!

I love those templates!

A bit late here but if your still looking, ViVa Artistry has these:

Wow! I'm loving those!

ViVa: very nice collection!!!

This template pack is on sale at Scrap Orchard for only a dollar through this weekend!!
There are lots of other great kits and templates too! I'm stocking up!

I really LOVED those kits Vivienne posted here!

Great templates! This past year I created a comic-book style layout for my blog - retelling an exciting story of losing my brakes (I did act somewhat a superhero when I jumped out of my rolling car and tried to stop it with my sheer muscle...I'm totally serious here, but don't recommend trying this at home!)

I gathered some of the great pages that helped in building my comic strip on my crafty blog: The whole thing was a bit of work, but could be done on a simpler level quite easy!

@Kristin, Eek! What a wonderful (and little scary) superhero story, and what a great happy ending!!