What are your 3 favorite elements for your scrapbook pages?

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What are your 3 favorite elements for your scrapbook pages?

Other than Paper, text or alphas. Mine are hearts, stars and/or stitches. smiley

mine are: flowers, leaves & ribbons.. smiley

I use a lot of frames, journal cards/journaling bits, and flowers. smiley

Mine IRL are flowers, buttons, stitching, & rub-ons... I know that's four... but those are kind of my equally favs. smiley
I'm still learning to perfect rub-ons in digital... I'm so glad there's always great tutorials to help. smiley

Frames are very important for me, as well as leaves and flowers smiley my layouts always have to have this 3 elements!!

Mine are flowers, ribbons and leaves/twigs.

Ooh good question, if I had to pick 3 its definitely ... Flowers, Leaves and butterflies x

I like paint splatters, strings and butterflies

Brushes/paint, flowers and buttons!

WA quotes, origami type elements (hearts, butterflies, etc.), nature elements (like twigs, pine boughs, pinecones, berry branches, autumn leaves, pussy willows - that sort of thing - but not flowers! smiley )

I have so many it's hard to choose. Like most everyone, I love flowers and also flourishes-all those fancy curlicues. The element that is my favorite though is a takeoff on iris folding that I'm playing around with.

Shawna - how do you do rub-ons digitally? I love using flowers, brads and butterflies.
Kate - iris folding? There is always something new to learn! I haven't seen that either. Do tell!

Well Angela: I'm still learning... but Wren and someone else shared some tutorial with us in another thread. I think it was the one about Art Journaling digitally. But it's mainly using different brushes and distressing them up a bit to have that rub on look. I also love the misting with my templates IRL paper scrapping and it's kind of a similar process only a tad in reverse. I'll see if I can find where they shared the tutorials and link back to them for you. IT may be tomorrow during the day when I can do a run through of the old posts to find them though, so give me a day to share. smiley

Found it for you Shawna! Full of wonderful tips on stencils / rub-ons / brushes: https://www.pixelscrapper.com/forums/digital-scrapbooking/digital-scrapbooking-discussion/iso-paper-templates

@Melo: Thanks for your awesomeness as always!!! You're the best!!! smiley

Mine are flowers, glitter, and brads.

Wood veneers, sequins and enamel dots smiley I can't stop filling my digi-stash with them.

Definitely ribbons... closely followed by buttons and swirls smiley

Mine are ribbons, flowers and lots of paper

I like flowers, ribbon and anything that has bling.

Stitches/thread, glitter and paint.

Oh, that is a problem, just to name 3. I would have to say flowers, birds/butterflies, frames. Oh, I guess that would count as 4. smiley

scatters and splatters smiley

Mine are flowers (especially roses), bows and butterflies