True or False? How clean is your home?

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so true ,,we are not the tidiest of families ,our house is lived in ,,I dream of a tidy house,but with 2 children,a husband, a dog, a job and crafting there is little time left ,saying that I don't live in a dirty house ,just not very tidy

I'm the only female in my house with my husband and two sons. I love a beautiful house and interior decorating but I also love to see signs that children are in a house. When my children were young I used to get this weird fuzzy feeling in my heart when I see a toy or some crayons lying about. It reminded me that my son was having fun there.
On the other hand I am very orderly. I like reaching for something without looking because that's the place for it.
On my dresser and even in the refrigerator things have an allotted spot. Of course no one else in the family follows this order so I'm always 'fixing' things or acting like a lunatic when something tiny is out of place or facing the 'wrong' direction. I'm learning.....
Yet still, the house is tidy only sometimes.

My dad is a clean fanatic, he would sit down and pick the tiny minute particles of biscuits off the carpet, and pick each one he would! and mom didnt mind coz she liked a clean house too, I remember my moms hands always smelled funny, I loved that smell but no one elses hands smelled like hers, and when I got married and started cleaning and managing my house I realized that smell was due to use of bleach!
So naturally I got irritaed and mad when I cleaned up the house and someone messed it up, but then I had kids, they say kids teach u alot, and I have learned patience from my kids, and the fact that its ok to have a messy untidy house, I do like to keep it tidy and clean and still get my way when they fall asleep, but if they r making a mess I dont rush to clean it up, it helps them learn and it helps my nerves!

These have been fun to read! I use to find cleaning relaxing, now, not so much...there are so many other things I'd rather be doing! So, as long as I'm not stepping on Hot Wheels or Legos, and there aren't smashed Cheerios or graham crackers on the floor, I can handle it.

My house is never spotless, I have grandchildren around all the time... LOL and 2 sons who are adults, but can be messy at times... When my youngest son cooks, he is a good cook, but what a mess afterwards.... LOL

With 4 kids, a husband and myself, our house isn't always, "company" ready, but it is, "family all together at home" living ready. smiley

I am not just messy, I'm a straight up slob. I've been living out of suitcases and doing the school thing for so long that I just don't care. My sister Mary is just as bad, but Katie is model-house clean. I can't figure out how she can do it. I doubt I can ever be with someone who wants me to keep a clean house. They can do it, if they care that much!

True...My 11 y.o girl starting to drive me crazy with her I'm not the tidiest person on earth..
I gave up tidying anything just a few hours a new mess is created smiley

I used to be a fanatic about cleaning, but now that I'm older (and wiser-lol), not so much.

Mine is clean enough to not trip over anything when going by and its clean but not sparkling. I try to do a little bit each morning so it doesn't get away from me. I don't mind clutter, prefer it ... I don't like a pristine home ... I need to create with paints, paper, cloth as well as digital and that takes priority.

It's true. My house isn't really dirty but it's not spotless either. I like a lived in feel, and I have more important things to do than constantly clean my home.

True! I really wish to have my house super clean and sometimes it stresses me a lot not having it like I want but true thing is that with my husband and three kids at home plus my creative processes is impossible to keep it 100% clean. Priorities, it is, there are special memories to create before cleaning smiley

It's definitely true!

Admittedly, my bedroom is a mess (I like it that way!). However, the rest of the house is pretty darn clean because it's just me now and I don't make a mess other than in my bedroom.


Mine depends on the day as I have dogs/Cats, Kids and Grandkids Oh, and a Hubby Lol

I like to jokingly say that I'm working on the 12 disciples. Right now I'm up to 11.5 again.. I like in organized chaos...

It's true. There are so many other things I'd rather do. It's not filthy by any means, but it's not spotless either.

I just got married a few months ago and my husband is a crazy neat freak! I always thought the girl was the one who cleaned up after her husband...not always the case in my house! I have clutter - not dirt at least. haha

My house is always a bit messy and unorganized. I have 2 autistic kids, and many crafting hobbies on top of that lol....I just cannot seem to fathom wasting time organizing lol. I know with my kids and me it will all get messy definitely know our house is lived in haha. I do keep it clean though...I am neurotic about dust because we all have asthma....but it will always be messy