Ability to Add Tags to Multiple Gallery Items

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Ability to Add Tags to Multiple Gallery Items

Sometimes I forget to add tags; sometimes I forget to add a specific tag to a few different items. I really LIKE the list of tags along the side of a picture or collection. Is it possible to create a way to tag items without going in and editing them? There's always a chance that somebody else forgot a keyword or didn't think to make a connection, and then I would be able to add that tag.

Thanks for the idea, Jody. I'm not sure if this is exactly what you're wanting, but we are planning to add a "community tags" feature in the future that will allow people to add tags to any item they are looking at, so everyone (members with good community standing) can help each other tag their items, and make sure no tags are forgotten smiley

Wow Jordan, that will be a great help!

Yes! That is excellent! I can always use it to "fix" my own gallery items too. Thank you!