A way to distinguish downloaded items [planned]

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A way to distinguish downloaded items [planned]

This may already be available, but I'm not sure. It would be nice to find a way to keep track of what we've already downloaded so that we don't double up. For now I've just been using the Love It feature once I've 'purchased' an asset or template.

I would love to see this feature on the "bulk preview page" so that I don't have to click on every asset to see if it has been smiley

This is planned, but you'll probably still have to go to the item page to see if you've downloaded it... a "bulk" option would be nice (so you could see if you downloaded an item while browsing on the assets page, say), but the problem is that that could potentially create a huge drain on the server.... maybe if I can figure out a way to optimize it...

For now Marisa has everything labeled very nicely. If you sort everything according to her labeling it may help to view the folder before downloading something.
IE: stripes, tags, plaid, tabs, buttons, checked, etc.

I finally figured the best way for me to keep track of what I have already gotten....I leave a quick comment. Then if I see that I have commented with my pic I know that I have already downloaded the asset/template. Works pretty well. I also have files for each kit, PU Templates, CU Templates, WA and a Misc. It is working for me!

WHOOO HOOOO!!! so very happy that this is in the works!
For now: I just do as Janet does... leave a comment about what I like about the item... with a thanks. smiley

bump to top... so people will see this has already been answered... smiley