11/30 only....Awesome Paint Shop Pro X6 deal (regular or Ultimate version)

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11/30 only....Awesome Paint Shop Pro X6 deal (regular or Ultimate version)

If any of you are looking for an inexpensive program for photo editing & digiscrapping, or if you have PSP & want to upgrade to the latest version, check out the links below ASAP...

Limited-Time Offer: Save 50% + get Painter Lite FREE + a $25 Corel coupon + FREE shipping! Sale ends Nov. 30, 2013

Note 1: You can download this online, but I'd highly recommend going with the disk version since there's free shipping - this way if you have any problems in the future, such as corrupt or deleted program files, you can reinstall the program.

Note 2: There is a zooming bug in PSP X6 (as Cassel put it in an email I received: "You probably noticed a very annoying bug: whenever you were zooming in and out, although the image would enlarge or shrink, the frame around it wouldn't, meaning that you could have a wide border around the photo when you zoomed out or you could not see any better when you zoomed in"), however there's a patch available for it in the Corel user-to-user forum: http://forum.corel.com/EN/viewtopic.php?f=56&t=52219

Here's the Product links...

Paint Shop Pro X6 Ultimate

Paint Shop Pro X6

And here's a link to Compare the versions...

Compare PSP versions

Nice prices, thanks for bringing this to our attention.