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Favorite Fonts

So does everyone have a list of their favorite fonts to use for journaling and titles...like their "go to" fonts. I can't seem to find ones I really like so I was wondering what other people use. I wish in the gallery when kits or papers are listed along with other tags, that the font used was listed because there are some neat ones out there and I have no idea what they are. I have gone to the free font sites but there are hundreds in there...a little overwhelming.

I bet I have 10,000 fonts almost. Mainly because I love them so much but also because I paper scrap and have two cutters. My first one was a Wishblade (which is the equivalent to today's Silhouette) and I had at one time found every font that matched every sizzix and cricut font. They now make it a little harder to find and or to get those fonts... so I have saved them all. smiley
Not to mention I'm a tad of an addict for the perfect font so anytime I see one I like someone shares and especially if it's free I download it and save it as the name it's called on websites. The names of the files are usually very weird if I don't, but then when someone mentions it I just have to do a search in windows for the file name. I never was good at the font programs that help you sort them. I didn't want to waste time organizing them. LoL Kinda wish I had now. I mean I have folders by creators names or like a folder that says Sizzix Fonts, or Peas Fonts etc. but no real organization to them. smiley It was pure madness I tell you. But even with ALL my font collection they probably take up less than ONE digiscrap Collab kit on my PC... smiley

I am kinda like you Shawna. When I got my cutter I use to download every font I could find free and liked but have no where near that amount. I was just curious and checked to see and I only have 694. Karry, It would be great if more people would tell the font they are using and some do on some of the sites and even tell where to get them but I never kept track of any to help you out. When you go to the font sites most have them listed in categories like Script, Rounded, Decorative, Curly, etc. Just pick a category and go through those, download the ones you like and then another time go through another category and do the same and then it is not so overwhelming. Free Scrapbook Fonts link http://www.kevinandamanda.com/fonts/ and other favorites are http://www.1001freefonts.com/ and http://www.dafont.com/ and http://www.fontsquirrel.com/ and http://fontgarden.com/c/31/brush_free_fonts are just a few of my favorite sites and you may already have them but if not check them out and just have fun with it.

I have started collecting fonts now. I need to find a viewer so I can see them all nownd what they look like so it's easier to pick.

I've created graphics for quick reference for myself of my favorite Project Life fonts (basically, the fonts I use for scrapbooking) and CU fonts. I'm pretty sure all of them were free. Hopefully you can spot a few you like here, to help sort through the overwhelm! The images are linked to larger versions.

I would say the ones I use the most are Hero, Bebas Neue, Amelie, Pacifico, Indy Pimp, American Typewriter, and Quaver and Quaver Sans.

Very Coool!!! Violet!!!! smiley

I know one tip I learned that was the most awesome ever. Basically it's so you don't have to install ALL of your fonts to view them. or even use them.

You just go to your FONT folder, double click on the one you want to use, it will show you a window of the letters. Then go into PS or Word or where ever and start typing using that font selected in your fontlist(down arrow). It will show up correctly in your file, if it's open. Save your document before you close the font viewer and it will save that on your layout or document. Pretty cool time saver if you know exactly which one you want to use.

If I don't make sense, I can try to find a tutorial online that will explain or show pictures better than my explanation. smiley

Thanks, Violet. I found a "few" fonts not yet on my computer, but I still have a way to go to match Shawna's 10,000!!

LoL Harriett: I guess I should give hubby SOME credit as he's a font addict himself, too. He's always looking for the perfect font(s) for his websites or different artistic stuff he does himself, we do share the font folder of course. smiley

@Violet: This would be so cool to do for them all and put them in a notebook to lok through by font type/category for a quick reference. Did you manually create that graphic or was there some software or digital speedy assistance to making them? I think I have too many to create such a series of graphics myself manually... so I may just have to rely on quick internet searches. smiley

PS Ladies: One of my favorite sites is/was WhatTheFont... Everyone was always so great at figuring out what a particular one I liked was actually called when I'd post a pic of it. smiley

@Shawna, yeah, I totally made them by hand, and it was definitely an investment of time. But it really helps having my CU fonts separated out, and I like being reminded when I'm making PL pages of great fonts I might forget I have, buried in all the font overflow. So for me it was worth it! I wonder if there's an action or script that could be created that would assist with making these...

I have been collecting fonts for about 10 years, so I have well over 10,000 - I have 12,000 alone on a font disc I bought years ago. I must have another 10,000-15,000 at least on my computer (not install - my computer would never start up if I did smiley) I L O V E F O N T S ! ! !

Oh my gosh...when you have that many font how the heck do you decide which one to use?

Such a great idea Violet!!

Oh my gosh...when you have that many font how the heck do you decide which one to use?

A lot of the time I don't! I just sort of pick one randomly and use that, well if its in the style I want. Most of the time, it takes me more time to pick out the font I want to use than to do anything else - that's why I never get anything done! smiley A font manger helps a lot since I can see a lot of fonts at once. I do have my fonts organized into different category styles, so it does cut down on the amount of files I'm looking through for that one perfect font. smiley

Awesome chart!

Wow, Violet- great chart! Thank you for posting! smiley

That is a great way to organize your fonts Violet! I may try tis myself with the CU fonts - I'm already getting them mixed up with the PU ones and it's taking me too much time to figure out which ones I can use on a design. As for favorites - I tend to have 'waves' of new favorites every month or so... Although I always come back to the super simple Avenir Next when it comes to journaling, or a handwritten font if that is more what the page needs. But I have yet to discover my favorite handwritten font...

I don't have any specific fonts that I use a lot, but I go to www.fontsquirrel.com to find new fonts when I don't have something exactly right for a layout.