January 2014: In Progress

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January 2014: In Progress

The theme is "The Best Is Yet To Come." The blog train will go live on January 1, see here for more instructions.

Feel free to pin inspiration to our Pinterest board. If you'd like to be added to the board, please leave me a comment here.

Send me an email (marisa.lerin@gmail.com) if you'd like to have the glitter files.

*do the happy dance* - sending you an e-mail smiley

can't wait.. i love the colors..

Yes!!! this color palette won!! I'm so excited! smiley

so very happy! I wanted to change my vote to this palette but the site kept getting that pop up so I'm really excited this palette won anyway! smiley

Great colors. I lost all my files and CU items from my hard drive crash a week or so ago. But I was able to download some of them so I'm hoping to play again!!!

I'm also glad this color palette won and also the theme. Now to get thinking of something other than Christmas!

@Kiana - oh nooooo!! I'm so sorry to hear that!! I bet if you asked, some stores might renew your download links, too. I'm really hoping nothing like this happens to me, my EHD is on its way!

Catherine - we just got a great deal on a EHD and received it yesterday so I'm going to be backing up everything!!!!! I was able to get the CU stuff I've purchased, but there were SOOO many kits I had, going back 2 years I'm just going to count it as a loss and start over. I was able to get some of the newer kits from my CT's downloaded, so I'm starting to build a new stash! smiley

Well I suppose that's one way to clean out your stash... smiley

beautiful colors

Oh my, this color palette is gorgeous smiley

Love this palette! Hope I have better luck with this month's than I had with December's.

Love the palette … pretty as a peacock!

Oh Kiana!! That's terrible!! My pc started slowing down and doing weird things so I transferred ALL my scrapping files to an external hard drive as well as ALL my photos!! I just can't imagine what I'd do if I lost it all...especially the photos. Good luck...

Not the palette I voted for, but I love it - especially the blues, greens and purple. Not so sure about the theme - it doesn't bring to mind anything yet. Maybe I'll just pretend it's "new beginnings" and go from there. smiley I guess they're sort of similar?

Sorry to hear Kiana, losing everything is horrible!

Just remember friends, that external drives (unless you bought a digital one) are just like computer drives and only have a life span of a few years.

Yeah, learned it the hard way. Click, click click....die.

Thanks ladies. And yes Kim....they only last a certain period of time as well. Luckily we've had great luck with our EHD's. The only thing was the last one was FULL so I wasn't able to put anything else on it. Lol
It's tough losing my photos. I can always get kits and freebies, but all my photos *cry* but such is life, you live and learn, and now I get to take lots more photos of my family! smiley

I'm in

This is what made me sign up for this site so I'm in for sure.

Welcome Jeanet...I can't wait to see what you do, I've loved your creations since DSP! smiley

Welcome Jeanet... checking out your blog now, your pages are lovely... can't wait to see what you create!!

P.S. In case you are interested, we also have design challenges throughout the month! smiley

I saw them Cathrine - but the deadline is tomorrow so I think I'll just pass on that one - until the next - maybe smiley

Hi Kiana - I thought I recognized that photo

no problem... there's no pressure here! The deadlines are a little loose anyway, I've definitely been late... in fact I'm still working on a challenge that was due mid November, hahaha. Marisa leaves the design challenge threads open for that very reason. smiley

Great colors, looking forward to seeing everyone's creations.

I am gonna try my hardest to get in this one,i am just sooooo busy right know.

Will try to create something for this one. I love the color palette.

working on mine, trying to get it out of the way before Christmas overtakes me! Love these colors.

Gonna start on mine tomorrow.

@Kiana: hope you find some of your kits back. Is it not possible to get you data back from your harddrive?

Well, here is mine, a bit early... smiley but I have lots of stuff to do the rest of the month and time flies when you're having fun!!
Wanted it to make it a bit artsy, but for some reason I only came up with a lot of solid papers.... So can't waith what you all will create!

Nadia- that is so pretty, I like the gold droplets. No, my hard drive crashed and it cannot be recovered. So everything is gone ... I'm most sad about all my pictures! smiley
Digi stuff I can always find more of.


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