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ISO: Brown Boy Kits

I've done a little searching, but am having a hard time finding boy kits that are more than just blue and light blue, I'm looking for colors like browns and reds (think dirt or dirty). Does anybody know of any, or could point me in a direction? I've got two boys, and as much as I love pinks, blues and turquoises, a lot of my pages look really girly. Thanks!

Same here - just like at the stores, there are tons of stuff for girls but not so much for boys. I've seen a few kits for little boys, but none for elementary age and older. Guess I will have to make my own stuff... Have some great boy/teenager kit smiley But only taggersize.. Does have some great kits too smiley Like Nerd by nature smiley great kit smiley

I use Creative Memories software and anything I can scrounge online! One of my inspirations is "Mike" from the CM Go Digital Facebook page. He uses overlays, grungy layouts, masking...such "manly" stuff! So, while it isn't "brown" it is for boys! So, if those links from Jessica work for you, this might help you pull it all together. Can't wait to see!

I would like to recommend my Belgium kit, which has lots of neutral and bright colors.

Thanks for the links! It is times like this I would love to know how to make my own stuff, hopefully that is something I can find time to do in 2013. I will check these all out!

Oh my! Thank you, Jessica, for that scrap orchard link!
Emily, I typed in "grunge" into the search engine and...WOW! I found four collections I MUST have, and that's just on the first page of returns!

@Jody I didn't think about that! I will have to try it! Thanks!

@Emily, are you still looking? I came across this kit on my FB feed -- it makes me wish I had a little guy to scrap for! SO cute!

Sir Plays a Lot by Etc by Danyale

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Wee Bit Boyish by Wishing Well Creations

I am! Those are great! Thanks for the links!!

I came across this brown and orange one:

and she has a free add-on on her blog too:

She also has a cute light blue-darkgrey-and-yellow kit, with the complementary add-on here:

I made a layout with that last freebie (lil dude), if you want you can take a look here.

I have this one, it's mostly in other colors then blue smiley

I found this kit Tractor Time Mega Kit Designed by Jan Tenney... I have the add-on in my stash from when they gave it away for free but I don't have the actual kit, but I thought it might be something that would help you...

Also... Mags Graphics had a boy kit... uh hold on while I look for it... the kit I'm thinking of doesn't appear to still be available, but Mags Graphics does have some school kits and a scout/camping kit that looks to have some browns in it... her site is Mags Graphics look under the "Kids/Baby Kits" category to find them.

Here's one that incorporates that idea of "dirt" and boy mischief! smiley

Bella Gypsey's "Rough & Tumble"

Here's some freebie papers I've used for 'boy pages' - Karen Funk appears to do a bit of 'boyish' stuff....

Just Jaimee has a kit called "Seize the Day" that is brown and yellow tones along with "dirty" splatter elements.
It also has a cute cartoony kid element.

I know some of these are still blue, and they are not free, but I have been in love with them for a while now. They are all watercolor style kits. I'm just waiting for my little guy to finally get his hands dirty - he seems to enjoy his big sis' cinderella dresses far more :S

I had started a "Baby Boy" kit in blues and browns but have yet to finish it. Here's the palette from it:

There are 17 papers and about 8 elements (mostly brown date items - acme label style days of the week, the months and numbers/days). If you'd like me to zip up what I have so far and send your way, I can!