Mini Kit Challenge - Deadline Dec 5

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Thank you for the Sinterklaas kit, Nadia! I used it for making small search/hunt for your presents cards to drop hints everywhere around the house. So fun to use your pretty drawings!

@Melo: Thank you!! That's a fun idea! I really enjoyed making it. The Sinterklaas drawings I actually made a few years ago to put on name stickers for on the gifts.

For anyone who goes to celebrate Sinterklaas the 5th of december: Hope you have a wonderfull night with lot's of fun!!

Wasn't sure if I was gonna have time for this, but looks like I was able to get it done after all. I focused on Christmas eve because that's the fun part for our family - dinner, friends, games, early presents...all the good stuff. This one's on Facebook. If you don't have a FB, just message me and I can give you the link. Enjoy! smiley


I didn't think I would have the time to make this in time until I remembered that I already had a kit ready for my blog so here it is

Download is on my blog


Ladies you've made some lovely kits!!!!

Awesome Ladies. Thanks for all the beautiful contributions. Merry Christmas to you and your families.

Wonderful kit Jeanet, Thank you!

You're welcome smiley

@Jeanet - Beautiful kit, thanks for sharing!! smiley

@Amanda - Lovely as always, glad you got to finish - for selfish reasons, of course, haha. smiley

LOL Catherine. Thank you. smiley

Beautiful kits ladies, I love the colors smiley Thank you for sharing! smiley

I love your fuzzy frame Andene.

Thanks everyone foe the wonderful mini's! smiley

Amanda- Thank you!

This is a gorgeous kit Harriet! Thank you! I love the color palette and the brads-it's all really beautiful.

This is such a pretty and wintery kit. Your snowflake/flowers are beautiful.
Thank you!

This is a beautiful Christmas kit. Thank you so much for sharing.

Thanks so much, everyone! They are all gorgeous!

All these kits are so beautiful! I think i need to start researching and figure out how to make them myself smiley

Wonderful kits - thanks to all for sharing your designs.

Lou Anne -Thank you for the wonderful feedback!

Thank you so much for sharing your talent, everyone!

Thank You Designers for some great kits