Can't unsuscribe

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Can't unsuscribe

Hi i'm trying to unsuscribe but it doesn't work, what do i do?

Hi Jessica, sorry for the trouble. Can you give me a bit more detail? When you click on the "cancel subscription" link from your profile page it should take you to the PayPal website, where you can cancel the subscription by signing in.

Because you subscribed through PayPal you need to cancel your recurring payment directly from the PayPal website (this is part of PayPal's security measures). This page shows step by step instructions for how to do that:

Please let me know if you run into any hiccups.

Yeah it did but there it said it was invaild.. But now i fixed it.. After a lot of googleing smiley
FTR it's not because i want to, because i have to smiley

Glad it got sorted out Jessica, and I understand that money can be tight, so no worries at all smiley .

And i'm back smiley hope to stay as long as i can smiley

Thanks for the support, Jessica smiley