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Hi Jordan

I came across this problem when I went to pin one of Marisa's tutorials to my board which is a new board where I highlight what I think are the best tutorials for PS and PSE. Instead of picking up the name of the site or the tutorial itself - it picked up members faces, which made it impossible me to 'spread the word' in fact it made me quite uneasy.

It's quite funny but I was introduced to Pinterest by one of Marisa's board.

Would it be possible to put 'Pin it' links next to things of interest? I am really sorry I know I am creating more work for you but I would use the link and I am sure others would to.

Many thanks

Mary (who will remain a flower for the moment)

Most tutorials are always accompanied by either images or a video (which you can also pin) so just look carefully at all the photos that are available...

If you're worried about your own photo being available, here is a collection of public domain photos you can choose from (being in the public domain, they can be used for any purpose for free, without attribution):

We are planning to have easily accessible pin it buttons in the future as well.

Also on Pinterest: I don´t find "pin it" buttons useful, because what I really use is the button on my bookmarks bar. If you wanna have one, it´s very easy, and the instructions are here:

Yep... I'm with Lorien, I use the Pin It button too... Easy As Pie!

would like this