Search Templates by Photo Count [implemented]

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Search Templates by Photo Count [implemented]

Here's another one posted by Brooke Gazarek in that same thread (post #6), I brought over as a new one for you too Jordan, in case you didn't already see it:

"I'd love to be able to look at the Layout Templates - and narrow down the search by choosing "how many photos in a layout" - just like you have for the gallery section of the site. I have searched in the gallery - and found templates that way (since you have a lot of the templates linked with finished scrapbook pages). So, I could continue to do it that way. This is just an idea. Hope it makes sense. Thanks!"

Thanks for moving this to its own thread Shawna. Should be a quick and easy feature to add...

I just implemented this feature. Marisa will need to go back and update old layout templates with a photo count, but from here on out all layout templates will have a photo count.

I've updated them. So now you can browse by number of photos:

total awesomeness!!!! thanks so much for this smiley

Very cool!

LOVE this! Thanks!