Alpha Challenge: Deadline Dec 19

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Alpha Challenge: Deadline Dec 19

We've never had an alpha challenge before, so I guess it's about time!

Make just one, or a fun mix and match set! It's up to you.

I have a little intro to alphas tutorial here.

Great, Thank you for the challenge, I can't wait smiley

yippee... I'll have to look through my mommyish actions to see if there is anything I want to use... if not, I'll have to go shopping, hehe. smiley

Here is what I came up with for this challenge
It can be downloaded from my blog HERE

Cute alpha Becky. smiley

Here's mine. I used the opp to make an alpha that coordinates with a kit that didn't have one. I started with the paper and then realized the font I was using didn't have lower case...haha! So, I started over and decided to throw the paper one in as a bonus. Hope you can find it useful. smiley


I made an alpha to coordinate with our blog train. it is lowercase and numbers only.

You can download it HERE

Wow you ladies are fast smiley They are all beautiful, I'm still working on mine smiley

Great looking alphas. I need to get started!

here is a set of 4 sets of christmas alphas my blog is acting up so direct dl link.

Fun challenge! I created an alpha for a kit im working on.
You can download it on my blog now.

Love the detail on your alpha Bre!

Beautiful alphas!

Lovely alphas so far everyone. Inspiration for mine just hit me tonight as I was headed to bed... Go figure! I'll have to get started on it tomorrow. smiley

Here's mine, the download link is in my BLOG
The alpha (capitals only) match one of the papers in my January blog train portion.

Love the alphas, everyone!

Here is mine. It will coordinate with another blog train that will be up this weekend.

Head over to MY BLOG

Here's the alpha I made that coordinates with January's blog train. :)

I just finished my alpha, I'm in a Christmas mood so it coordinates with December's blog train. I'm off to bed now, I'll package and upload it tomorrow. smiley

Here is my alpha for the challenge. I made a gold alpha to go with the Jingle kit I made in July... I think the links to the kit are still active in the July designer challenge if you are interested.

You can download it by clicking on the preview or here:

Here is a preview of the Jingle kit:


Some combination of my computer/blogger/the internet was not my friend tonight, haha... but here's my alpha finally!! smiley

smiley Catherine

I've been dying to jump in and try my hand at designing for a looong time now. Recently I stumbled upon your forum and I am SO glad you have designer challenges - they are much too few and far between!

It's so fun to see what others have created smiley Here's my go:

Download here!

Let me know if there are issues with the files - and critiques are more than welcome smiley

Thanks for the challenge - looking forward to more!

Looks super everyone!

@Sharilynn: How did you get the little tinsely edges?

Karli I love your alpha!

Since I really liked Chickie's Christmas in July preview I went and hunted it down to download and thought some of you would like it to. Its on this page:

I learned how to make a tinsel brush using a Pugly Pixel tutorial! It's SUPER easy and I absolutely love it! smiley

@Sharilynn... so cool!! Ty for sharing! I think I'm just going to spend the $5 and download the premade one. smiley

edit: nvm, using her dls for freebies would be against her TOUs! Guess I'll have to figure out for myself, haha.

Haha yeah, that's why I made my own set smiley but it's totally easier than it looks! smiley

Great! Thanks for sharing. I remember seeing that tutorial at some point, and it's great to have a reminder!

Great alphas! I wanna make something in this area lol.

I am so behind with my Alpha but here it is smiley
It coordinates with my newest kit releasing this Friday!
★ ★ ★

★ ★ ★
You can download my Alpha in my Blog, Enjoy! ♥

Thanks! It was harder than I expected smiley