Designer Calls (for Stores)

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Designer Calls (for Stores)


I was wondering if there are any places having designer calls right now. If you hear anything please let me know. Thanks smiley

Kiana: I renamed this a bit to clarify in the title for a quick view for people and bumped the creative team thread to the top too so there wouldn't be confusing about which meant what. smiley Great idea to start this thread with all you lovely designers hanging out around here!

Thanks Shawna. Hopefully we'll get some ideas.

I think I read once that One Story Down is always accepting applications for new designers.

Oh really ... Thanks so much Cat!!! smiley

Oh, looks like they like exclusive designers. I'll keep looking, but thanks so much!

There's a designer call at Scraps N Pieces...if anyone is interested!!!

nice! go Kiana!

Oh Cat, thanks for your vote of confidence. But I'm not ready yet. I've decided to take their designer mentoring first. So until then, it's just blog trains and MMS for me. smiley

It´s easy to enter on My Memories? It´s one of the stores I´m planning to apply...

Lorien- yes MMS is a very easy store to get on at, and currently there aren't many requirements for the designers to keep up with besides stocking your store

Tks for the info Kiana. I´ve been wondering about it.

@Kiana - There's a new store that is. Simply Love Scrapbooking. Not sure if you're looking for an already well-established store or not. I applied at this one on a whim just to get the feel of having my stuff in a "store." I've learned alot already about store basics and there's only a few designers so far. Plus, they don't have a lot of monthly commitments which is good for me cuz I do this just for fun. smiley Here's their info if you're interested:

OMGosh Amanda, that would be perfect as I don't want a TON of requirements while I get used to designing. I'll check it out now. Thanks soooooo much!! smiley smiley

You're welcome. smiley

i applied...I applied!!! I'm so excited and nervous!!! Lol

Thanks so much, I saw your designs in the store too, AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yay Kiana!!

Thank you Kiana. Woohoo! It took a couple days for them to get back to me, if I remember correctly. smiley

Yay! Go for it Kiana!

Is it here that you apply for My Memories?

@Amanda: Simply loving scrapbooking seems tempting too!

Amanda- thanks, I'm anxious, but what shall be will be, so I'm not worried! smiley

Lorien- yes that's it for MMS!!! Go ahead and take the plunge with us!!

Hi ladies,

I just applied for this call - the owner said she´ll pick both well stablished and new designers so I deceided to give a try. They´re also looking for CTs and to fill other positions...

En ce début d'année, Scrap From France recrute. Il n'y a que quelques places à pourvoir...suite à des vies qui changent , des chemins qui se recroiseront un jour certainement!!!

Vous avez jusqu'à fin février pour envoyer votre candidature avec une présentation, les boutiques dont vous faites déjà partie, accompagnée d'un exemplaire de vos créations pour que nous puissions contrôler la qualité de vos produits.

Pour celles qui créent depuis un moment mais qui n'ont jamais osé franchir le pas, c'est le moment: nous sommes fières d'avoir accompagné à leurs débuts Xuxper, Scrap de Yas, ByNatys, tant d'autres.

In this beggining of the year, Scrap From France has a designer call.

Only few spots are offered, some changing life, some different roads but for sure they will crossing again one day!!!

This call is ending in the end of february. Send us your apply with a short introduction, the stores where you are already saling on and a sampler of yor creations to check the quality. For those of you who created since a while but never jump in...Scrap From France is the best place to start. We are pround to help in their beginning Xuxper, Scrap de Yas, ByNatys, MoPaScraps...and more!!

Heartfelt Perfections Shop is having a "Designer Call"!
★ ★ ★

★ ★ ★
If you are interested, send a message to Leigh!

Thanks ladies. I've been out of commission with my PC down. I'm just seeing these, but I truly thank you all so much.

My PC is back up and running, so I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things here!!

Anyone else looking for designer calls??

There is also a Facebook group for Designer and CT Calls.

Any Designer Calls out there. Post them here for everyone to see!!

I was wondering the same thing. I just got back into making digital scrapkits after taking a few years off. I feel so out of the loop now. Many stores that I used to know about have closed. I'm wanting to find a store to sell at, but haven't found any advertising designer calls.

I did a google search, and found this:

Most of those look to be what digiscrappers call CT (creative team) calls. Paper scrapping companies call their layout people design teams for some reason. It's a good list though!


The stores above us, Heartfelt Perfections and Scrappy Bee, I believe their calls are still open. Doesn't hurt to try at least.

ScrappyBee´s call is still opened for sure - I´m there and I think there are 4 spots opened ATM.