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Recent Comments

Danielle Compton
Danielle Compton Thu, 01/18/2018 - 08:27

Melo, I used Marisa's Pocket Page 3a (kit unique ID #95691). Its one of my favorite layouts, I've used it a few times. Just tweak it a little to fit my pictures :)

Thanks everyone!

Paddy Wolf
Paddy Wolf Wed, 01/17/2018 - 12:59

beautifully balanced and playful. *heart*

Sue Mar
Sue Mar Wed, 01/17/2018 - 12:06

Great layout, love it!

Bina Greene
Bina Greene Wed, 01/17/2018 - 07:35

Absolutely fantastic! In love here. The way you balanced these black and whites into all the haps here. Great job, indeed precious. Many thanks for sharing! :)

Melo Vrijhof
Melo Vrijhof Wed, 01/17/2018 - 04:09

I love this! Did you use a template for this layout?