Project Life Week 5 Fun @ Legoland (left side)

Project Life Week 5 Fun @ Legoland (left side)

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Recent Comments

Laura Dillon
Laura Dillon Fri, 03/15/2013 - 08:21

Looks like you had a great time! I love that all the elements really do look fun. They are great with that photo!

Jenny Urquijo
Jenny Urquijo Wed, 02/27/2013 - 09:20

Diana I am loving these pages :) Great showcasing of photos and I love that your pages always include journaling. I know when I look back at my photos from when I was little I can't usually remember what they are from or even who I was with at times - Journaling is such a great tool for truly remembering. I also love the banners!

Tiffany Sylvester
Tiffany Sylvester Tue, 02/26/2013 - 10:10

You did a great job with this page

Andrea Krell
Andrea Krell Tue, 02/26/2013 - 07:32

Cute layout! I like the use of the large photo.

Sue Cimini
Sue Cimini Sun, 02/24/2013 - 16:58

I love this!