Two Month Cutie Pie

Two Month Cutie Pie

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Recent Comments

Brenda McMinn
Brenda McMinn Thu, 07/18/2013 - 06:47

perfect name for this page. It is indeed adorable & what a pretty baby. Look at all that hair!

Elizabeth Minkus
Elizabeth Minkus Sun, 02/10/2013 - 02:53

love the frame around the whole LO and the pictures are so cute!!

Jan Moore
Jan Moore Sat, 02/09/2013 - 01:56

Too cute!!

Jennifer Friesen
Jennifer Friesen Fri, 02/08/2013 - 14:23

I love the faint picture in the background...great idea!

Rose Huffine
Rose Huffine Thu, 02/07/2013 - 21:07

This is way too cool. I love this, I see I have a lot to learn. Your granddaughter is soooo cute.