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Challenge Ideas

Have an idea for a challenge? See something inspiring? Post it here.

Oops, put my suggestion in another thread here. Like challenges that make us use methods that we may not have used before. For example, make a new background paper by blending in elements at a lower opacity.

I really like makeyes' challenge idea about using different techniques! and...
-- I always love a good template challenge. smiley
-- What about something like one of the challenges each month be a through the year type layout and we could be given a couple theme choices each month for people that celebrate different holidays or are in different countries that do different things... but then at the end of the year we'd have at least 12 layouts to put in our albums of the main events in our lives??? or
-- Some type of craft or hybrid type challenge???

If I think of more I'll come back here and post them. smiley

Great ideas! Keep them coming.

A challenge scraplift to "copy" the layout of a page, the colour theme, etc

I also think of a hybride challenge. For exempla, there is azzaworld that publishes pages of scrap paper and we would try to make the same with digiscrap.

I love the challenge using a specific template or wordart, and when give a theme of music or a specif song to scrap.

I'm just learning, so I like the idea of a technique challenge. It would help me stretch my skills.

Marisa: with all the ideas you're getting from us... and if we're only going to do one a week and maybe one monthly one as someone suggested. Maybe you could put all the ideas into a poll and and let us vote for the top five... or maybe one of the weeks could be a "wild" card challenge using up all the extra ideas???

I would like to do a kit challenge, for example, everyone would have to make a page using only stuff from Bedoin Nights - and what a perfect way to wrap up the scavenger hunt. I think it would be interesting to see the different artistic interpretations given the same elements.

Love Christina's idea! I would love to see al the different takes on the scavenger hunt kit!
Maybe you could do a different sort of challenge a week; first week of the month a design/technique challenge (make a paper/flower...), then a layout (scraplift/kit) challenge, a template challenge, followed by an 'open' theme (color, word) so you can choose whether to post a layout or an asset. In random order ofcourse...

I like challenges that are about different things each week, with a scheme on the month, for example:

1st week of the month: Color challenge
2nd week: technique challenge (can be with a tecnique already shown in the tutorials)
3rd week: template/lift chalenge
4th (and, eventually, 5th) week: theme/other challenges.

I fancied the rules and the other things about the challenges smiley

Great ideas everyone! I can't wait to get started.

I'm thinking on running a challenge for each kit I release with a bit longer time frame, and then weekly having a shorter challenge with ideas from here. So there would be multiple challenges happening. I'd like to see what people are doing with my stuff and encourage them to use it, but I also want people to be able to use their other stuff for things. So I thought I might do both somewhat separately. The ideas are still gelling in my mind.

@Shawna: Polls are on the to do, they would be great for determining what challenge to do.

I like the idea of multiple time frame challenges, i.e., weekly and monthly. Participants can choose what they choose to participate in. Weekly challenges could be themed by specific color choices, number of assets used, subject matter such as recipes, family, or favorite quotes. Lots of great ideas already provided above by other members! Monthly challenges could be more in-depth and though provoking, such as journaling, photo-a-day, genealogy, etc. This is going to be exciting!

wow, sunny is an awesome idea factory smiley this is one of those times the heart on her post would come in handy {wink}

For the fist time on this fab site, I am a little...well, not confused, but... unsure. I mostly have my "designer cap" on, and I'm used to challenges to make kits or other material for download and use by others. Have such challenges been considered here, or are we talking layouts only?


@Trine: I assume/hope we mean layouts as I am by no means a designer nor will I ever have that talent. I am barely crafty at imitation or following directions. smiley But that would be cool if they have some kind of designer challenge for you ladies to show off your creative talents for us mere mortals to ohhh and ahhh over. smiley

I think we can pretty much have any kind of challenge you can think of. We're a "think outside the box" kind of place.

Another idea - I notice that other sites are running specific challenges relating to recipe cards, ATC cards, Heritage scrapping, etc. They also have "chats" specific to special occasions where you earn freebies for attending.........For example, a chat for suggesting color palettes or themes to a designer for their next kit.......Just brainstorming ideas here.....perhaps someone else in the community can expand upon this initial thoughts.......

Are these real-time chats? Or just a new forum topic? We might struggle with real time chat because of the time changes, or I might have to wake up at an odd time, but it does sound fun and something to think about.

I used to attend the chats at Gotta Pixel, I believe they are real time.

I like the family history challenges based on a theme. I have thought of eventually designing but basically for me or to give away as I do not want a second career-when I do things for fun I don't get stressed! I like the idea of having a challenge to design some sort of mini kit-might be interesting.

I hardly ever do challenges because I usually don't have the things needed because they have to be purchased or when I have to jump all around to get all of the pieces, there's always at least 2 that I can't manage to download. Duh! Hehehe... I'm not sure if it defeats the purpose, but it would be cool to have a challenge where you could use anything. Some challenges I've made for myself are, use only one colour, use elements or a kit that isn't really your thing (hehehe...), make a layout using only papers (that's kind of designy) and photos and lastly, my son (7) always wants to digiscrap. So he pulled a bunch of stuff he liked and then I helped him manipulate the positioning, then I also made a layout using the exact stuff he chose. That was tough, but then he could see random vs strategised.

Maybe also a photographic challenge to improve or work with our photography skills?

I haven't taken part in any challenge yet, so I would be really happy about detailed informations when the next challenge starts.

@LisaTroch: I'm the same way. The other factor for me is time... I just can't do those speed scraps (where you do everything in 1-2 hours & submit your page). When I first started out, my first page (using a template) took me 7 hours to make! Part of it was the learning curve, and the other part was my old desktop kept having memory issues when PSP was open and would crash & I'd lose all my work (& I couldn't add anymore memory to it - already had the maximum amount that could be installed). Needless to say I constantly save now - over & over & over again! I can do them a bit more quickly now, but am still way too slow for those speed scraps.

Sometimes I feel like a baby in digiscrapping land - I know PSP a little better now (though I still feel inadequate in my knowledge of it - I think because most of the good tutorials & classes out there are for Photoshop, not PSP), and I now know how to use a template to make my own pages (used to use pre-made quickpages), but I still feel like I have a lot to learn in both areas.

@Bettina: I'm planning to run weekly challenges from Thursday-Thursday, and maybe have one or two others with a longer time frame.

In response to Lizanne, just a reminder that we're looking for forum moderators, including people who can advise on PSP!

@Marisa: I did think about offering to help moderate, given I know what's involved in running a site, but then I remembered my whole reason for closing my site a few years back (lack of time, need to focus on my family more). I'm sorry... Maybe when my kids are older?

As for PSP, it would be great if there could be a section in the tutorial area for that. Maybe those with more experience with PSP could post tutorials in there? I see so many neat ones listed for Photoshop, but I know they won't apply to PSP (esp. the ones on brushes & styles).

For example, I'd love to know how to take a pattern & make a paper out of it. What I've done is just copy & paste the same pattern as a layer over & over again and try to match everything up just right (hard if you're doing a plaid) until I have a full 12x12 square filled with the pattern. There just has to be an easier way to do this in PSP - I just don't know how. And shadowing.... I just fudge it. I really don't know what I'm doing, but I just apply shadows to things & hope they look okay. That's mostly what I do - try out different features, decide what I think looks best & run with it. Not exactly the best or most time-effective way of doing things, but when you don't really know your product very well you have a tendency to "play" with it. The sad thing - I can rarely duplicate what I did that I liked... LOL I wish I knew PSP better.

@Lizanne: there IS an easier way! A much easier way! Since the PSP forum isn't live yet and it's driving me crazy...I have to share!!
I will give you this tip just to get you going.

To start; click File then New. Create a workable size (I generally start with a 4x4 inch square), paste an image in a layer, duplicate the layer.
Activate (click on it) the "duplicate" layer. Then go to "Effects" then select "Image Effects" then "Offset"

Settings: Offset type-Select "Center" (PSP will automatically calculate the Horizontal and Vertical offset)
and select "Wrap" for the Edge mode. Then click OK.

Now you can go to your materials palette and choose that you can flood fill. You can play around with it until you get the results you are looking for.

PSP is not an easy program to learn. It took me a couple years to learn what I know and I'm still learning new things. Hopefully we can get the PSP forum going soon and we can all learn together. smiley

That sounds so overwhelming, Tina! But I'm sure as I follow your steps it will make more sense & be easier... Will that work with a plaid pattern? (worried about stretching & such)

I'm big into plaid papers (must be the Irish & Scottish in me) & a few things I downloaded ended up being patterns not papers. And it seems like every time I go to make a layout I'm drawn to those plaid patterns!

Just because there's no PSP forum doesn't mean you guys can hijack my thread! smiley Perhaps for now you can start a new thread in the Digi Scrap Discussion about PSP questions and tips and see if you can't drum up another moderator so we can open the forum.


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