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haha, this is getting curious and curiouser... smiley i'm sure we'll get to the bottom of this mistery!

When I put other images in a forum thread I use those boxes but that is all. I like what it defaults to for me when it comes to layouts though - to me it is just big enough to see but small enough that you have to go to the page in my gallery to see it well.

sorry Marisa , I am still unable to post a layout
whan you right click on the image (first step) where is your image ?? on your blog ...? on something linked by internet ....
thanks for your help

Not sure if this thread is still open, but I'm trying to post my layout in the critique thread and link to it. When I right click on the gallery photo, I don't have an option that says 'copy image url', is there another way?
Thank you!

@Krissy: what if you try to open image in new tab and then go up to the url bar and copy it that way? I know that's the long way around it but sometimes and in some websites I have to do that myself. Maybe it's a browser issue of such that causes the issue. ??? HTH !!! smiley

Thank you Shawna- I'll give that a try!!

UPDATE: I actually just switched to google chrome and that fixed the problem... thank you so much!

great! YW, I thought it might be a browser issue... glad it worked. smiley

I have discovered that the best values for the width and height boxes are 600 x 600 (or less) then it isn't too big for the size of the forums smiley Just wanted to let everyone know. Well if your layout is square lol.

OK I am not getting a "copy URL" option when I right click???? ANy suggestions???

What options do you have when you right click? It's probably there somewhere...

@Stacy- same thing happened to me but when I switched to google chrome, it worked. I was using Internet Explorer.... so you may want to try that in the meantime!

Since I still do my scrapbooking with actual paper and supplies, can I still enter them in the challenges?

Unfortunately the Gallery here at Pixel Scrapper is only open to digital layouts at this time. Since part of participating the in the challenges is to upload your layout to the Gallery paper layouts cannot entered into the challenges.

OK, thanks!

Thanks for this tut - I think I've got it now!

Great, Joanne! Let me know if you need further help with it.

Thanks for explaining this.. I just finished my first layout and eager to share but didn't know how to do it. AWESOME!!!

when I try and put my links in at the forum most of the link box disappears. Can't click on OK smiley so no way to link. Just end up with an empty post.

Hi Shaunna, we have a help page here with basic things to do. Let us know if that doesn't fix the problem.

Thank you Marisa. Your page helped me fix it!

Hi, I have tried the instructions given in both Firefox and Chrome and do not have the "copy URL" option in either one.

My options are:
Open link in new tab
Open link in new window
Open link in incognito window
Save link as
Copy link address
Open image in new tab
Save image as
Copy image
Copy image address

Any advice would be helpful. Thanks!

Hi Sonja Use 'copy image address' -that's what I do

Thank you so much Patricia, this worked!

I've followed your tutorial but my layouts don't seem to show up. Hmm, I must be missing something. Can I copy my layout URL from the address bar or do I absolutely need to right-click on my layout?

You'll need to right click on the image. Otherwise you'll just have the link to the webpage and not the specific image. The link you're pasting should end in .JPG

Thanks Marisa!:D I figured there was a step I kept missing but couldn't figure it out. LOL!

Thank you so much dear Marisa for the mini tutorial smiley Happy spring smiley

Great tutorial. Thank you!!!

Thank-you, I was so lost about how to post the layouts! smiley