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@ Jordan - If you're referring to the profile picture (which I think is the only one I haven't done yet) it's because, well, I'm the one behind the camera... very rarely in front of. Plus I hate having my picture taken (trait I picked up from my mother, I guess)... I suppose I could sift through some old pictures if that would be acceptable?

About the last name part... Some people don't feel comfortable having their full name out there on the web (myself included) & prefer to have a "username" display in forums instead. Can you make that feature available in here? I noticed when I added my last name to my profile, it is now showing my full name above the profile pic area & I would just prefer to have my username (lizanne) show only.

*Edited to add: this is the most recent picture I have of me - it's 12 yrs old. Hope that's not a problem.

@Lizanne: I kind of had the same problem with my full name being listed instead of just my user name as there are some people in my past I didn't care to know my business, but I then did a search on my entire name and found that my full name was apparently already all over the internet unbeknownst to me. Posts from other family members or friends about me, even stuff about my "x" and his family and how they are related to me... over 8,000 posts came up in google!!! smiley
Try typing in your name to the search engine, you'll probably be as surprised as I was... My silver lining of the situation is that at least I haven't done anything BAD that is all over the internet. smiley

I prefer the Country flags (with mouseover of written country), going down to state level flags is a bit of overkill in my opinion.

@Lizanne: I've started a new thread to discuss real names and photos.

I'll add a little flag and my country name, so you will now why my english is so bad smiley

Saskia, that is a FABULOUS idea! I will go edit my photo RIGHT NOW.

Great idea!

I wanted to add a different spin on this country profile identifier, which I think is a FANTASTIC idea. Any chance you could add a global map somewhere on the site that shows who's logged in and where they're located? That might help with more real time interaction...

I saw this on another site and I thought it was really cool.

Great idea Tiffany!

I've gone ahead and started a new feature request for your idea here.

Love the idea, would also need a hover thing with the name of country. I know many people who go back and fourth, or "belong" to two countries. would they be able to go back and fourth, or have both?