Ability to add items to wishlist for later download [needs more votes]

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Ability to add items to wishlist for later download [needs more votes]

I was wondering if there was a way I could like stuff that I might not be able to have enough credits earned to get all in one day.
For now I learned there is the heart option and this is an awesome way to keep track of those items for now... but maybe at a later date if y'all wanted to really differentiate the *heart*'s from a "remember for later stash", you could ADD a similar button like "save for later" type thing.
That way we could save them when we had time to peruse the assets and later see at a quick glance (similar to the hearts page that pulls up under our profile) what we want to use our credits for. just food for thought smiley hope that I made sense of that. LoL

That sounds like a good idea Shawna, thanks for posting. I'll put it on the "things to consider" list smiley

Kewl!!! Thanks for the consideration... I'm sure your to do list is about 5 pages long right now. smiley

I wish it was only 5 pages smiley

@Jordan LOL!

I have the same feelings as Shawana. I am using the smiley as "download another day" list. Maybe one "I owe this" list should be good too...

I'd love to be able to look at the Layout Templates - and narrow down the search by choosing "how many photos in a layout" - just like you have for the gallery section of the site. I have searched in the gallery - and found templates that way (since you have a lot of the templates linked with finished scrapbook pages). So, I could continue to do it that way. This is just an idea. Hope it makes sense. Thanks!

@Brooke: That's a good idea. I'll see if we can add that field.

Moving to the new feature request forum.

@ Marisa/Jordan: Also a sort feature for 12x12 layout templates. I see one for 8 1/2 x 11, but not the opposite. Thanks in advance! smiley

Shawna: I'd like each feature request to have its own thread here, so I can keep track of them more easily. So please make a new post for your new feature request. Thanks!

sounds great Jordan! will do now smiley

Hi Jordan,

Just getting back to topic smiley I would like to see the 'dowload another day' sort of button too. Like Lórien I'm using the heart-option to remember what to download, but after I download I have to unheart so I won't download twice... which is a shame in most cases!!

I have the same problem..I forget which ones I have already downloaded if they are just hearted. Please help!

I agree with this as well. Maybe something like a shopping cart, but not...just a way to gather what you'd like to download in the future.

A wishlist sounds like a great idea - for now I've just been bookmarking stuff.

I like the sounds of the wishlist as well.

i'm using the heart as my wishlist too but then after i download, i don't want to unheart it so it gets all mixed up, wishlist and downloaded assets together. i always have to have my pixelscrapper folder open so that i don't download the same thing so i would love a wishlist button!

A wishlist would be really great. It will be especially useful as more designers are brought on board and we are all spoiled with even more goodies we would love to have.

I would love a wishlist to drop things into. In the mean time what I have been doing is opening a folder for each kit, a pu template folder and a cu template folder. I keep these in my download folder and then I open Pixel Scrapper and the applicable folder and check my download folder to what is available. It is working out pretty well but does take a bit of time. By doing this I have not double downloaded yet.

So very glad to see here that this is in the planning stages!!! smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley

I would definitely use a wishlist button. I spend half my time here hunting for things I saw previously when I was short on credits and now can't remember where it was. (lots of Senior moments here lol) It would really be wonderful to be able to add things to a wishlist when you see them and have the ability to remove later if you change your mind. If it could be linked so that it removes or marks it when purchased that would be even more wonderful. Thanks so much.

Even though I'm new here, by reading the comments in this thread, I'd say YES to the Wishlist and even if we could do a ranking in that...might be to much to ask...a 5 star thing, or just move on the list. (Have no idea how complicated that would be, to long out of the programming field.)

I have many, many senior moments, and can already see a need for it!

i knew i messed up again (sorry) i need more hours in the day to go thru all the threads ....sorry

but let me just say, this is an EXCELLENT idea

I, too, would love a WISHLIST. Meantime, I never even considered using the "heart" for a reminder. smiley You guys are so creative!! I'm going to start doing that now until there is an actual wish list.

I actually use Google Reader to get notifications of new posted items. I kind of use that as my wish list - I don't mark them as read in Google Reader unless I have downloaded them. But I love the idea of using the website for this, because I usually have a backlog of 100 or so posts in Google Reader just for Pixel Scrapper!

A temporary solution and a chance to win your wishlist: http://www.pixelscrapper.com/blog/pin-to-win-put-your-wishlist-on-pinterest

bump to top... so people will see this has already been answered... smiley

great idea, would LOVE a wishlist function smiley

I'm using Pinterest for now, but I would also LOVE a wishlist feature!

I agree , a wishlist would be wonderful , I never have enough pts lol.

I love this idea. Using Pinterest in the meantime will help me though!