Feature Request Guidelines: read before posting!

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Feature Request Guidelines: read before posting!


1. This is a forum for requesting features you would like to see implemented on this website. Maybe you want to be able to "heart" comments, or to change the site's background color to a bright fuchsia. If so, this is the place to request what you're wanting. Other kinds of topics should be posted elsewhere.

2. Make sure your profile meets our Profile Expectations. This lets us know that you are serious about being a community member at Pixel Scrapper, which means we'll take your feature request seriously.

3. If you haven't done so already, reply in the Introduce Yourself thread before posting here: we want to know who you are!

4. Read through existing feature requests to make sure that no one has already asked for the feature you are wanting. In general, it's a good idea to spend some time reading in the forums before posting your first new topic.

5. Vote on feature requests that you like by "hearting" those topics.

6. Make sure to give your feature request a nice descriptive title.

Good titles:

  • "Ability to add items to wishlist for later download"
  • "Allow users to change site background color"
Bad titles:
  • "Some ideas to think about"
  • "A few thoughts I have"
Think about it for a minute if you need to.

If you've considered all of the above, then go ahead and post your feature request here. Please, please try to avoid posting duplicate requests!