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There's been some discussion about cameras happening in different places, so I thought we could start a new topic here.

I would like to give a giant shout out to the camera that we have, the Canon S90. We took it on our trip through Asia and Europe and it was a superstar. Here you can see Jordan using it in Angkor Wat.

Of course, that photo was taken with our other camera. So here's two that the S90 did take:

We love this camera because it's small (fits in a pocket) but still has full manual control. We wouldn't have most of the photos we took if we had a full size camera, it's so much more convenient when it fits in your purse or pocket. I'm not sure if we'll ever get a real DSLR, now that we've been spoiled with this one. I'm not sure you would gain much in photo quality to what you would lose in size. It's pretty much the perfect camera. If I were to get another camera I'd get an old school polaroid camera.

Here's the link to the camera we have, and the newer version.

I bought a Nikon D80 six or seven years ago when my little boy was two because I was tired of missing all the great shots because of the delay in consumer-grade point and shoots. Had tons of shots of the back of his head as he was running away!

I've always loved taking pics but getting a DSLR changed that love into a crazy passion. I have a degree in art, so I understand composition but I've had to learn the mechanics of photography and Photoshop. I love the endless creative possibilities of Photoshop - I really like to mess with my pics!

Nikon has been a good camera for me. I fell once while I had it around my neck and I was chasing after my kiddo. We both (the camera and me) hit the concrete hard. The Nikon was fine but it took me a while to recover! smiley

Beautiful pictures!

I got my first SLR camera as a 12 year-old...that was 25 years ago. It was completely manual - didn't even have auto focus! So I had to learn about shutter speed and ISO and everything from the start. I'm really thankful for that today. smiley

My preference is Nikon cameras. And Olympus, as well. I have a Canon but I don't use it as much, it's not a bad camera but I just don't like how it feels in my hands, if that makes sense.


I too have the Canon S90. I also have the Canon S95 (and gave my S90 to my daughter). It's my "purse" cameera! I want a camera with me at times!! It's great. It's the only pocket size camera I've had with settings like my Canon 7D & 40D. I personally use AV setting the most!

A good example of why you should always have a camera with you is that I was "sitting" in line at a red light about 1 mile from my house and I was hit from the rear (as I sat still). Of course the girl had NO insurance, NO current tags on the car, NO driver's license and DID NOT own the car!! I don't know if she was texting or not paying attention. There were two lines of cars "sitting" at the light, about 5 cars deep in each lane. ugghh! Anyway, I called 911 then grabbed my S95 and took pictures from all angles!! Then called my hubby who came and sat with me and picked my bumber up off the road.

I have a Sony Dsc H9 smiley It's a bit bog so i use it for special ecations only smiley In all day life i use my phone actually, cause it's the only thing i bring with me at all times smiley Samsung galaxy note smiley But i've been looking at the "new" Noika phone 808 with 41 mpix camera in it smiley And it takes the most amazing pictures for a phone so that would be just perfekt for me smiley

I have a Sony digital camera with a Zeiss lens. Zeiss, which is from Sweden, produces some of the finest optics. I love my camera and it takes amazing pictures. But my batteries won't charge anymore and I can't afford new ones right now so I use my mom's camera when I need one. She uses a Panasonic and it also takes great pictures!

@ Lisa L you can buy most of the batteries från china for almost nothing smiley And free shipping as well smiley I have one for mine and it's even better than the original smiley

I recently purchased the Canon D60 and I love it! It has been a learning curve but it is my favorite camera I own. I also have the Canon Powershot SX10i (I think that is what it is) and a Sony Cybershot. I have used a friends Nikon 7D before and loved it as well. The Cybershot is great because it takes standard AA batteries and has some SLR Capabilities without being an SLR Camera. It goes with me to places I really don't want to risk taking the big camera (D60). I smiley Cameras smiley

@Christina - You hit on one of the reasons that I would love a DSLR when we have the money. My girls will be 4 and 2, and I miss so many great pictures because of the lag time of my point and shoot (Sony Cybershot TX7).

@Marisa - forgot to mention in my last post that I love your pictures! I may have to buy this camera as my next purse camera!

No purse camera for me my current is the Canon 550 (T2i) my next will be the 5dmkii HOPEFULLY SOON!

I had a number of point and shoot cameras which were nice, but they are not as nice as the Fuji SLR camera I use now.
It takes nice pictures at a high resolution which print out nice. There is very little corrections needed for the camera.

Nice post... I'd like to buy a camera and I have no idea what camera I'll buy. I'd like a camera easier and with a good focus (probably to do some commercial items). I'll search more about the cameras that you talk her... Thanks for the information...^^

Same here, no purse camera for me.. as much as I love the idea of using a small size pocket point & shoot, I´m so used to my T3i (previously owned an older canon version) that all I can think about is when I´ll be able to buy myself a full frame camera. Can´t wait!!!!

What's a T3i, Erika?

oh i love cameras!!! I have a Nikon D700 (digital) and a Nikon F100 (film). i love photography, you can see some of my work here:

how awesome that you got to see Ankor Wat temples!!! a friend of mine went there not too long ago, he said it was amazing!!!

From all our travels, Angkor Wat stands out as one of the best places to visit. Traveling in Cambodia is (very) affordable, the people are friendly and you get to feel like Indiana Jones the whole time.

Cameras, I have a couple of cameras. I keep my old point and shoot in my purse for those shots that just come once, but was not expecting to take any pictures. It is a good Kodak 12 mega pixel, that takes great shots. It also comes in handy when the battery goes out in my Fuji SLR camera.

There is a big difference in the two. The Fuji takes far better pictures. I also find that I do not have to do a lot of color corrections on the pictures.

For those who don't know the Canon S90 & S95 have the same settings a the BIG Canon Cameras - Program, AV, TV, Manual, etc. It's a great small camera to carry in my purse ... there's no way you can carry a Canon 7D or whatever your "big" camera is" with you every where all the time - I have used this "purse" camera SO MANY TIMES - wouldn't go without out it! You always gotta be prepared because you don't know when special moments may occur that will not be repeated.

I have a Fuji finepix but my best camera- like anyone's BEST camera is the one I carry around with me-which turns out to be my phone. HA!

I have a Canon Rebel EOS which takes great pics, but I think some of my fav pics of my daughter were taken with my iphone. Seems like it's so much easier to catch a genuine, real moment with phone;)

We have a little Canon PowerShot that my husband has been using to document our house build/renovation... it's a little grubby now lol
I have a Canon 500D and a Canon 7D.... only have the 7D because I fluked winning it in a competition lol now I have to learn how to use it. The weight difference is hard to get used to. I'll use the 7D for something and then go to use the 500D and I feel like it's going to fly out of my hands it's so light in comparison lol

As you can see, we're a Canon family. DH's parents bought a Nikon and he was horrified rofl

Re Angkor Wat, funnily enough, a friend is over that way at the moment on her honeymoon. She's posting some great shots on Facebook... I'll live vicariously through her for the time being smiley

I agree with Marisa & Janet. I have Nikon D70 (digital) and a Nikon N80 (35mm) but ONLY because all my lenses were more or less interchangeable when I converted to digital shooting. When my hubby's last point & shoot bit the dust, he asked me what should he get, because he loved all that I could do with mine from the couple of classes I took. BUT he wanted it to FIT in his pocket!!! So I researched and Canon hands down seemed to sound perfect. We started with a lower Canon Powershot model many years back... and over time "stuff" happens you break it, you lose it, you drop it in a lake while canoeing... and you have to buy THREE newer models. LoL Needless to say we LOVE the ease of the Canon and the fact it DOES have all the manual options. Ours shoots off pretty quickly, it's very rare for us to have a blurred photo. What Marisa said is oh so true for us, that if I always had to carry my huge Nikon and all my lenses around, we'd have a LOT less photos of our adventures. The awesome thing was the one that fell in the lake was replaced the least expensively because I found it at Staples as the last one and got it for under $125!!! We had paid $250-400 for the others.

I have a Canon EOS (film) camera and a Fuji Finepix point & shoot camera. The Fuji frustrates me as it doesn't do well with landscapes (you don't get what you have in your view finder) or sports photos (they come out all blurry). Basically, all I can do is take pictures of my boys on the few occasions that they're STILL... lol Like that happens very often (NOT). Around Christmastime I can take 20 photos & still not get one good photo...

Down the road I hope to purchase a Canon EOS digital camera (when the funds are available). Not only do I love the Canon product, but I want to be able to use my lenses & such from my film camera with the digital one so I can take nice landscape pictures again & be able to do sport photos (my youngest plays basketball).

@lizanne: We had a Fuju and an Olympus and hated both of those brands for that very same reason(always blurred photos). They may have improved over the years but I will never spend $200-500 again to find out. LoL

We have had a DSLR Nikon D70 for years, but it failed on me a few months ago smiley I now take all my pictures with our point and shoot Sony Cybershot TX7, but there is a huge difference in quality. I do like the fact that I can take it anywhere and it is always within reach. It has increased the 'snapshot' pictures dramatically and although there are some very very cute ones, I miss the 'photoshoot' kind of moments with my two kids! Maybe I'll look into your Canon... the moment I find that money-covered mountain somewhere smiley

@Shawna - I know what you mean... Trying to avoid that myself. smiley

@Melouise - Canon's aren't cheap, but they're worth it (they fall into that category "you get what you pay for" smiley ).

My husband wanted a camera who fits in a pocket so now we have a samsung WB650. My first digital camera was a sony with carl zeiss lens (3 megapixel) and still have that camera. But i also make a lot of pictures with my phone.....

I use a Nikon D5100, but I find that I don't have my camera with me all of the time, because of its size. I usually end up taking a photo with my phone. A better solution for me would be a purse/pocket size camera like Marisa's - I'll add it to the Christmas wish list.........

I want to get a new camera DSLR but I have a hard time choosing which one... hmmm!!??!! I too find that as the phones get better it is so much funner to snap, text, & email immediately rather than snap, wait til trip is over, get home unload the pics, go through them all, then edit and email.... oh the decisions!! smiley

I use a Kodak point n shoot. I takes nice pictures.