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I also have a Sony Point and Shoot. It takes good pictures most of the time. I would love something that takes better pictures in low light without having to use a flash or get a tripod...but I am in the same position with money being tight.

Our weather has just been perfect the last week or so. I didn't realize how much the hot weather was weighing me down, but suddenly I feel like it's a whole new world!

It's the middle of Spring here in Australia. I love the fresh lime colour of new leaves and the golden glow in the afternoons.
Not looking forward to Summer, it's my least favourite season.

All the leaves are gone now... I'm sad. smiley Peak foliage season was short because of rain/wind.

Thankfully in South Africa our seasons are pretty constant. In Durban (easten side of the country) where I live, we pretty much have summer 80% of the year smiley The more inland you go the more distinctive the seasons get

Liz, where is Oz??? I visited about three years ago to Queensland... (Daintree all the way down to Whitsunday Islands... we did a camping trip while I was 7 months pregnant... id love to go back again now that my little one is older and would enjoy it!

Jaclyn, I live at the northern end of Wollemi National Park (on a farm) in the Hunter Valley area which is about 3 1/2 hours drive north of Sydney (NSW).
I must admit once upon a time it was a beautiful place with vineyards and horse studs everywhere and the scenery was pretty good too, sadly, coal mining and the prospect of coal seam gas extraction is everywhere now. The air here is no longer crisp and clean but instead has a dusty look to it, due to the mines. I don't really like to say what I just did about the area but it is a fact.
As yet my travels have been very limited to NSW, Victoria and SE QLD . We are planning to travel more when my husband retires (do farmers ever retire smiley )

In the Rogue Valley where I live in Oregon things are slow. We had some cold (in the 40s) then it started raining and thenights warmed up. In fact it is 61 out now at 5:30am (a colder part of the morning). It got cold enough to remind me why I have a room heater, leggins and coat for insdie! Those Arthur boys love the colder weather. Hard to type or push the shutter button.

Just came back from Cape Cod, not enough color change there; however, it was lovely traveling thru Pennsylvania and Ohio. Illinois still has beauty; however, there is also a lot of bare trees already. Love the fall colors.

@makeyesup - My hubby grew up on Cape Cod... lovely area. What part did you visit?

@lizanne - We have areas where the trees have lost all of their leaves as well. However, we are lucky enough to have so many trees that there are quite a few that still have the gorgeous fall colors.

I'm loving the Spring weather here - I'm in Queensland lol The kids have been swimming since the start of September.
I prefer the warmer climate up here to where I grew up, it was much too cold.

Liz, farmers never retire lol My Dad is still going as is my FIL. Must say though that the kids adore going to the farm and they get that little bit extra 'education' while they're there (last time they learned how to milk a cow and what to do if they see a snake - the latter being something they actually put to use at least once and I'm very proud to say they behaved perfectly).

@brandi - you are SO lucky! It is so bare around here now - I really miss the foliage...

Last week we had a freak snow squall, and the local ski mountain (about 45 minutes NW of me) got about 4 inches of snow - not quite ready for that... And last night we had an earthquake that measured 4.6 on the Richter scale - boy, did that surprise me!

And we have snow here today!!!!! smiley

I'm in Alaska until my permanent move to Oregon in January. In Alaska, we have two seasons - Snow and no snow. It's been cold in the mornings, around 12F. We shall soon be at the 0F mark of winter. But, despite the cold, Alaska is one of the most photogenic places on earth. smiley

Fall started out nice, but with the hurricaine it put a damper on it. I was waiting for the nice fall leaves and colors, but the heavy rain is washing it away.