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Chit chat

How about a chit chat where we can talk about just daily stuff smiley

I think that would be a good idea Jessica!

I was thinking this too... different sections of the forum related to different aspects of scrapping... but then another one for just random chatter! lol!

How fun smiley Iäm not the only one who likes to talk i guess smiley Even tho my english suckes smiley You'll have to bare with me smiley

It's okay Jessica - you speak English better than I would speak your language!

Jessica, your english may be better than mine on most days!

Janet, i LOVE the picture of you and your babies!!!! How cute are they! (and you too of course!!) i'm a dog lover too... i have a little minpin who is a real pistol. I used to have a little boonie chihuahua but we sent her to the US to live with my folks. My husband must love me to accept the little ankle biters in our house... haha!

Perhaps we should have a place to talk about our animals. I live with 3 of the craziest animals on the planet and any excitement I experience usually comes from them!

Dog and cat sharing the couch for nap time.

Jaclyn Clayton wrote:
I was thinking this too... different sections of the forum related to different aspects of scrapping... but then another one for just random chatter! lol!

Good thinking Jaclyn, Jessica! We are indeed planning to expand the forum categories once we have more users, and more discussions going on. We just didn't want to have too many categories at the start.

For now, people can go ahead and post everything in "General Discussion," and once we see a lot of diverse topics, we'll create more categories to post in!

Oh Marisa that pic is just gorgeous smiley Who wouldänt like to just jump in the middle and cuddle with both of them smiley

Hi, I am trying to upload a picture to my profile but it's not working. What am I doing wrong? I am super new here.


@Jennifer: If you go to your Account Settings (use the drop down menu under your name in the top header) there is a place to upload your picture. Did you find that? Otherwise, we'll need a bit more information. Is it giving you an error message? What browser are you using.

Hi Marisa,

I followed the directions. When I hit Browse and then try to save the changes, It removes the path where the picture was. It saves everything but the picture. Is there a limit to picture sixe or format?

Jennifer, sorry for the trouble you're having. Please upload your profile picture to an image sharing site like or Flickr, and post the link here. I'll then log into your account, and see if I can upload the photo, and determine what the problem is.

And just for future reference, for support requests like this it would be best to post in the Support / Feedback thread, or else just email Marisa or I directly, since this isn't exactly "chit chat" smiley

Congratulations Jessica!

Hey, just wanted to say congrats to Jessica for being the first user to earn 100 community points--and in a remarkably short time, too! Have 10 extra download credits!

So excited about my downloads today! Whoop! THANK YOU!

Thank you smiley

yeah you and me both smiley What did you set your eyes on? smiley I just had to have the new starpaper templates smiley

awwww, Janet and Marisa, your pets are sooooooo cute! We should really have the pet society when the forum grows up smiley

Jessica, my English is not good too smiley Dont worry, you´re fully understandable, and this kind of experience makes us more skilled

I was about to ask how to quote other peoples posts, but I just realised, so nevermind :p

Our furry four legged babies are precious!! My boys are so much company to me!! I miss them when they are gone for a few hours to the groomer once a month! As for "English," I'm born and raised in Texas, so I do speak English (only). If you were to "hear" me speak though, you might not understand me with the Texas accent, lol!!

Here's my little runt, Bobo. He's a handful... very territorial and feisty. I can honestly say that I don't think anything else in this world loves me more than this dang dog!! smiley

Sorry that you couldn't edit your post Jaclyn: that should be fixed now!

Cute dog!

Boy, am I behind. Here are my newest additions. They just turned a year old. Xiao (pronounced S I O, my son came up with that name, I think it's a cartoon) and Penny. Xiao is a brown tabby and Penny is a manx. I love them both. They each have different personalities. She is so funny to watch as she does things you wouldn't expect from a cat. Sometimes I think she thinks she is a dog.

Oh you got some beautiful animals smiley

We also have a cat that acts like a dog. Actually, she "comes" better than our dog, who won't come at all. Toby, the dog, actually raised her. He found her as a really small kitten in the yard and brought her in and took care of her.

That is so sweet. My dogs just growl at the kittens. They are little rascals tho. We got them when they were barely weened from their mother. We brought Penny home first then the momma kitty's owner wanted to take the last one to a shelter and I just couldn't bare the thought of that so I went back and picked up her brother. They are inseparable.

Animals are such a big part of our lives. I have a 85lbs. black lab/border collie named Lilly that I got from a rescue as a puppy. She is six years old now and as crazy as ever! I could not imagine my life without her.

Hi all, love all the animals. I had a terrier/rotweiler as a rescue. I was watchful for the rotweiler in him but he was a lover and picked things up for me all the time. Poor thing, sometimes I called him Tickhead instead of Pepper. His head was small like a terrier but his shoulders and hips were big and strong. He kept me company thru some really bad times. He had to be put to sleep due to old age proglems

I now have a little chi who is a piece of tape to me. Ten of her siblings and her parents live a wall away from her. Boy can they set up a howl!

This is my first time on a site like this and I think I like it.

Jessisca, you should hear me try to speak Spanish! I think I understand better than I can speak it. My tongue is old and stiff like me. smiley

300 x300

Well, each one of my 5 cats has different personalities/behaviors. This is my cat that acts like a dog. Her name is Éowyn, because we thought she was a male at first smiley

she always bring us paper balls to throw for her... Then she catch and bring again... she can play with paper balls for hours smiley

Edit: Somehow I can´t resize the pic, sorry smiley

I would love a dog, but I have 2 little girls instead smiley