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Hi :: I'm Diera from New Jersey. I stumbled upon Pixel Scrapper as I was starting my part-time invitations and party decor business. It's been a slow start but I love perusing the site for new ideas and inspiration. Thanks Marisa & Jordan for creating this community. It's truly a blessing! smiley smiley smiley


I am Romeo R. Du, a practicing ortho surgeon. My wife introduced me to digi scrapbooking and I assist her because she has so many projects for many people.

Hey Everyone! My name is Mandy. I'm 25 (oye!), married to a great guy and have a boy and one on the way. smiley I love to scrapbooking (though new to digital) and all sorts of crafts. smiley I hope to learn new things and get ideas too! smiley

Welcome everyone! So glad to have you here!

@Romeo: Please take a minute to look through our profile expectations.

Hi, I'm new!
My name is Maja, I'm 38 and from Germany- yes, that's where all the mistakes come from, I apologize in advance! I do A LOT of writing in English though, so my language skills should improve over time ;D!
I live on Rügen, Germany's largest island, very close to the ocean (within walking distance- I'm lucky). I'm married and have four kids, two girls (10 and 8 years old) and two boys (5 and 3).
I'm fairly new to Digital Scrapbooking, I've been scrapping traditionally for a while and started exploring the digitally scrapping world since October 2012- it's ADDICTIVE, and I'm always hunting for new stuff. But I'm not great and still have to practise a lot.
I also write a lot and am a HUGE fan of the US crime procedural "The Mentalist"- I work with pics from the show quite a lot when I do my scrapbooking, so don't be surprised to see Patrick Jane in my layouts ;D.
I have one question: is it only allowed to post layouts here who are done with the kits I got from your site? Do you have a section where you share layouts or do I upload them to my profile? Thank you so much for your answer!
I'm glad I found this site (I haven't been a member of a scrapbooking-forum until now) and can't wait to read you all!
Greetings from Germany! Oh, and my avatar is actually me smiley!

Hey Maja, Welcome abroad smiley

I have checked and, if you haven´t done it yet, you can apply to post on the gallery here. Once your access is allowed, you can post your layouts, even if they aren´t made with this site´s elements and papers.

And about your English, its pretty good, at least for me. I´m also a foreigner, and I never lived abroad, so my English isn´t good, and written Engilsh is even worse smiley But don´t worry, people here are always polite, and don´t really mind grammar mistakes made unintentionally by non-native-speakers of English.

Thank you!!! I sent the application form... I'm grateful for your help!!!


My name is Matthias Leguire. I am a photographer in Findlay, OH. I am looking to do more in the realm of scrapbooking and also creating templates for sports pictures. Especially the "memory mate" or "sports mate" which has the team picture and an individual picture.

I am married to my beautiful pregnant wife. We are expecting our fifth child in March 2013. We have four sons, our oldest just turned 8, and the others will soon be 6, 4, and 2.

I am going to school full time to get my teaching degree, with the hopes of teaching 5th grade science, but I plan on getting certified for all subjects "Math, Science, English, and History" to be able to teach 3rd-9th grades.

I went to school with Brooke at Van Buren a few years ago.

Welcome everyone! Thanks for stopping by and saying hi!

Hi, I'm Rachelle. I've been a scrapbooker for 10 years now, but have just recently started digital scrapbooking because we are on the road! My family and I travel almost 24/7 so it is much easier to scrapbook from a laptop than from a bag full of scrapbook supplies (and I'm not sure that bag would fit in our van!)
I've lived in Missouri for the past 11 1/2 years, but will be moving to Argentina (where I grew up!) within the next 2 years, so that will be an exciting new chapter in my family's lives!
I look forward to learning new tricks for digital scrapbooking, and connecting with other scrapbookers!

Hello everyone. My name is Jessica. Stumbled upon this site today, but I think I had stumbled upon it a couple years back. I'm 18 years old. (might be the youngest here XD) I've been interested in Digital scrapbooking since last year or maybe even a bit longer. I've only finished one page b/c I've gotten so overwhelmed with all the resources available. But I'm still trying.

Anyways, I also love photography and digital art. I have a dog, Princess and she is a Border collie mix. I love taking photos of her but haven't recently. I hope that I will be on here for a while and get to see a lot inspiration and meet with other scrapbookers.

I also live in Texas!! (one day it feels like summer the next day it feels like winter) lol that's really what happened yesterday and today.

Thanks for reading. Also, where I hang out the most is: Deviantart Account

My introduction My name is Susan - I am not really a scrapbooker per say. I do make cards and I am newly into Art Journaling - I haven't done much yet - too much time at work and commuting, and other non creative activities. But my goal for 2013 is to make time for me and create some "art". I am very interested in Project Life and will look into that this year. I have a lot to do and not enough time to do what I want. I am married - this January will mark 20 years. We were not blessed with children but that's alright - we do have nieces and nephews and friends who have wonderful children that we are able to spoil. I am glad that I found your website/blog because you have images/papers in the style that I love to use and can't always find. Thank you very much for all of your "assets".

Welcome everyone! Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself!

Hi everyone! I'm nina, I live in Indonesia.
I accidentally found pixelscrapper and I was impressed how great the community has been formed. I do not know much about scrapbooking, but after browsing for hours to see the various works in the gallery, I decided to join and try to learn it. Glad to find this community. Wish me luck with scrapbooking, guys! smiley

@Nina Welcome!!! And good luck on learning to scrapbook I hope you have fun! C:

Hi, i'm Mandy
i am a mum of 6 amazing kids, 5 boys, 1 girl, they keep me pretty busy. i live in Australia (a block from the beach) and do spend a lot of time there, i love scrapbooking, and have been doing it with "real paper" for years, but only recently found digital scrapbooking, and have since become completely obsessed, i made everyone's Christmas presents this year digitally then printed them out and framed them, thinking that it will be nice in a few years to see how much i have improved looking back on those presents smiley
i am amazed at the generosity of people when it comes to freebies, hoping one day that i can give back as well
rambled enough,
oh and u probably noticed i rarely use capitals, i am a super lazy typer
have fun, and happy scrapping smiley

Thank you Jessica smiley Hope you can share your experience in scrapbooking with me smiley

Hi Mandy... happy scrapping too smiley

welcome everyone!!! ive loved reading all the intros and seeing how all over the world we are! hee hee mandy, i type the same way!

Hi, new here and really enjoying what I'm seeing. Looking forward to the new year with Pixal Scrappers.

Hello all...My name is Judy and I'm also another TEXAN! Where you can have two seasons in two days! 70 one day, 28 the next, which is just what happened here on Christmas eve and Chtristmas day! Today, we are covered in almost 4 inches of snow! A white Christmas in Texas is virtually unheard of! I have 7 grandmonsters and they are the loves of my life.I enjoy digiscrapping but I enjoy hybrid projects most. I found digiscrapping a few years ago while searching for graphics to use. I'm glad to be here!

I will add a profile picture when I get my desktop going again. I do not have one on this laptop. Thanks

Welcome everyone! Thanks for stopping by to say hello!

Hi all,

My name is Christine, expat from the Netherlands living in Portland, OR USA, for now smiley
I live here with my husband and 4 kids on 4 paws. 2 Border Collies and 2 Devon Rex Cats.

I followed Marisa for a year, since I discovered digital scrapbooking.
My profession is/was typo/graphic designer till I was hit with a neuroendocrine-immune illness that causes inflammation to the spinal cord and brain and made me bedridden and home bound. I discovered digital scrapbooking about a year ago and it has filled an empty spot in my heart and soul. Somehow I can deal with emotions and pain better when I can create. smiley
I took a big piece of that year to learn what is what, the lingo and how to use it all.
I will keep my version of Project Life this year. It's fun to give to my daughter who lives in the Netherlands with her little boy, husband and almost ready to enter the world, baby girl. That way they will get to know their Nana and know what's going on in my life across the pond.

I love what you two did with the website, I know it must be hard work. I like what I have seen of the community you have created. I hope to make myself at home here and get to know you all.
Thanks for having me!

Hi , I am Dennis and a freelance website designer and this site is a very resourseful for people like me. Thanks for the wonderful designs.

Hi everyone! I'm Tasha (or my2monkeys in the digi-community). I'm a digital scrapper with NO illusions of being a designer, but I still love all the goodies I find here!

Thanks Marissa (and hubby) for creating this awesome site!

Hello everyone. My name is Hilda and I live in Dallas, TX. I have a 21 yr old son which I adore, and I also have a 2.5 yr old 4-legged spunky cat named Banana (she's a mixed Siamese). I am so glad I ran across this website, considering I'm a newbie in the scrapbooking world both hybrid & digital, I can't wait to learn many things from this website and learn from others. I look forward to a new scrapbooking chapter in 2013. Thanks a million to Marisa & Jordan for making this website happen and for donating your time "for us", Oh!! and I cannot leave Toby out either because the more time you spend on us, the less you do on Toby so "thank you" Toby! smiley


Hi, my name is Jen, I'm 36 and have lived in Wisconsin my whole life. I have been digi scrapping for about two first project was creating a wedding album for my sister. So I kind of jumped in the deep end with digi scrapping! I had to do about 25 layouts for her album right before the holidays, it was hectic but I was really proud of the end result. I have been doing digital art for close to 20 years, mainly using Paint Shop Pro, but after I did my sister's album, I upgraded to Photoshop was a steep learning curve, but now I love it!

I digi scrap now and then, would like to do it more often but my other hobbies compete for time. My main time sucker is dancing with hula hoops. I "hoop" every day and moderate the daily hoop group on
Here's a pic of me with my crazy light up hula hoop![email protected]/6900587228/

I also like to DIY everything...I'm crafty and I love sewing, making up patterns. I am buying myself a serger for Christmas...can't wait to make clothes with it.
My partner and I live in Madison, Wisconsin. We have been here about 10 years. No kids, no pets unless you count all of our houseplants!

I have been following this website for a few years now and am excited to become a part of the community here.

I'm a digital scrapper with NO illusions of being a designer

@Tasha: That describes me to a T!!! love it, may steal it. smiley

Welcome everyone! Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself. Looking forward to seeing you around.