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Hi Everyone,
My Name is Linda Nelson. I've been a fan of this site for the better part of a year now, and have watched it evolve to what it is now (yay Drupal!) I am just now getting the time to introduce myself and finish my profile. I am a Web Developer/Designer who LOVES Digital Scrapbooking and (yes) the "designing" aspect of it, because I have been "doing" art in one from or another all of my life. I've been house-bound for 5 years, so being able to experiment with digital art has literally rescued me, and kept the "hope" part of me in-tact during the pain of my surgeries and recoveries.
I found Pixelscrapper several months ago and was inspired by the "freebies" part of it, so I decided to create a freebie site called:
I hope, hope, hope some of my free brushes will find their way into some of Pixelscrapper's users layouts and pages. It would make me happy to see that I could give back too.
I have 6 kids total (2 natural, 4 step children,) and one bratty cat named "pixie", that wandered into my yard one year ago. I have a love/hate relationship with her. We are LEARNING to love each other, but she is stingy with her affection, and nothing like my sweet cat, "Annie" of 21 years, (her predecessor.) There are no two kids alike, and no two cats alike either. smiley

Hi. I'm Kristin and i'm very confused about this site. Hope i have fun! smiley

Glad to have you Linda and Kristin!!! Welcome to PS smiley

Welcome everyone! Glad to have you.

@Linda: Great designs!

Hello! my name is Arimbi but you can call me Bimbi smiley
I'm from Indonesia and I've been doing DigiScrap for about 2 years now on and off, haha.. but, I just find Marisa's work a couple weeks ago, and really enjoy following her pinterest, really refreshing and inspiring. I'm married for a year and already have a wonderful baby called Bianca (she's 2 months and 2 weeks now smiley)
I think that's all for now, I can't wait to be able to connect with more inspiring people and works her!

Uhoh! I think I missed this part before posting elsewhere.I'm Jamie, and I live in New Mexico (though I'm actually from Oklahoma). I'm a stay at home Momma of beautiful kids, and 2 furbabies.

Welcome Bimbi and Jamie! Thanks for saying hi!

Hi! I'm Jill and I'm from Northeast Ohio - I'm a graphic arts and photography student working on my dual major while building a photography and design business from scratch. I am 35, married, and we have three kiddos: Bella, 8/Elaina, 7/and Phoenix, 3. I came across this site looking for free commercial use items and was blown away! What an awesome resource for someone starting out and I can't thank you enough! I also love crafting, scrapbooking, and working on projects with my kiddos so all of the free personal use stuff is great, too! We are going to have fun! THANK YOU for providing such a unique site and community here at Pixel Scrapper smiley - Jill

My name is Llia. I'm from the south of England and although I don't create digi scraps, I do love using them!

I have a long-term illness which means I can't work so I have a lot of free time and I like to do arts and crafts when I can. I'm fairly new to scrapping but I do love searching out great scrapping resources and using them in my projects and I have a semi-major addiction to papers!

Apart from that, I enjoy all sorts of art, I'm a trained classical singer, I love a good book and I couldn't be without a cat in my life!

Hello!! smiley

Welcome Lila and Jill smiley Hope you love this place!

Hi all! My name is Joyce and I've been collecting scrapping materials for about 4 years now (I say "collecting" because I have done little to no actual scrapping). I am 51 yrs old and live in Central IL with my 24 y.o. DS. I found this site a few months ago when I decided to get serious about scrapping -DS had gone on a trip to England this summer and I wanted to scrap his pics for him - but I realized that although I had enough "stuff", I didn't really know where to begin and besides, digi-scrapping was more my "style". So I downloaded a software (Stampin' Up's My Digital Studio). And although it is fairly easy, there is still more that I wanted, so I went hunting and found this place. So far, I've done about 4 digi-pages, which is 4 more than I'd done in about 2 years prior. I hope to get ideas and inspiration from here and begin scrapping my life on a regular basis. It's one of my resolutions for the upcoming year.

Happy New Year!

Hi - I'm Betty and live in Ontario, Canada. I found Pixel Scrapper at the beginning of December when the 31 Days of Freebies started. I didn't realize there was a whole forum and community until I read the Superlatives post. I'm not a designer, just a sometimes scrapper. My passion right now is actually beadwork, but try to keep up on what's going on in the digiscrapping world. I look forward to visiting the forums frequently. Looks very interesting.

I am new here and SOOO happy I found this site! I look forward to getting to know more people!!!

Welcome! The good point on getting started somewhere around the new year is that you can remember easily when you have anniversary of being there smiley


I am Xaria from New Zealand in the South Pacific. I have been digi scrapping off and on for the last few years and I look forward to becoming a part of this site

Welcome Xaria!

Hi Everyone, l'm Kelly l am 42 (wow, worse when you say it out load smiley) l'm from Australia and l am very new to pixelscrapper, but l am loving it and am looking forward to getting to know my way around.

My name is Amy, and I am from Queensland, Australia. I have been scrapping for 8 years now, but have only turned to digital in the last year, and I have really become obsessed with it in the last month when I downloaded the free trial of Creative Memories Storybook.( A very good friend is a consultant and she bugged me until I tried it). I have sooooo many digital papers, elements and everything else I need, but I have become a hoarder of anything digital, and I just cannot stop myself.
I still prefer the physical side of scrapbooking, especially since my lovely husband "allowed" me to turn the smallest bedroom into a dedicated scrapbooking room just for me!!!
I love being a part of scrapbooking communities, and I'm glad I have found one with people from all over the world!!!

My name is Kim, and I'm from Illinois, USA. I am amazed by the number of international members here. Thant is SO cool!
I am 36 years old, married to my best friend for almost 15yrs, and the mother of 5 great kids. I have a son that is almost 14, and girls who are almost-9, 7, almost-6 and 2 years old. Things are pretty busy around here on a good day, and now we're looking to re-locate home to Arizona. Digi-scrapping is my escape-from-my-life activity. I began scrapbooking back in high school, but didn't really do a lot until my son was born. As life got more crazy, I got further behind in my scrapping. I finally went over to digital about 5yrs ago and have LOVED it! I love that I can do it anywhere & that it takes no time assemble my supplies or put it away. No Mess! I also don't keep a journal, so digiscrapping allows me to document my memories & share them with others. Bonus - The kids LOVE looking at & reading the photobooks too. I am always looking for inspiration for photos & layouts, so I'm excited to become part of things here. Thanks!

Hi everyone, I'm Jenny. I've been scrapbooking for a while, digital scrapbooking for about 2 or 3 years (I can't remember - lol). I love to do pretty much anything crafty; crochet, paper crafting, needlework, and making all sorts of things from ideas I find on Pinterest (yes, I'm a pinterest addict lol) I also like to spend time with my hubby and son and to serve in our church smiley I love Jesus. He is my saviour. Also, I sing and play piano and love music and love to try new things, especially in the kitchen (although that kind of scares my husband). I'm originally from Chicago, IL but have lived in the Phoenix, AZ area for a while now and also lived in a couple places in Mexico before my son was born. I speak English and Spanish and would love to learn another language. There are so many things I would love to do or try but I have a hard time finding the time to do them. I'm excited for the chance to get involved here, I was part of a different forum but they closed it about a year ago so I'm glad to have found this one. Thanks. smiley

Hi I'm Maggie,
I am from a dot on the map in Minnesota! I grew up playing sports and enjoyed the 'old fashioned' way of scrapbooking during high school. I have been married for 7 years and have 3 beautiful children. My first digital scrapbook was created in Shutterfly after my first child was born. At the time it was fine because that's all I knew of digital scrapbooking. When it came time to make my 2nd child's baby book, I was dissapointed at the lack of creativity I could have with their program (*then....they're much better now). So I dipped my toes further into digital scrapbooking and stumbled upon Pixel Scrapper and was amazed at the beautiful resources avaible for anyone to use! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity and passion with me! His book is largely composed of paper and assets from your collections and it turned out beautiful! I am now a busy mom trying to stay caught up on my daughters first year book and head to Pixel Scrapper whenever I need inspiration for that next page! I look forward to creating many more beautiful books with your help and inspirations!

wow! 12 pages of pixelscrappers! so exciting - welcome everyone!

I'm new here, new to digital scrapbooking. i have to girls, one is (almost) 5 the other just turned 2 on New Years Eve. I work full time so the evenings and weekend i try to squeeze in some computer time to work on their photos and learn how to do all of this stuff. I appreciate the freebies immensely!!!!

I signed up a while ago~not sure if I've ducked in here yet to say Hello! I'm from snowy/cold Idaho. I do some digital, but mostly papercraft. I, too, am a cat lover - Here is our very first cat, Emrys.

Don't ever let people tell you that black cats are bad luck!

~ Cat

Have a wonderfully creative moment each day! smiley

Welcome everyone! So glad to have you all here!

Hi there. I'm Brandi, and I live in Missouri, USA. I also use the names DigiBrandi and/or ESNQueen online. I've been digiscrapping for at least 6 years - I don't remember exactly when I started, but I know it was before my son was born and he just turned 6. smiley
- I scrap in 8x10 format so I feel weird posting in galleries since everyone else posts squares!
- I do some designing off and on, used to sell in a couple stores but I mostly do freebies now.
- I used to homeschool my kids but I had to stop for health/sanity reasons.
- I've followed your blog in my Google reader for a long time, but for some reason never visited the actual site until now.
- Hello! smiley

I'm well over 60, have never been a scrapper, but was introduced to it, by a friend asking me to help her make one a couple of months ago. I then took over from her and made 20 pages for her, AND I loved it. I have always been a digital person, for doing my cards though, going back to 1998, maybe even before.

However as a senior person with no grandchildren around, the opportunity to do scrapbook pages are rare, but I do use kits, element and papers for card making, which I do digitally with PS. I will probably not be that active as opportunities are not that often, but will pop in and out when I can.

Good luck with this great site.

Hello everyone. I'm Nina and just joined here moments ago. I love digiscrapping and digital design and I love freebies too. smiley I have a blog called Pixeled Paper and I visit this site because it's in DSF blog train list.

Wait... seems like I ever visited here before but I can't remember clearly since I visited too many digiscrap sites. smiley

Hi Marissa, I saw you in DSF (you used the same avatar isn't it?). Wow, this place is awesome. smiley

Greetings to everyone, I am a digital artist from Wisconsin but new to scrapbooking. I have two cats and a dog and love animals, nature, art and photography. I have been interested in scrapbooking for some time just never had the time to actualy start doing it so I am starting with collecting some items till I have more time to play with it. This is an awesome site and I am glad I found it.

Hi! Just found Pixel Scrapper yesterday. Love it already. Love the freedom to share whatever layouts I create, and the positive community here. smiley I've been digitally scrapping for a few years. I have 3 kids and mostly feature them in my layouts. To me they are beautiful and "art worthy", whereas I'm still trying to get to a point where I feel that way about photos of myself.