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Welcome Vinny! Glad to have you here.

Hi I'm Michelle and I just found my way to PixelScrapper a couple of weeks ago. For a long time I have been making pages to share pictures, mostly of my children with my parents and my husband's parents. I used to work as a network administrator and computer science teacher at a large high school and discovered Photoshop there but have used all kinds of software over the years to make layouts of various types. I stopped for about 10 years and just this year re-discovered digital scrap booking using Photoshop Elements. Two years ago my husband and I moved from our home in Saskatchewan Canada to Fiji in the South Pacific. Since coming here I have had the opportunity to travel throughout the region and into Asia and of course, take hundreds of photos to capture the memories of those places and events.

Hi! Im Amy from sunny suburban 'why would you want to live anywhere else unless you already live here' Ventura, CA. Just turned 28 the other day! Yipee... Mother of two, caregiver of one mother in law with dementia, and happily in love with my husband for geez almost 6 years. Im unapologetically obsessed with calligraphy and most all typography in general, journaling, pretty pretty paper, anything antique , vintage, grungy, or rusty, skulls, bats, spiders, they're webs, and anything floral and boho chic ;D i know... Im all over the place! Im a big fan of the so called 'gothic scrapbooking/journaling' (although i wish our community would come up with a better name as im by no means a goth!) i have always been a traditional scrapbooker 2nd generation, and also had my nose turned at the digital stuff until litteraly yesterday i realized i am a Proud hybrid scrapper! Who is about to learn the s**t out of some photoshop so i can create my own cards and labels and stickers etc. out of pure frustration of theyre being zero scrapbooking kits keen to my interests ( interests being similar to the brands affliction, sinful, and metal mulisha) that arent labeled 'halloween' ha ha. So here i am at your invaluable resource of a website, perusing my way through a wonderland of options! smiley thankyou for making my vision a possibility!!

Hello. I'm Michelle and call Palmer, Alaska home. We live 40 miles northeast of Anchorage in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley. I am another woman with not enough hours in the day! I am a working wife and mother, who has too much housework to keep up on and not enough time to be as creative as I would like. I'm on the computer for 8 to 10 hours during my workday, so my darling husband thinks I'm crazy to digital scrapbook. HA! He doesn't have the bug. However, he's the first to get the albums out and show off all our adventures to anyone who will listen. We have two beautiful adult daughters who don't practice my art routinely, but are right there asking for assistance when it comes to hybrid gifts to give away. Some day...

I started scrapbooking after my second daughter was born in 1994, and bought everything Creative Memories had in their home-based business catalog. With the explosion of the world-wide web, my digital world went into overdrive and I became a hoarder of digital kits, templates, and fonts. Today, I'm more focused on where I purchase these items, especially freebies. I've learned to be much more picky about what I download and what I use in my layouts. I've progressed from traditional pages to my version of "controlled" artsy pages. My first download from Pixel Scrapper was back in January 2014. It was of a layered Date Template by Janet Scott. I haven't looked back. I find lots of inspiration here - the gallery is full of scrap-lift-worthy layouts that make my memories that much more memorable because I have documented my photos and stories with good design theory using great kits.

Hello everyone!

I'm Deidre & live in Canada. I am 53 years old & am a SAHM to one cute 11 yr old son. I have been a scrapbooking (traditional) since 1998 but never tried digital until this past month.

I have been taking Cathy Zielske's DYL 2.0 & tried out her layered templates. Needless to say, it was fun, easy & addictive. I found this amazing site by a basic google search. I'm overwhelmed with all the pretty things in here & with my lack of knowledge in PSE

Looking forward to learn about this fun way to document memories

Welcome everyone! Thanks for taking the time to say hello.

Hi, I am Debbie and I live in the West Midlands, UK. I found Pixel Scrapper through the forums on Daisy Trail during the time of it's closure. Please bear with me as I am a technophobe. I am married with 3 grown children, two married. I have recently retired from owning my own retail craft shop so that I can enjoy more time doing what I like best which is Digi Scrapping, reading, holidays, socialising with friends and most importantly spending time with my family. Looking forward to spending time on your lovely site xx

Hello, name is Hutch. I am 57 years old, married 36 years, have 3 children, and 11 grand kids. I scrap for them mostly.
fLove this site very much and Thank you to all who share. I dabble in creating but not good enough for here.

Welcome, Charles! Thanks for saying hi, and we look forward to seeing your layouts. If you dabble in creating, stop by the designer challenges forum--I'm one of the moderators there, and I give quite a few challenges geared toward newer designers. NEVER think you're not good enough for here, though; we all had to start somewhere, and we've got tutorials and always-open challenges to make frames and brads and other basics to build your skills. You'll be confident enough to jump in and share your creations in the blog trains before you know it!

Hi! My name is Angie. I am currently in Phase 2 of the development project called, My Life. Phase 1 was raising my children, homeschooling and using my creativity in various businesses. Phase 2 is not as defined but includes watching my children blossom as adults and making some money here and there. I started scrapbooking with Creative Memories and did that for 5+ years. I moved on to digital scrapbooking (my background is graphic design) and did that for several years. I stopped scrapbooking for about 11 years and now I'm back at it!! With a recent trip to Disney and 500 pics per day, I decided to scrap again for relaxation and to pursue that creative outlet again. I found Pixel Scrappers and love having access to kits when I need them in an easy to search format. Thanks so much, Angie

Welcome Angie! So glad to have you here!

Hey, everyone, I am Carissa, just stumbled across this site a few days ago and I am in complete awe with everything this site has to offer. I am new to scrapbooking but I have a DSLR Camera and I enjoy taking photos of not only my two kiddos and hubby but also of any type of photos. So why not learn to scrapbook to display and show my work. I look forward to getting to know people that are interested in things that i am interested in. Have a great day!

Welcome to Pixel Scrapper, Carissa! We're glad you're here.

Hi, I don't think I have introduced myself yet but apologies in advance if I have lol. I arrived here following the closure of Daisytrail as this site was recommended in the forums there. I have been a cardmaker for years and I have dabbled with Scrapbooking but I really want to get more into this (and the whole planner/journalling thing). When I am not doing something creative either digitally or the scissors and glue method I am likely to be found doing some genealogy or generally tinkering around on my computer.
I have been living with Fibromyalgia for about two years now and I am in the process of leaving my day job due to the unreliability of my health so I am now hoping to turn my blog into a small business and encourage my craft stash to start earning its keep. I think there is a good chance I will be sticking around here, fingers crossed being able to afford to become a Patron smiley
In terms of my scrapbooking, I think in general I am more likely to be working on past photos because I don't get out very often now and have no camera magnets or children as they are more often called. I'll let you into a secret though I got married two years ago and still haven't done anything with the disc of photos we received from the photographer other than buying a project life album and journal kit to work with. About time maybe...

Welcome Susan! Thanks for saying hello.

My name is Ana Firenze, but I use "Florence" because people massacre my name even if it's really NOT that hard, lol. Just my last name, Berarducci, is always mispronounced!!! Anyway !

I was born in Italy, moved to France and now live in Canada after living in the States for a few years! I just found out I was pregnant a few weeks ago, 9 to be exact, and I thought I would give digital scrapbooking a try since my family is everywhere on the globe but here. I wanted to share memories with my parents, who still live in Italy, as well as my sisters, my brother and uncles, all in Europe (Italy mainly, but France, Swiss and Germany) except one sister, in L.A.
It's my first experience and someone I know told me about this website. I am so grateful for all the tutorials and the layouts which are already "done" for you. Because I'm just starting now, I think that's perfect for now.

I'm on the free version now, but I may upgrade. Your downloads are of great quality and I'm so grateful for you, Marisa. I can't imagine all the hours you must put into your work.. (and the other people too, of course! I just came across Marisa's name so many times when I was looking for layouts lol.

So, yeah, here I am, wanted to say thanks and hello basically smiley

Florence smiley

Welcome Florence! What a lovely time to start scrapbooking! Congratulations. I am also pregnant and far away from family, although my mom is planning to come for the birth and stay for a bit after. Wishing you good feelings during your first trimester!

Hello! Been around for a bit exploring and thought I would pop in and say hello!

Marisa, you're so nice! I just wrote you about printers on another thread.
I love people here, they're so nice smiley

Ana! I'm happy you like it here!
It's funny because I wanted to post something I did and I got a message saying I hadn't presented myself yet... I have to say I didn't expect to see & read from my next-door neighbor!

So, here goes...
Hi, my name's Audrée. I am a first grade special-needs teacher and ex-ballet dancer, I also teach ballet to kids. I love kids, they are great. I love playing with my nieces and I love them like crazy.
I have lots of stuffed animals and I'm the kind of person who will run for 2 miles to give you the mitten your kid dropped.
I love people, I find everybody has their own story to tell and it fascinates me.

Well, that's me I guess. Oh, yeah, I also had every job you can think of. People tease me about it because every time I'm in a car with someone new, I tell them everything about everything. "I worked there for a year, wasn't so fun, oh, I lived there, let's make a detour, I'll show you". I'll stop here because I'm trying not to look too bad... smiley

My parents met as clowns. Had to add that, it's important.

Thanks for saying hello, Tammy and Audree!

@Audree - so cool about the ballet. I took it for a couple of years in middle school, but dropped it when things got crazy in high school. I've definitely regretted it!

@Thani - thank you for the warm welcome!

Hello, I am new here. Just trying to navigate the ends and outs of digi scrapping and also mixed media art.

hi all my name is Karo, live in the Netherlands
i am using paintshop pro for almost 13 years now
still learning.
scrapbooking i like, for years i only made digital pictures.

I feel like I replied in the past, but I can't find a way to search forum posts so I thought I'd post again!

I'm Jessica. My mother-in-law introduced me to digital scrapbooking and I'm really enjoying it so far! I made some paper scrapbooks growing up and it's a lot of fun, but digital is so much more convenient - and cheaper!

I love arts and crafts, and am a Pinterest addict. I also love animals and currently live with my husband and 3 cats in Nashville, TN. Currently I work as a microfilmer at the state library and archives. I'm working toward a bachelor's degree in marketing and thinking about a career as a data analyst.

Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hello!

Hi everyone!
I'm really new to the digital world of scrapbooking. Just started this year. But the regular scrapbooking world I met around 2006, and haven't stoped yet. The reason that I'm now grabbing the digital world, is because of my job as a nurse. The job require clean hands without paint or other artsupplies. So now I will try this also.

I'm 34 years old and from north sweden where I live with my son and the love of my life. We also have two cats. Like I mentioned before I work as a Nurse at the hospital. I work with ear, throat, nose and urologypatients. I have almost worked as a nurse for one year now.

Except working with photoshop I also make my own videotutorials, or rather step-by-step videos.

Welcome to Pixel Scrapper, Irmelin! Thanks for introducing yourself, and congrats on the one year anniversary of being a nurse!

Thank you for that! smiley

Welcome! Thanks for saying hello!