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Hello. My name is Haniel and I am from the Philippines. Glad I have found this site. This will definitely help me in decorating my daily journal and planner and scrapbook. Thank you!

Thanks for saying hello everyone! So fun to have so many new faces from all over!

Hello Marisa!
I am a new member here at Pixelscrapper and I would like to say hello and thank you for creating this digital world of inspiration!My name is Anna and I ve been loving scrapbooking for the last 8 years. I am new to digital scrapbooking but I think I m gonna fall in love with it too!

Nice to meet you smiley


My name is Laura Wonsik and I am new to Pixel Scrapper. I have been scrapbooking for 18+ years- more than half my life and I only love it more with each passing year! I have gotten more into digital scrapbooking in recent years and recently joined the Sahin Designs Creative Team! So happy to be here!

Scrapbooking is such a great way to balance the brain when you are struggling with mental health stuff!!! I feel the same way- it calms me at the end of hard days. Happy to meet you!

Oh I so miss Brick and Mortar stores!! Are there any in Australia still?

I'm a midwestern girl, too- in southwest Ohio!! Good to meet you!

That's so cool about printing multiple books- do you give them to people as presents?

Hi Kathy! I'm from Cincinnati area too! I used to live in Loveland but now I'm in Oxford. And 19 grandkids- how cool!! where do you teach scuba?

Hi Monique! I grew up in Indiana and even though I live in Ohio I'm still a Hoosier at heart!!

I think there's a gallery but you have to get to a certain amount of points before you qualify?

The PNW is so beautiful!!! I visited Eugene, OR this spring and fell in love.

I totally agree about how digital scrapbooking is so clean!! I love that, too.

Also, I can't believe 1996 was 20 years ago- time flies!!!

What a gift I bet that photobook was!! Nice to meet you!

Welcome! Thanks for saying hello!

Hi I'm Linda Stewart I am disabled by a resected brain tumor 3 years ago, age 65, I am slowly recovering from the brain tumor but ol age well we all get old and start falling apart, so for fun I started digi scraping. I am not a designer like so many of you talented young scrapers on here but i love to use the wonderful digis you all make and I find on here and other sites to create beautiful pictures of my family and Ancestors pictures I find for my genealogy research and memorials what i have started tagging memories by Linda to try to help try to prevent misuse of our combined work of artistic talents I guess I am just an old family genealogist that enjoys picture design coordinating my photos to be different then just throwing up and old dull photo i like to think I give old and new photos new life and took time to make a commemorative memory of them and not just stuck up a photo that every already has but give it a personal color coordinated touch of respect.So now you know what I'm doing with all your beautiful work I'd like to Thank you all for all of of all your digi art work that i use, for my own family history, Thanks again best wishes and happy digi-ing, A newbie scrapper Linda!

Welcome Linda! Can't wait to see some of your layouts.

Hello, everyone, I am from New Brunswick, Canada, married for 47 years tomorrow. We have three children (2 boys and 1 girl) and three grandsons.
This the first time I join a scrapbooking site, have never done any scrapbooking digital or any other way. I do play around with Paint Shop Pro 2018 with my photos to help clear them up. Thought it was the time I would give digital scrapbooking a try.

Hello Helen! I know you! we are almost neighbors!
You will see that this place is great to get some supplies and create your projects. I always refer people here!

Hello there everyone,

I am getting back into digital scrapping and after a few short hours of getting frustrated with photoshop elements, I can't wait to be able to show you something I have just put together.

Most of my pages will be centred around my little boy (Harry, 5YO) and our family life.

See you around!

Hi I'm from New Zealand. It's fantastic to see people from all over the world on here. Love the friendliness of scrapbooking world. I love to travel & take loads of photo's then the fun begins scrapping them smiley This is a fantastic site with fantastic kits & whenever I need a specific element I'm sure to find it here Thank you all designers

A warm welcome from Pixel Scrapper, Sophie and Vicky! Thank you both for stopping in and introducing yourselves!

Ciao! Sono Silvia e abito in Italia. Seguo da un po' di tempo questo meraviglioso sito. Mi appassiona molto la grafica e mi piace creare etichette, calendari e biglietti di auguri digitali.
Sono felicissima di averti trovato Pixel Scrapper! smiley

Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself, Silvia! smiley

Hi. I'm Lori. 48, from Ohio. Now that my only daughter has headed off to college, I am thinking of learning some new skills and shifting from paper scrap booking to digital. I'm new to all of this, but looking forward to it.

Welcome Lori! There are certainly lots of skills around digital scrapbooking, so it can keep you busy for sure! Plus, it's fun! smiley

Hi I am Linda I got into scrapbooking about 4 years ago which is about the time I discovered your site and I love it. Thank You for all the wonderful creations

Hi Linda! We're so glad you enjoy the site and have been around for awhile! Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself. smiley

I also just want to take the opportunity to let you know that we do have some profile expectations at Pixel Scrapper regarding profile picture and name, which you can read about here. Could you go ahead and change your profile name and picture to comply? Do understand that it's not our desire to frustrate anybody! Our expectations are simply in place to help foster and build community - as that is a huge part of who we are at Pixel Scrapper. If you have any questions about that, please do feel free to send us a support email! smiley

Hello all! New here on the forum here and just browsing around and checking out the turf. smiley

Dear hubby, Yorkie, and I live in Navarre, Florida. We pinch ourselves every day that we only live 15 min from the beach and surrounded by the most beautiful emerald green waters and white sand. I discovered scrapbooking about 18 years ago from a Creative Memories party. My husband, Vincenzo, is from Italy and is an Executive Chef in Navarre. During the day, I work full-time as an audit manager. I've been published several times in print and online scrapbook magazines, featured multiple times on the Paperclipping Roundtable podcast and several manufacturer design teams including Prima Marketing Inc.

I'm currently designing for Citrus Twist Kits, Sahin Designs, and Sahlin Studio.

I'm looking forward to sharing my work here in the Gallery soon!

Welcome Wendy!! Where you live sounds pretty amazing! I look forward to seeing your work in the Gallery. Happy to have you here in the community! smiley

Hey, Wendy, Welcome!