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Hey, Wendy, Welcome!

Hi-I am Sandy and I am from California. I found this site during my year of expansion in my scrapbooking skills. With college being so stressful, I found less and less time to sit down and make all my pages by hand, and the cleanup was just a continued mess. As a result, I decided for 2017 to go completely digital and I love it. Now I can literally work whenever I have a spare moment, and there isn't any clean up to do.

Hi, Sandy! Welcome!

Welcome Sandy! I love digital scrapbooking myself. You are right no cleanup unless we are talking about the "too many" freebies {is there such a thing really?} I have downloaded over the years lol! smiley Hope you enjoy your stay here!

hi my name is Jamie but in the tagging world i go by QueenJazzmen and MauveSunrise.

Hello Jamie, welcome!

Hi all I'm Rhonda supermom of one Teenager that is graduating high school this year, loving all of the graphics and stuff here. Love all animals and all people big hugger in a world that really needs them. Nice to meet all of you thanks for letting me join

Welcome to Pixel Scrapper, Rhonda! Glad you're a hugger, we could all definitely use some hugs these days! smiley

Hi I'm Meryl
I live in sunny South Africa & am wife to the best husband in the world, mum to two lovely daughters and gran to 6 wonderful grandchildren.
I have been digital scrapping for about 16 years, and designing for about 10. My digital scrapping started (back in the day!!) when i wanted to document our elder daughters wedding. I am now kept very bust with 2 families photos and our own love of travel. Look foward to getting to know you all smiley

Hi Meryl! Glad you're here! Thanks for introducing yourself. I currently share an apartment with a guy from South Africa - it's been fun to learn a bit more about the culture and everything. Makes me want to visit!

Hi Everyone! I hope I am doing this right...I am almost 64 years young. I love to digital scrapbook and have been doing it for myself and family as fun ways to make cards and memory pages probably for about 15 years in some form or another. I look at my early on pages and think wow how 'simple'. I use a little bit of this and a little bit of that and can never afford to buy sets so am so thankful for the GIFTS of those that design and build my supply of details via each person's generousity! I love to follow the blog trains. Everyone is so talented!! So on this Thanksgiving Day (USA although I live in Japan) I am thankful to this group, for a way to earn points even beyond the membership which I have, and find such wonderful treasures to make memories for others that they truly enjoy!

Hi! I'm Sheila....I live in a cottage on a farm on the Long Mynd in Shropshire, UK - And I got into digital crafting by default really - I had a stroke when I was 43, (I'm now 62), and I began crafting with paper to save sanity....Previously I'd crafted with yarn and such like - Then when I moved to a village, a neighbour gave me her daughters old PC....(I'd always been of the view if I turned ON a PC, I'd turn the whole of Shropshire OFF!.....I was SO scared of the computer age!) - Of course, NOW there's no stopping me!....I moved to this very rural hillside farm almost 5 years ago, and love the isolation and wildness!.....Like several folks, I 'fell across' this site by accident, but LOVE it!...Especially trying out different designs and designers in the blog trains - But it's just an exciting world...FULL of variety, and ever changing!

Welcome Mauve, Rhonda, Meryl, Vicki and Leah! So happy to have you all join this forum! Look forward to seeing you around! I hope you find it as warm and inviting a community as I always have!

Hello everyone! I'm Christina, I'm Greek and I live in France. I found about digital scrabooking very recently by chance while searching ideas for my next vacation photo album and I think it's exactly what suits me! I love travelling, take photos and decorating them around the house in a creative way. Digital scrabooking is so complementary to what I have being doing till now and pixel scrapper is a huge source of beautiful graphics allowing me to try out this art. Thank you very much Marisa for creating it and keeping it running!!!

Welcome, Christina! We're so glad you've found Pixel Scrapper and are liking what you see!

I'm a sporadic and spastic crafter - lots of projects going, and lurking in the wip basket. I'm a mum of 2 twolegs and 3 fourlegs. New to the site, but it's already one I visit regularly. I teach a Wednesday night class for first grade girls at my church and get many ideas for decorating my room from here.

Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself, Crabby! Welcome to the community!

Hi everyone, I'm Marie, and I just joined Pixel Scrapper a few days ago. I'm recovering from surgery and decided to advance my digital skills as a way of passing the time - I am usually very busy, as I sew and machine embroider.

I live in North East England, and I've been married for 10 years. We have no children but recently adopted a Bengal cat.

I like spooky things, steampunk, and heritage/ vintage things.

Hi Marie! Welcome to Pixel Scrapper! I love England - I've had the privilege of visiting a couple of times, and then ended up even studying there for a few months. smiley

We hope you have a speedy recovery from your surgery!