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Thank you. I'm glad to be here.

my name is Tami and I am a new craft junkie smiley I love this page and all thats posted. Thanks for everything.

Welcome to Pixel Scrapper, everyone! We're so glad you're here and thank you for taking the time to stop by and introduce yourself! smiley

Welcome Tami.

Thank you Thani.

Hi everyone! I'm Kenny Francis, and I'm just starting making journals. Love all the great designs on this site.....thanks so much to the wonderful designers.

Welcome, Kenny! We're glad you're here!

Thanks, Thani!

HI Gina. Are you still using PSP as your graphic program? That is my specialty!

Welcome Gina and Rebecca.

Welcome Kenny and Tami.

Carole, I no longer use PSP. I started with it but when I got a mac, it was not compatible. I now use Photoshop CC.

I loved PSP and could usually find a work around to get the same results that others got with PS. The steps were different but I loved it.

Too bad you switched. Even though PSP is not natively compatible with Mac, it can still run on it (many staff members at Corel use Mac) and Alex wrote a blog post about it on my site.

Good morning from North Carolina! While I homeschooled all three of my kids from pre-K to high school graduation, I was an avid scrapper with paper and glue. Now that the kids are grown, I am currently staying home, anticipating a much needed knee replacement. I have not scrapped in a long while, but I do use my scrapping skills to make greeting cards for our family to use. We have a small farm with goats, chickens, peafowl, ducks and geese, 2 handicapped cats and four Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian Dogs.

Welcome Madge. I homeschooled my 3 children too. They are grown with children of their own but I have fond memories of homeschooling.

Howdy ya' name is Lisa Hope and I am from a very small town in Southwest Virgina..the little part that is on the border of West Virgina and Kentucky, "coal country" as they say. I'm 38 and have 2 teenage daughter who think they are in their 20'!! I'm a stay at home mom and have always been scraping of some kind. I decided to take up digital in 2016 and it is so addictive. I always have some sort of something going on with my health and two teenagers who are in everything. I spend alot of time on my laptop, so I can't wait to learn more here. Hope everyone has a happy and blessed day.

Hello. My name is Rafaela and I´m from Brazil. I´m completely new to this digital scrapbooking world and I´m still learning. It´s still a hobby to me. I´m impressed by all the beautiful designs I found in this site. Very talented people!

I´ve lived in some places in my life so far: US (Ohio), France and the Netherlands, where I attended University of Maastricht and got my masters degree in International Business Studies. I currently live in my home country Brazil, where I run an online hair and baby accessory business and raise 2 nephews and a niece, as they were my own. : )

Glad to be here. Best wishes to all.

Hi there! I'm Wilma, from the french speaking part of Switzerland. I'm Dutch by birth and married to a (Northern) Irish guy from Belfast. We moved to Switzerland a long time ago for work and now call it our home. I've been involved with digiscrapping since around 2007 - mostly creating, not so much scrapping - as way to relax after a busy day. I've sold in some shops but when I became self-employed I found I lacked the time to come up with and market products on a regular basis. "Pixel pushing" is still a way for me to relax though and I share my creations as freebies on my website. I do like to be part of a friendly community and someone suggested to me to check out Pixel Scrapper. Well, here I am smiley

Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hello!

Hello all from Kingston, Ontario, Canada. I have been so reluctant to start digital scrapbooking as I am a hoarder (and user) of so much paper scrapbooking supplies. I have loved the hands on of paper scrapbooking which I started in 2000 after our family trip to Disney World.

We recently had my daughter and 2 kids move into our house which resulted in me loosing my scrapbooking room. And that leads me here. I have been doing digital scrapbooking for about 3 months now and LOVE it.

I am a mom of 3 adult children and "Nanny" to 5 (one of them unfortunately deceased). I was employed as a Rehab Counsellor for 10 years and then worked for an insurance company for 18 years as an injury adjuster. With the difficulties of loosing a grandchild, I took an early retirement. Now ....... I am a personal shopper for a National grocery store chain. I really feel like I get paid for exercising ......... a great semi retirement job.

I look forward to sharing some of my layouts and participating in layout challenges. However, I first have to learn how to save them and then learn to post them. Baby steps!!!

Bye for now.........Nancy

Welcome to Pixel Scrapper, Nancy! And thanks for taking the time to say hello. smiley

Welcome Nancy.

It is perfectly OK to hoard digital scraps since company will never know. LOL. (I speak from experience).

Hello everyone,

I'm Sonya and I love all types of crafts. I like digital, print, mixed media and so forth. I like how Pixel scrapper offers bundles and kits to get you started into the digital media world for newbies like me. I've practiced some crafts with Adobe Photoshop, but i'm still playing around with it trying to learn other digital scrap booking techniques, courtesy of

I look forward to using the awesome downloads to start on my digital journey.

Welcome Sonya. It's good to have you at Pixel Scrapper. You will find lots of great goodies to get you started digi scrapping.

Thanks Gina!

Welcome newest Pixel Scrappers!

Thanks Alli!

Hello everyone...I am 64 and trying hard to learn to use photoshop elements well little by little because I am a hobby photographer as often as I get the chance including scenery, themes, portraits and then love to do digital scrapbooking pages..make my own cards (7 grands to keep sending them to). My husband and I have lived in northern Hokkaido Japan for almost 35 years. He is a missionary pastor and an ALT English teacher in the schools in our rural town. I also do pottery, sing in a town choral group and play a Japanese stringed instrument called taishogoto. I love getting my supplies from here and also am volunteering to help out as necessary if it works out with Melo's team. Nice to meet you all! (Hope I did this right smiley )

Hi my name is Robyn. I am known as Robyn Scrapbookcrazy in digiland and am now designing under Scrapbookcrazy Creations by Robyn

Welcome to Pixel Scrapper everyone! I hope you enjoy yourself as much as I have (and still am)!

Thanks Thani.

I am widowed and scrapbooking has been my way of coping with my loss. I am able to create our life into beautiful pages that express and tell our story.