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Hi. I'm Mich. I'm a Filipina who love digital scrapbooking and photography.

Hello There! My name is Julie, currently living at Mount Annan, Australia. I have just celebrated my birthday, 72 years old. I have been a digital scrapbooker for about five years. I have four children and eleven grandchildren.

Hey, welcome you all! I hope you enjoy Pixel Scrapper community!

@Cat beautiful cat, looks like my Una. I have 2 black cats (Una and Messy), 1 kind of tabby (Ronny) and 2 tuxedo cats (Byako and Éowyn). We have a topic for pets pictures, be welcome to post there smiley

@Brandi: I use to do some A4 scrapbooking, but, in this case, mainly hybrid. Feel free to post your square pages, they may inspire others!

@Justine @Nina @babyblackbear Please, take a look on our Profile Expectations. It requires to upload a significative avatar, among other rules, so our community have a more personal tone.

Welcome everyone! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello! It's so fun to hear a little bit about everyone here.

hello I'm Lanita from Arkansas.......... love this site

Hi my name is Jennifer and I am a born and raised Texan. I live in Houston with my 3 boys, 3 dogs and AMAZING fiancé. There is not really anything I won't photograph, well not anything obscene. I love capturing the world around me whether on my iphone or my DSLR. I have recently entered this whole word of digital design and have had a ton of fun making various cards, books, and keepsakes for my clients. This site is always my first stop for templates, patterns and elements. Thank you Marisa for such a great gift!!

Hello everyone! I'm an avid scrapper and I'm soooo addicted. I love your site and would like to participate in the challenges and earn some of your designs! I mostly scrap my family, esp. my nephews.

I earned a BA in Psychology and MA (2) in Education and Teaching. I was a teacher (and LOVED it!) until I became ill with chronic illnesses (and more) and could no longer teach. So these days I fill my time with scrapbooking. I find it to be a great creative outlet, I just so enjoy it!

Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hi!

My name is Jenn but everyone calls me Sugarbutt or JJ. I am a wife, mother and am finishing up my graphic design degree. I would love to own my own advertising agency one day (I hope to have my work in magazines all over the world - I dream big... lol).
I lived in Utah, California and back to Utah again. I loved the warmth of CA but love the snow & how pretty it is. About 7 years ago I had to start all the way over in life (learning to walk, talk and do everything). I started in a tramatic head injury group to help me get back to normal. They are the ones who taught us scrapbooking because it helps relax and helps you learn to relax as you focus. Anyway, while in the group I met my now mentor (who also had a tranatic head injury and had to start over but was well on her way when I met her). She taught graphic design at the college before her wreck and was just getting back into it after her wreck. So, after we talked I decided to try my hand at it. I have since gotten part of my degree but am working towards the 2nd and final part of it. I struggle with migranes and memory loss but am getting help to be able work around it. Sometimes I might say something wrong but please know I never mean to be mean to anyone. I didn't realize until someone pointed it out that I say things wrong still (at times). So, please be patient that way.
I love to learn and love to find out how people do things, especially in scrapbooking. Scrapbooking and graphic designs are my way of helping get my memory and brain back to where it was before (or as close as I can).
Wow, I wasn't going to write that but once I started it felt good to just write. Sorry to be so long winded here.
I love this site and the people here are so wonderful. I am so glad I found this place.

My name is Cyndi & I'm creative @ most things that I set my heart & mind & hands to do. I was born in Delaware, & abt 2-3 years later moved to Preswick Scotland where my sister was born. I had twin brothers who died @ birth: one an hour & the other the following day after. Both my parents were in the Military, my dad died in 1972 in the Vietnam War & my mom died in 1994 & never met my husband Shawn, as far as I know. Both our parents knew each other & I was on my husbands moms lap when I was 3 plus years old, so I may have been there when my husband was in his mothers womb. We moved back to Delaware & later moved to California where I grew up most of my life. I lived in various area's of California: Sacramento & Grizzly Flats, & Various area's of San Diego. I lived in Marquette & Harvey, Michigan.

I got married @ the age of 34 & moved from California to Vermont & yes: I know what cold weather is like: I grew up in it in the mountains of California as well as in Michigan. My husband Shawn & I have traveled to S. Korea & Germany & Switzerland & Austria & Italy. My husband is a professional steering wheel holder, so we went to as many places as possible while in Europe. We also went to Poland & then later we went to England & Scotland. We've also been to Hawaii (3 different islands) where we spend our honeymoon & 10 yr anniversary. We've been married for 14 1/2 yrs.

I scrap by hand, & create cards & Jewelry & Sew/Quilt & Crochet. If I can imagine it, I can create it: I've crocheted a bikini & was asked by someone where the pattern was, & I told them: In my imagination. I also write poetry, though it has been a long time since I've written something.

Welcome ladies! Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself!

Hi I'm Cel from Manila, Philippines. I have been scrapbooking since 2006 but more on paper. But I have dabbled in digital once in a while. I find that I get a layout done faster in digital than in paper. and I love photo books. But I still love paper. smiley

Happy New Year! I live in Western Washington with my family. I found Pixel Scrapper a few weeks ago on Facebook and I really like the designs and templates. I have been using some of the downloads in my digi scrapping the past few weeks. Thanks for your wonderful products.

I love to craft, when I have time. I have a very busy family life between by 2 teenagers and my part time job and my husband's fulltime plus job. But that gives me lots of photo ops to scrapbook. I mainly do hybrid scrapping but love to do digipages from time to time as well!

Welcome home... ops, I mean, Welcome to Pixel Scrapper! I hope you feel at home! XD

I'm Marcia, 38 yo & mom to a wonderful 11 y.o. girl. I am due with my 2nd any day now, after a long wait. My family & I moved from the US to Israel about 2 years ago.
I've been digital scrapbooking on & off and am hoping to find more time (& inspiration) to make some progress on an album for my daughter.

Welcome ladies! So glad to have you here.

@Marica: We're neighbors! I live in Amman, Jordan.

My name is Katharina. I am living in Denmark but come originally for Switzerland (34 years ago).
I live with my husband in a country house on an island. We ar selv sufficent with food - have a big garden, an orchad with fruits (apples, pears, strawberrys, rasberries, cherries, peaches) and have some sheep which provide us every year with lams. Our 2 sons are grown up and live in the city.
I love making cards and am also started scrapbooking. Love paper and glue - but alos my computer smiley. So i want to give it a try with digi scapping.

Welcome to everyone...

@Jenn... still love your designs! I'm personally very happy that you found your way to digi scrapbooking and although I'm sad you were hurt sometimes bad things happen so we can find new paths and get good things! You are very talented and I look forward to seeing your deigns get even better with time!

Hi! I am Kaleena. I collect pez dispensers. I love to take pictures of all kinds of things. I am glad that I started digital scrapbooking - I don't miss the mess of scraping with paper. I have been married to my Bunches for a little over two years, we lived in the over populated city of Atlanta Georgia for 2 years and now we live in a small town in Utah - I am much happier here smiley I am excited that I found this site full of such awesome people who share some of the same interests as I do. Anyway that is all - goodbye

Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hi!

You're so sweet. I agree with you too. I know this ended up being one of the best things that couldn't have happened. It opened my eyes to a whole new world. Thank you for your wonderful words. You've made my whole day! smiley

Hello, Everyone! smiley
My name is Mags and I design under the name "MagsGraphics."

I started scrapping when I was 15 years old - my first albums involved construction paper and Elmer's Glue! (yikes!!). I was a paper-scrapper for nearly 20 years before converting to digital. I LOVE playing around on my computer, and I've been designing kits since around 2009.

Even though I'm not a fan of sports, because I'm a Mom of two boys who play EVERYTHING, I find myself creating MANY sport-themed kits! I just can't escape those basketball balls, baseball bats, and footballs!

Looking forward to meeting everyone here.
smiley Mags

Hi everyone! My name is Stacy. I have 2 little boys ages 3 and 1. I have a bachelor's degree in photography. So that's my first love. I did lots of Communications classes where I learned lots about designing. I got started digital scrapbooking when my oldest son was just a couple months old. I wanted to record his life and do something with all the pictures I was taking. I currently work as a CT artist for Dandelion Dust Designs - something I really love doing. The name I design under is Tasty Jane - a nick name from my grandma since before I can remember.

Excited to see how everything works on this site!

Welcome Mags and Stacy! Thanks for introducing yourself.

@Jenn... I'm glad I could make your day... I'm subscribed to your blog so just about everyday you make my day with some great little treat, so it's only fair. smiley

Hi folks,

I'm Kavel from Turkey. Actually I live in another country (Azerbaijan) and I'm so faraway from my home. I'm a full time mom of a 8 months baby boy. In my hometown, I was a copywriter but now I'm not working here. To create something is a great passion for me (and papers, markers, pencils and any kind of colourful things.) And I was looking for a new hobby to entertain myself (because I don't have any friends in this country and I'm not good to find new friends ) and discovered the scrapbooking. It's hard to find scrapbooking sets or resources in this country so I decided to do something via digital ways. Actually I want to make something lovely for my baby boy.
I hope I can handle this. smiley

Hello everyone.
My name is Honor, I'm a 24 year old Scottie Lass living in Southampton, England.
I came upon pixel scrapper a little while ago while looking for random things to help aid me in making pretty things on tumblr!
I have tried to do a little scrapbooking, but so far nothing spectacular has happened.. Hoping that will change now I have found a decent site to aid me smiley!
I am a serious Tumblr blogger, I like to make pretty things for people to reblog and stuff, it makes me happy when I get little requests to do things for people and I do my best to give them what they want smiley!

Thank you so much for making this site smiley!

That's funny. I think I do the same thing!

Hi Jenn,
No one would know all that about you. You are so creative and very good at what you do. I think I have all your tutorials and things you have made.

Thanks for sharing with us. Your little guy is very cute too. I have 2 boys also.



That sounds interesting and looks very pretty where you live. Are there many people who live on your island with you? I'm thinking Denmark, you must get snow there?


Hi Mags, I love your designs they are awesome!