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Welcome new members. smiley

Welcome newest members! smiley

Just stopping in to say hello. Been here awhile but have not gotten around to introducing myself.
My name is Pam or PJ. I am a retired teacher.
At the moment I am grandma-schoolbus as well as grandma-run around to after-school activities for a delightful granddaughter!
My hobbies are photography and scrapping - when time permits.

Hi Pamela! Thanks for saying hello! smiley

Hi, I'd like to say hello and thank you. I am currently creating my annual photo album and have used some of the embellishments from members here to brighten and personalise the pages that would otherwise just have standard layouts provided by the app I am using. I really appreciate the work that has gone into the library here.


I am not sure if I have introduced myself or not. But, Hi I am Joyce and I am from Delaware.

Hello! My name is Stacey. I grew up in Texas, but am currently living in Germany with my husband our little Chihuahua. smiley I actually am not currently doing scrapbooking, but I have a Cricut & love to make lots of cute stuff with it!

Hi my name is Julie. I was born in Herrin, IL. Lived in IL till I turned 6. Then my family moved to Missouri. I love it here. I live in the country. I am legally blind. I love watching movies with My nephews and neice. I don't have any kids of my own. I have a dog is the cutest thing ever. Her name is Williesin. I love digtal scrapbooking. I found this site on Pinterest. I am taken by a wonderful man named Jeremy.

Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hello!

My name is Donna, I'm from Chicago & I am a psp tag creator
for my psp chat board The Taggers Lounge
I'm also interested in learning to make scrap kits.
I love working with beautiful scrap kits for my creations.
I found Pixel Scrappers a few months ago, and have loved all
the blog trains & different elements available in your kits.
I hope to get to know all of you, and I look forward to all
the beautiful kits you create in the future!

Hi Donna! Thanks for introducing yourself!

Hi - I'm Binty and live in NJ. been a scrapper for a long long time. But recently started to dabble in art journalling and enjoying it very much. very happy to find this site. its such a wonderful place to be part of. TY smiley

Welcome Binty!

Welcome Binty!

Gosh! It's so hard to believe that I first came here 5 YEARS AGO! Wow! Some things just have staying power!

Photoshop has opened up my life to so many possibilities, new people, friends, and adventures, I don't have time to retire! LOL I am devoted to my digital art! I have been working on it - seriously! I joined several of Sebastian Michaels' groups, PS Artistry, Kaizen and AWAKE, so, I have learned to take my art more seriously. That was a big step for me! I am shy about my art and posting it.

So, I was invited to be on Creative Teams by several of my friends online. This entails not only keeping my skills sharp by creating more often and for a purpose, but, it also puts my 'art' out there for others to see! I seem to be getting on okay!

So, that is me - currently! LOL Thank you for reading!


Thanks for coming by and letting us know a bit about you, Su! Fun to hear that you're really digging into your art and getting it out there for others to enjoy. smiley

I'm new here. My name is Rhonda and I'm from Castle Rock, Colorado.
Looking forward to getting to know you all. smiley

Welcome Rhonda!

Hi everyone !! (I'm sorry, I didn't read every introduction ... there's a lot of them lol)

I new this forum for a while now but just passing through ...
Today, I digged a little further and found that I love your way of thinking here smiley

So, I'm Carole (Cocotounette in the scrapworld), almost forty and live in Belgium, near Liège and its delicious waffles !!
I have 3 beautiful kids (Nathan, born in 2004, Violette, born in 2006 and Timothy, born in 2008) with my hubby that I met at university 21 years ago, 2 cats and 2 goldfishes :p

I started scrapbooking in 2005 and to have the kits that were matching my photos I almost right away started designing my own kits !!
I'm now a store designer and love to create kits, templates, wordarts ... and I also love to offer my designs on my blog smiley

Here's a picture of my beautiful family :

Hi everyone, my name is Sharon and I am from South Australia. Finding Pixel Scrapper has been one of my best finds online! I am a card maker and not only does it allow me to do what I love - creating things and making people happy, it is also extremely important for my mental health. I deal with chronic pain and I can't get out of the house much. So thank you to all you lovely people for all your designs and contributions, enabling people like me to create on a very low budget. I appreciate each and every one of you.

Welcome! Thanks for saying hello!

Hi. I am LindaR. My husband and I live in Florida. We retired here to be near our daughter and her family about 5 years ago. We have a cat named Rocky. He is part Maine Coon and is fairly large. I chose to use his photo in the profile (if I did it correctly) I was introduced to Photoshop Elements in 2006 and have been using it ever since. I now have PSE 15. I design greeting cards for our church card ministry and make a 4x6 calendar each year to give as gifts to friends and family. When I am not playing in PSE, I enjoy reading, knitting dish cloths and sewing. Looking forward to becoming a part of this community.

Welcome, and thanks for saying hello, Linda!

Hmmm, been around here for awhile and looks like I failed to introduce myself. Yikes! So hello. My hubby and I retired 2.5 years ago and have been crazy busy traveling and taking lots of photos. We are emerging in the field of portrait photograhy and photomanipulations for fun and artistic expression. We have way too many landscape photos from our travels throughout the Southwest U.S. but are not daunted. We pretty much breathe anything creative these days and expect to continue to learn and grow and create just for the joy of it.

Welcome Susan! Thanks for saying hello!

Hi everybody!
I'm late introducing myself, I actually discovered PS a few months ago but never peeked in this area of the site smiley
Anyway, I'm Stefania and I'm from Italy. I'm a single mom with two kids and I love - and when I say love I mean LOVE - creating junk journals. My dream is to sell them...which in my country seems impossible, as apparently people don't even know what they are! But of course I'm not ready to give up! So I've been downloading like crazy and I seriously appreciate every single graphic, paper, element you awesome guys make. Thank you so much to all of you smiley

Hi I am a pastor's wife, mother of 3, homeschooling instructor, junk journal artist, and a digital designer. I came across PS a few months back via a friend and I fell in love with this site. I love designing journal pages and elements to place in the journals. I am so thankful to find PS. I create medical journey junk journals and the graphics here are so beautiful put together in a beautiful journal page. I also do prayer journals, and inspirational junk journals as a ministry. I have sent junk journals all over the world. PS helps me make this happen. Thank you so much. I am so inspired. From reading the manifesto I have a total new outlook and a feeling that I am not alone in the digital world way of thinking. Hugs

Welcome, everyone! Thanks for taking the time to say hello.

Welcome Stefy. I've been getting into making junk journals myself. Would love to see what you've made!

Thanks Marisa, I haven't done many jj but those few are on youtube ( Be aware that I've still a lot to learn smiley
I'd love to see yours, if you are good at making them as you are with digitals they must be awesome!