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Hi. I'm Devlin. I found the site yesterday after deciding to get back into digital scrap-art. I did it many years ago using Microsoft Picture It. My, how I miss that program. I just downloaded GIMP and am trying to learn how to use it. Is it me or did things get more complicated? It's probably me. I am getting old. smiley

HI I'm Leanne IAnd Live in Quebec Canada I found Pixel Scrapper about 3 Year ago, and have been by quite often! I design Scrapbook kits and have my own little blog that keeps me busy! It's nice to see so many people from all over the world! Thanks for making this such a great Site, Marisa and Jordan!!

Hi everyone! Thanks for coming around introducing yourselves! We're excited to have you here!

Hi, I'm checking in from sunny Arizona! I do art journaling and just started doing some scrapping. I'm a planner girl, using mostly Cocoa Daisy products but also making my own pages with Tangie Baxter's Tangible Plans. I love gardening, swimming, reading, and playing with my dog. I blog at The Writing Reader. Every Sunday I do a Carnival of Creativity. I get very few submissions for my Visual Arts section and I'd really like to change that. If you've done something spectacular and posted it in a blog post, please submit it so that I can send you some traffic. I can also just post the picture with a link back to your blog or gallery here.

Very excited to be here!

Hi everyone! I am new to digital scrapping. I've been a traditional scrapper for years, though. I just made my first layout!


I'm Jo, a mom with four young children at home. I'm brand new to digital scrapbooking, well really, to any kind of scrapbooking. But I've got tons of pictures that I want to share with my family online, and I research my own family history and want to make digital scrapbooks of that as well for sharing. I don't know what I'm doing yet when it comes to digital scrapbooking, but I'm looking forward to learning.

I am Lynne, from California. I work full-time and have a hubby and 6 year-old son. I have WAY too many hobbies, but scrapbooking is definitely the one I am most passionate about. I am looking forward to the inspiration in this community!

Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hello!

Hello! My name is Tazhiana and I'm a 27 year old memory keeper from NYC. I'm new to hybrid scrapbooking and have never made a digital layout so it would be nice to learn and broaden my horizons and skill set. I'm nowhere near ready to give up my stash of paper but it might be fun to see where this goes!

Welcome Tazhiana! I'm currently obsessed with hybrid scrapbooking which seems to be the best of both worlds. Although overwhelming with options smiley

Hi - I'm Joann and I live in Arizona. Now that I am now traveling so much, I have more computer time to scrap.

Hi, my name is Elisa... I love the world of scrapbooking!!! I can spend hours doing my digital scrapbooks with pictures of my husband or my baby. Love this page, amazing work of all the designers.

Welcome! Thanks for saying hello!

Hi everyone! I'm Susie aka icedspice aka psychozoe. Ive been digiscrapping for 9 years. I designed for about a year. Life has kept me busy for a few years, but now im an empty nester with a lot more time so now I can enjoy digiscrapping again. I have a huge stash, most of which is a few years old, so youll notice some of the stuff i use has been retired and/or the designer isnt around anymore. Im happy to be here and posting to many galleries and forums

Hi! I'm Cindy, I'm passionate about digital scrapbooking and so happy to be here!

Hi! I'm Dana. I'm retired from the 'real' world and spend most of my time scrapping and making planner supplies! I'm a pretty boring person, not a lot to tell about me lol

Hi.....I'm Ange
Scrapbooking is my passion about 9 years I think.
It let's my mind enter a kind of fantasy world.
At the end of 2016 I started as designer.

Welcome to the community, everybody! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello!

Hi Everybody. I am from the United Kingdom and have recently joined back up to this wonderful site as for a few years I had no computer so now I got a new computer.

Welcome Christine! Glad to have you!

Hello everyone! I'm Tamalita ~ my post must have gotten eaten smiley I had a really long post, and probably most of it wasn't important! I live in the north Idaho panhandle. I work full time as an administrative assistant at our local fire station. I have been involved with graphic design since the mid 90's. I have been somewhat involved in digital scrapbooking ~ mostly as a collector of things lol. I don't take a lot of people photos, so I struggle with what to scrap. Thanks for having me here!

Hi I'm Amanda 41yrs, mom of 2 boys or should I say men! 20yrs & 23yrs.. I am not married but have been with my best friend Paul just over 24yrs...yes since I was 17.. This time last year I was a senior member of staff in care home for adults with learning disabilities, it was my 12th year of service. then in early June my life changed after having a emotional breakdown caused by work related stress which also lead to severe weight loss, hair loss, raynauds phenomenon, anxiety..the list goes on.. I'd like to Thankyou all at pixelscrapper for giving me something to focus on through out my illness xx

Hi everybody. I'm Francine. I live in Belgium and I'm French speaking. I'm 58 years old, married and I have a boy (28 years old).
I work as "teacher" for old people. I explain them how to use a computer. And I also check E-learning people (for Microsoft programs like Word, Excel, and so on).
I've discovered digital scrapbooking about 10 years ago, but I joined forums later, in 2010. It helped me learn a lot and now, I am a designer in 2 stores : MyMemories and Scrap from France.
I love to make layouts with other designers's kits but I love creation most of all.

Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hello!

Hi everyone, I’m Gillian. I was recommended to Pixelscrapper from a Facebook post on Junk Journal Junkies. I love making JJs, which is a relatively new hobby for me, and I’ve been putting together some digital kits - am very much a newbie. I could get lost for hours in this website! Thanks for all your beautiful designs, I can’t afford to subscribe as I’m not earning anymore, but will share what I make with the freebies ?

Hello my name is Laura Sweat aka Morcash Sweat. I love digital graphics like some people love chocolate. I've learned so much since I first began my journey into the creative world. And, I'm so thankful that I found this site!
Other than spending a morning gazing at all the pretty things here, I take care of 4 indoor cats, 2 outdoor cats, 1 dog that loves cats, and several (11 and counting) strays in the neighborhood sewer. So, I love-love animals as well. I'm also married and have no children, just the furry kind.
So, Thank you for having me.
Laura (Morcash -this nickname is because I worked in banking for 30+ years)

Welcome! Thanks for saying hello!

Hello everyone. My name is Tabitha....Tabi smiley I am a mother of 5 ad 1 grandbaby. I work part time at convenience store and when I am not there I am sitting right here on my computer lol. Been away for awhile so a little rusty but I am hoping to get back on that bike lol. Anyway, thanks so much for having me smiley

Hello, Tabitha! Welcome to Pixel Scrapper!

Hi there! I’ve been lurking for a month or so, and collecting a large stash of digital products. I am new to digital scrapbooking, but have been a super-mega-triple-deluxe-supreme- paper scrapbooker for 21+ years.. I have done it all in the paper crafting world! I’ve been resisting the digital revolution, but..... it’s time!

I use the Procreate App on IPad Pro, and I feel like the only one! If you scrapbook on Procreate- reach’s a lonely world when you don’t speak Adobe in digital scrapbooking land.