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Hi I'm Nichole i have been scrapbooking for 18 years! I am 34 i have one son who is almost 18 and the light of my life. This is a great site and i'm happy to be here.

I've just realized that I never actually introduced myself in this thread!

Here I am posting mini kits in the blog trains... but haven't officially said "Hi" to all you lovely ladies and gents in the forums.


I swear, if my head wasn't attached to my neck...

So I'm also a newbie to this digital scrapbooking thing, but am having a blast playing around with graphics and creating pretties to share with the world. I don't actually do any scrapbooking myself (my favourite hobbies are candle and jewelry making), but I have a few girlfriends who are scrap addicts... so I'm always bugging them for tips, tricks, and ideas on the sorts of things they like to use in their layouts, and then sit down with Photoshop and start playing around trying to bring their wishes to fruition.

Basically, I'm just looking for any excuse to scratch my creative itch when I'm not in the mood to make candles, jewelry, or all the other crafty things I have on the go.

Needless to say, I've decided that my new goal in life is to become a Kung-Fu Master of Photoshop... even if it gives me more grey hair in the process! *snicker snicker*


Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hello.

@Leah: You may want to post your query in the Digital Scrapbooking Forum, more people should see it there. Hopefully you'll find some fellow ProCreate users.

Hello everyone, my name is Paula, I am a complete novice looking to share my work by posting on commons, learn from others and have fun doing it!

Welcome to Pixel Scrapper, Paula! You've come to the right place. We look forward to seeing your work! smiley

Not sure if I did something wrong or not, but I was trying to post in another forum and the system told me to first introduce myself. So here I am, re-introducing myself again! lol I'm assuming this has something to do with the site being down recently.

So, my name is Jo, but on this site I had to list it as Joismyfullfirstname because a two letter first name is just not long enough! I'm a stay at home mom to four wonderful children ages 4, 5, 5, and 6. I'm new to digital scrapbooking but am having lots of fun with trying things out. I have a passion for family history and genealogy, which is why I first decided to give digital scrapbooking a try; I intend to create a digital scrapbook regarding my family history to share with other family members.

I am really loving this site, I honestly think it's the best one around, and I am so glad I found it!

Hello! I have been scrapbooking for over 15 years. I only got into digital scrapbooking in the last 6 or so. But I've done light graphics work for various purposes other than scrapbooking for close to 10 years. I'm so glad I stumbled upon Pixel Scrapper. I really like the resources here and the wide range of things the creators are making. I'm excited to get to know the community as well. Thank you to everyone that makes this website the wonderful place it is!

Hi!I'm Flavia, I was born in São Paulo, Brazil in 1989. I'm a vet student since 2009, and i hope i can get my papers soon!
I've always wanted to have my own scrapbook, but i had no time. Then, 3 months ago I realized that I needed to do something to deal with my stressful life. So, i've started my 1st scrappbook, that was more a planner than a scrapbook, hahaha. It helped me a lot. Last week o got an idea! Why not selling my planner pages? We don't have much options here in Brazil, and all of than are REALLY expensive. And boring. And as a student, I have no money at all, hahaha.
That's how I've met this website. I'm totally in love with everything here! Thank you very much for doing this wonderfull place!

Ps: I'm sorry for my bad english. Still learning hahaha

Hi, I'm Catie. I'm still pretty much a paper scrapper and card maker. I did some digital scrapbooking about 10 years ago, with a program that no longer exists. Thank goodness I printed out all the pages I made before computer updates and no more support made the program obsolete!

Now I use a mixture of paper and digital, either using print-and-cut from my Silhouette machine, or manipulating and cutting the pieces of the designs to use on a paper page or card, or saving the PNG versions of the 12x12 pages from this site and using a combination of deleting parts of the page and resizing to create the page size I need (all of my scrapbooks are 8.5x11").

I have PhotoShop but I haven't really taken the time to learn it yet.

Thank you for this site and for all the amazing, amazing graphics you provide for us to use.

Hi everyone. I've introduced myself here already, and have commented on a couple of forum posts. I haven't been able to see how to check whether anyone has replied, or further commented on the threads. Can anyone help please?

Welcome to Pixel Srapper everyone, and thanks for taking the time to introduce yourselves!!! We love that you're all here. smiley

Hi Gillian!

Up near the top of your screen on the right by your DC count and your profile picture and name there should be two little overlapping speech bubbles that will light up pink and have a number to indicate when/if/how many notifications you have (which will include replies to your forum posts).

Thank you Thani, that does happen, which is how I saw this reply. I guess no-one’s replied to others ???

OK I went through to see if I did introduce myself, but it would have been over a year ago.... So, if I haven't allow me to introduce myself, and if I have, it's a reintroduction smiley

Hi! I'm Missy! (OK my mother called me Melissa, but I really really hate it, so I go by Missy or Mis smiley ) I live in my hometown of Freeport, Pennsylvania. Home of the Yellow Jackets. I have been married almost 28 years, we have two sons ages almost 22 and 17. I currently work overnights at a convenience store/pizza/hoagie shop (have I mentioned that I hate pizza?) So I am chronically exhausted.
My oldest son is a liver patient with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (with a few other diagnosis thrown in for good measure) We found out he was ill 6 years ago when his gall bladder decided to act out. The CRPS was brought on by the surgery to remove his gall bladder. In the past, I was trying to be a voice for the liver disease and CRPS communities. Last year, a fire took my computer and we just replaced it back in February. I'm hoping that I can soon revive my blog and my voice.
I use the templates a bit differently. I use them for graphics on my blog mixed with free images from various sites. I came across Pixel scrapper years ago and fell in love with the templates. I am in now way as creative as your designers. There is some absolutely gorgeous work here in the kits and in the commons (I am still lurking around and finding goodies.)
I hope to get to know ya smiley

Welcome to all the newbies lately! So nice to see you all here and have you become part of this wonderful place we call home! smiley

Laura: how absolutely clever and cute! smiley I'm an accountant/bookkeeper by occupation, so I can relate.


Laura (Morcash -this nickname is because I worked in banking for 30+ years)

Thanks Shawna, it’s lovely to be here x

Hi Gillian! I am new here also. It seems like the forums are not very active. Most things I read are years old. ?? I just wanted to make sure you know that it’s NOT you! ?

Lol! ? Thnak you very much Leah ? x

@Leah: Welcome Sweetie!!! I personally was out healing-up for a few weeks, so I've missed meeting a lot of the newbies lately.
As far as the site being a little quiet. It kind of depends if you're a end-user or designer. If you're a dig-scrapper only (like myself), most of us have been here for 5-6+ years and we try to start new topics at least once ever week or two, but it can sometimes be difficult when we've kind of talked a lot of the typical subjects to death. LoL
But...we always do our best and get Oh So EXCITED when newbies have questions so we can either answer or lead you to the awesome wealth of info already here to be had for your question(s).
If you're a designer (or designer in training) the forums for designer challenges, and Blog Trains, etc tend to be a lot more active since that's the "most" of where new happenings content is... I hope that makes sense.
If you ever need anything though, please don't hesitate to ask (like i said, we LOVE helping anyone new to this wonderful hobby!). smiley One of us around here, will always do our best to help you.
So, glad to have you here! smiley

I'm like you, not that creative... More of a show me and I'm great at duplicating or using your creations. smiley I came to PS many moons ago when we actually use to be at another location on the internet before Jordan and Marisa created this wonderful Home!
... and Yes M'am... Don't you just LOVE the generosity and talent in the creative commons area? Such a wonderful generous group of people! I hope (and assume) you've been getting in on the blog trains. If not, there's some awesome stuff in there each go'round. smiley

I came across Pixel scrapper years ago and fell in love with the templates. I am in now way as creative as your designers. There is some absolutely gorgeous work here in the kits and in the commons

Shawna thank you. I've been feeling a bit down recently that I'm fine at recreating, not so much at creating smiley Good to know I'm in company xx

Beautiful lay outs!

Hi I am from the East Coast in Maryland and I currently live about 30 minutes from Ocean City which lies right on the Atlantic Ocean and a popular tourist attraction and I am 30 minutes from the small town I grew up in Nanticoke a place where the Indians once roamed. Crafty I am from a child. I began playing with my grandmother's sewing machine and she eventually taught me to sew, quilt, and crochet which lead me to offering sewing and quilting workshops both locally and afar. I came to paper crafting as a result of my love for bible journaling. As an outreach effort for our church I host bible journaling workshops in my community and surrounding areas. From bible journaling I started creating pocket letters and other paper crafts which lead me to swaps and eventually to creating junk journals. I have been afforded the opportunity to host junk journal workshops and meet great people. I have never been one to scrapbook although I have tossed the idea around and even bought a digital scrapbooking kit. Now that I have my first grand daughter who is now 4 years old I may consider making a scrapbook for her.

Junk journal making is what I love and make the most of now. I have meet great people who have been an inspiration and help to me creating my own paper to make journaling kits. I am loving put new designs together to create kits and think I have found my niche! I am glad that I found this site and enjoy looking at all the amazing creations! Thanks for having me!

Sounds like you live in a beautiful spot, Angie! Thanks for taking the time to share some stuff about yourself, and welcome to Pixel Scrapper!

Thanks Thani. It is nice here. I love to go to the ocean on off season and to Assateague Island to see the ponies!

Hi Angie, I'm loving making junk journals too, have already used a few elements from here to embellish one smiley

Hi Gillian! There are some neat embellishments smiley

gosh its been so long since i joined and i am not sure if i ever posted on this thread. I am jamie aka mauve sunrise. i like scrapbooking and tag making and am slowly getting the hang of designing

Hi everyone my name is Traci. I work as a computer programmer and software developer. I love arts, graphic design, photography, painting, boating and hiking. My dad use to say "If you don't think making memories and taking photos is important, wait until that's all you have left". Now that he has passed I'm glad he had that philosophy as I have many wonderful pictures and memories of my family. I enjoy both digital and paper scrapbooking as well as making mini albums and books. Thank you for letting me join this site I've looked around and it is AWESOME!