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Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hello!

Hi, I'm Vicki, I'm 35 tomorrow and a full time home educator to our 3 kids and a part time Etsy shop owner where I sell etched jewellery made with the Silhouette Curio. I've tried most creative pursuits and I dabble at everything. Happy to be here smiley

HI! I'm Tia and I have been digiscrapping for 13 year. I consider myself an addict but am NOT considering a 12-step program at this time as I am quite happy in my addiction. I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my curiously amazing 13-year-old son. I look forward to getting to know each of you a little bet better!

Welcome ladies!

@Little Red Ladybug: I'd love to see the pictures of your jewelry. Will you share a link to your Etsy store?

@Tia: We are just back in the Pacific Northwest, on the Oregon Coast, and it feels amazing.

Hey everyone. I think I have visited the site a few times over the past couple years but never introduced myself. Im admittedly a bit flaky when it comes to projects so I just do a little here and there. But I do enjoy scrapping when I can get my mind focused on it. I like to use templates because they help me actually complete things. smiley

Hi there everyone! I'm Kate, I'm 33 and I live in Edinburgh, Scotland. I live with a lovely man and my lovely son (5 years old). I'm new to digiscrapping. I started doing some papercrafts a year or so ago, but haven't really done much. Then a few months ago I discovered digital and am having so much fun with it! In everyday life I am a full-time student, studying for an Honours degree in Agriculture. Very grateful for all the wonderful resources that are made available for free on Pixelscrapper!!

I'm 52, born and raised in Southern California. I have 3 grown children Richard 32, Heather 30 and Daryl 29) and 3 wonderful grandsons (Noah 6, Nixin 3 and Owen 2). I started paper scrapbooking over 15 years ago and digital scrapbooking for a few years when it was in the baby stages. I have recently got back into digital scrapbooking after receiving a Cricut Air 2 for my birthday a month ago. It's amazing how much has changed. I'm learning so much all over again. I enjoy playing pool, watching NASCAR and spending time with my family. I'm so thankful this site has been around for so long because most of the sites I use to use are no longer available. Thank you very much to all the designers who share their beautiful creations.

Hello my name is Karen, I'm new here. I like making digital things like paper, tags, etc. in paint shop pro and other programs. Mainly in paint shop pro.

Welcome! Thanks for saying hello!

Hello, I am Sandie03. I really enjoy digital scrapbooking and photography. I use Photoshop as my preferred scrapping program and I like to scrap with clean lines and single photos. My other interests are reading, puzzling (both jigsaws and cryptic/logic/word puzzles) and computing. I started out many years ago as a paper scrapper, but my arthritic hands were not good with cutting and placing pieces so I was overjoyed to discover digital scrapping.

Hi I'm Ophelia, known as navaja77 in the digiscrapping world. I'm from Arizona. I've been digiscrapping for 9 years now. I started out using GIMP to scrap then switched to Photoshop when I also got into photography (also use Lightroom). I'm married with a 13 yr old teen boy and 8 yr old daughter. For my day job, I work for Smokey Bear (Forest Service). I'm happy to be here smiley

Hello! I've popped in here and there over the years, but now I have a hubby willing to post my layouts to non-Facebook sites, and I thought maybe it's time to actually activate my gallery here! We live in Alabama and both have full time jobs. I travel nearly every week for mine so digital is the absolute way to go. We're looking forward to when we can retire and live in our RV full time - another nice benefit of digi!!!

I love the freebies here, I've downloaded tons over the years, awesome designers that give away great goodies! Thank you!

Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hello!

Hi I am Lisa. I just found your site and happy to be here. I am new to digital scrapbooking and cant wait to get started learning and creating.

Hello, I'm Tiffany from Idaho. I have been a scrapbooker for many years - let's say 20 plus. I had all the papers, punches and scissors when that was the way to do things but then switched to digital when that arrived on the scene and have loved the versatility of it. I found pixel scrapper this year and visit almost daily to grab some new beautiful downloads. Now I think it is time to start being more active here. I joined the SLM 2018 challenge but didn't ever post any of the layouts I completed this month. I thought I'd load them to the gallery today and then I saw that I needed to start here by introducing myself.

Hi, I've been involved in different types of crafting for years, especially quilting. smiley I do a lot of genealogy and working with photos. I was into card making and stamping, but it was starting to take up to much space, but always was interested in doing digital scrapbooking. Last year I came across this site. Came back a few times, took you up on one of the offers and now here I am.
I actually started get more serious about looking into the digital side last summer and having lots of fun learning the ins and outs of scrap booking. Looking forward to exploring and learning your site even more. It was on another Facebook group that I asked where did they get the elements they had used, and they said at Pixel Scrapper.

So many new faces! Welcome everyone!! So happy for you all to be here! smiley I hope you enjoy the friendly community & Happy scrapping everyone!

Hello everyone.
My name is Shantalina. I'm a 30 year old hairstylist in sunny Florida! My husband/best friend and I are blessed with an awesome 6 year old little boy and we enjoy spending time at the beach with our new puppy. I love hair and everything to do with it, but at the end of a long day it's nice to come home and sit down and just unwind. I do that by digiscrapping! smiley I have more unfinished works in progress than I do actual finished layouts, and way too many graphics, elements and papers than I could use in a lifetime, but that's okay, it keeps me sane! lol Looking forward to drinking up all the creative juices flowing around here!

Welcome everyone! Thanks for stopping by and saying hi. Feel free to wander around and make yourself at home smiley

Hi, everyone! This is Sheri from Vilano Beach, FL. It's a small beach community next to St. Augustine. Which is a small tourist city next to Jacksonville. I have always wanted to be creative, but I've never devoted any time to that desire. Over the past few weeks, I've been going through various courses for Procreate and OnOne Photo as well as Photoshop. I love that I can do most of what I want on my iPad. I love photography and this year made it my mission to gather all my photos in one digital archive. Now I have to do something with them. I don't have any kids, but I love to travel and have lots of travel photos that really need a home. I look forward to learning from everyone in the community.

Welcome Shantalina & Sheri! Florida is my home state - born & raised in it. Hubby & I esp love St.Augustine Sheri!

Hope you all enjoy your stay here at Pixel Scrapper! We are happy to have you! smiley

@Jessica Thank you! My little family and I have been in Florida for 4 years now and we LOVE it so much! Happy to be here.

Thank you for the welcome! I'm really looking forward to getting my creative juices moving. I have so many pictures just sitting there begging for some way to show off!

Hello. I'm excited to have found this site! I am a married mom of 3 + 1 (3 at home, 1 out on his own). I live in the Desert Southwest in Arizona. I've been digital scrapping since my children were young. I started out with PSP and made the switch to Photoshop. Love it! I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone here.

Welcome, Alane! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello!

Hello everyone! I'm Tammy from Virginia. I've actually been hanging around Pixel Scrapper for 4 or 5 years now, but have not completed the introduction! smiley I found this site by accident while looking for anything and everything that would/could teach me how to do scrapbooking and also designing. I absolutely LOVE this site, and have learned so much. I finally got the confidence to participate in a challenge over a year ago, and from that point on, I've been participating in the blog train here at Pixel Scrapper. I would like to THANK Marisa and everyone who has donated their time for the tutorials and to help me when I had questions. You all are the best!! I am an avid music lover and go by the designer name Songbird Scraps Designs.

Thanks for saying hello Tammy!

Hello all. I'm Melanie, a 32 years old married mother of 1 from north-east Scotland. I am a part-time student studying Business management and accountancy and also work from home through health and beauty.
I found this site only a few days ago whilst looking for inspiration for my digital bullet journal. I use OneNote primarily. Mainly because I work on android phone and tablet as well as windows and it has the capability to cross-platform. I use it a bit like a travelers notebook, having various different parts in it from my daily to-do journal, notepad for study notes, diary for personal bits and bobs, health trackers, business stuff, scrapbook, etc. I also use Adobe Photoshop but I have a lot to learn.
I'm not very creative, I must admit but do love to add color and 'texture' to my layouts. It keeps it interesting and it's always good to look back and see how I've improved. Plenty improvement still needed of course smiley
I look forward to growing with you all and becoming part of this community.

Hi everyone! I'm Jen. I really like digital scrapbooking but I'm really really slow! I got away from scrapbooking in the last 2 years or so but I look forward to work on scrapping more pictures soon. I love looking at everyone's layouts here on pixel scrapper!

Welcome to the community, Melanie and Jen! smiley