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Welcome all!

@Sheri: Love your tea photo!

Its really nice to get to know others and this is an awesome site. I have just learned about it from searching through the web and friends. I love it. I think that scrapbooking is an amazing thing and digitally its awesome because you do not have all the excess clutter and huge mess to carry and scrapbooking paper gets very heavy if you have to tote it around for sure. I am glad you have made this site for us I am hoping to do a few pages soon for my kiddos football and related items hope you all have an amazing week xoxo Leann

Olá, meu nome é Laura, tenho 39 anos, sou mãe de uma menina (rsrsrs) linda de 24 anos e esposa de um homem maravilhoso de 52 anos. Faço artesanato desde meus 7 anos, iniciei com o crochê, passando pelo bordado, sublimação, confecção de chinelos, kanzashi, papelaria personalizada e encadernação. Quando iniciei com sublimação conheci o CorelDraw e me apaixonei pela imensa possibilidades e foi quando iniciei minhas pesquisas e paixão pelo papel. Hoje faço tudo um pouco, com muita paixão e carinho.

Olá Laura
Eu sou Ann e moro nos Estados Unidos. Eu falo inglês, mas uso um tradutor para me ajudar a me comunicar em outros idiomas. Eu acho que é incrível que você crie com paixão e carinho, eu amo o meu programa Photoshop Elements 15 e adoro isso. É tão bom conhecê-lo. Tenha um ótimo dia e eu também sou mãe de alguns. Espero que você se divirta aqui no pixel scrappers, tenha um ótimo dia. Ann

Thanks Leann!

Welcome Laura!

Your most welcome Marisa, I love to tell people hey in their language and also learn new things about different countries xx I also am a very outgoing person but am limited due to health issues.

Hi! Trying to get more serious about (digital) scrapbooking. Now that I have a new granddaughter (and since I'm no longer teaching), I really need to!!

The motivation isnt the issue for me its the time. I can sit and create all day long. Its time and family that slows my day. I also have some health issues that do not allow me to do tons.

Hi I'm Kate from California! My husband bought me patron status as an anniversary gift and now I have a problem: I spend all my time browsing all the amazing things here instead of actually working! Hahah! Now, if only someone could design more TIME for me... smiley
Seriously, though - excited to be here! I do a lot of digital scrapbooking and some POD work as well. Some AMAZING talent here I'm just tickled to be here!

Welcome Kate! I am Ann from Indiana and I want to get the subscription but money isnt there at the moment maybe one of these days. Hope you enjoy it here and welcome again. Happy browsing xxx Ann

Hello everyone ! I'm Elizabeth, & I stumbled onto this site yesterday looking for quality art. I am so excited to have this amazing resource available ! I love the work & generosity I see from everyone here. It wasn't until 2 years ago that we got internet connection here {we live down in the woods on Kentucky Lake}, so I was the ripe old age of 50 before I really used a computer. I spent a lot of time scrapbooking/crafting for myself & my home before then. But that takes up a lot of storage space & organization time, so when my son suggested I get online to find new activities I tried it - & was instantly addicted. I've learned in fits & starts how to use a computer, Pinterest, art apps, ect, & now rarely take a breath without thinking of what project I want to do next online. Now I mostly sit on the couch, t.v. on, dog snoring by my side, madly typing away. Anyway, I want to thank everyone here for sharing their work & creativity - SO happy to have found you !

Welcome to the community, Elizabeth! Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself. We hope you have a blast. smiley

Hello Elizabeth,

I am Leann also know as Ann. Its nice to meet you and everyone here is awesome. There are some great tutorials and they also answer any questions you have. Everyone here is so nice to all of us. Its a rockin' place to be hope you enhoy it and this is great xxx Leann AKA Ann

I also have been trying since my son is now in football I am loving the downloads they give each day its so generous. I actually love this site and will use it forever. Thanks for joining our community we all welcome you. xx Leann

I'm Inkey.

I love to take pictures off everything! I take a camera everywhere I go.
When I discovered digital scrapbooking, I was/am so excited. Now I have a way to put these pictures into a format I can share with my family.

I'm hoping using Photoshop is easy to learn. I like it because of the easy way of working with my picture. Its almost like being in the darkroom, but way easier.

So here I go.... Thank you for letting me join!

Hi Inkey,
Welcome to Pixel Scrapper I am Leann and photoshop rocks I have pse 15 n love it! Hope you have a great day xxx Leann

Hi Inkey
Welcome to pixil scrapper. I hope you'll lean to love this wonderful community and resource.
You can do all sorts of amazing things in photoshop.
I use an older version of photoshop elements.
There's a number of great tutorials here on our site and of course plenty on youtube. Have fun, have a play and if you have any questions this is a great place to ask.

Hi there! I stumbled across this site just tonight, looking for a tag that I could quickly add to a layout. I've been scrapbooking for over half of my life, as I started when I was a teenager, but I'm new at digital scrapbooking-- I just started this year, since it's much easier to assemble a page on the computer than hauling out my paper since I had kids. I've been trying to teach myself on the prehistoric version of Photoshop Elements (circa 2005) that I never really learned how to use, so I'm looking forward to checking out the tutorials on here and getting some more inspiration!

@Becky Welcome!!! Im using an older version of PSE but I think you win smiley
I hope you enjoy this amazing place to share and learn.

Hi Cassie
what version are you using I have PSE15 and PSP 7 I think but I am not fond of PSP its not my friend like PSE is. Hope you have a great weekend its football day for me as my son has a game tonight. xx Leann

Hi, I'm Melissa, a mother to 6 month old twins (and two dogs Jak & Sally), devoted wife, Disney fanatic and dedicated memory keeper. I have just recently returned to designing after taking my maternity leave, I've been digital scrapbooking for 7 years and scrapbooking in general since I was 14, so almost 15 years. I'm so happy to be back designing and be back doing the thing I love. I only just stumbled upon the PixelScrapper and it looks like a great, supportive community to be a part of!

@Melissa Johnson,
Welcome to Pixel Scrapper, I am kinda new here and have been here for a bit and love it everyone is nice. Wow 6 month old twins that's gotta keep you hopping. Congrats on the twins though. My baby is now 15 and six foot two inches tall and weighs about 210 lbs. He also plays football so my Friday and Mondays are booked. I hope you enjoy it here hugs, Leann

Hi. I am Charlotte from Oregon, and I found Pixelscrapper about two months ago. I am rather shy, so I do not post much. I came here looking for items I could use in helping me make my own digital pages for my junk journal. I use to digital scrapbook, but prefer to print out things I make and scrapbook that way.

Hi I am Sheryl (Sherry) Reiber I live in Romeo, MI USA in a rural area in and old farm house outside the historic village of Romeo with my husband Tim and my dog Clio. I have 2 adult sons Matt and Nate. Nate is in last year of college and Matt is married to Brandy and has made me the grand parent of 6 wonderful grandchildren Maya 2, Aliya 3, step grand children Brennon 7, Alaina 12, Jayden 15, and James 19. My favorite subject to scrapbook is my family, especially my grandchildren. I have been digital scrapbooking about 13 years and I love it I am also on several ct teams and give classes to beginners in digital scrapbooking. I also enjoy rubber stamping, altered art, swimming, travel and spending time with my family and friends.

Welcome to Pixel Scrapper, Charlotte and Sheryl! We're so glad you're here. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello!

Hi everyone...I love designing Scrapbook Kits, and making CU elements ....thank you for this site...I really am enjoying it smiley

Hi Charlotte,

I am Ann from Indiana and I post a decent amount on here as I love to meed new people. I think its awesome to do so. I hope you like it here and find lots of goodies.. XX Ann

Welcome @Penny Barnes,

Its nice to have you here and I have it and love doing scrapkits too I am so new to it but I also love this site. Hope you find all sorts of goodies here and have a great time xx Ann

Well maybe I'll introduce myself-- I'm a mom of 4, happily living with all of life's ups and downs in Kaysville, UT. I'm definitely a beginner trying to find my way around the digital scrap-booking world. The designs on this website are so amazing! I think I'll camp out here smiley Hopefully everyone's talents will rub off on me just a little bit!

Glad to have all of you here!