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Welcome everyone! Glad to have so many newbies joining us!

@Alicia: Our blog trains are a popular place for people to get started if they want to try a little designing. You can make whatever you want, and share it if you'd like. We have the palettes posted well into 2019, so you can get as much of a head start as you need. Post in the thread you're working on for any advice. We have lots of helpful members who can help out!

@Marisa - The blog trains are how I found the Pixel Scrapper site and I'm so looking forward to learning enough to be able to contribute. For now I just appreciate everyone else's help and contributions:) This digital scrapbooking thing is TOTALLY new to me and I'm rather techno-challenged:( But thank goodness - I LOVE a good challenge!

Hi everyone! I'm Kate (or Katie depending on who you ask). I live in a suburb of STL, MO. My husband and I move to MO from IL in 2005. We now have two kiddos, Hope is 6 and Blaine is 5. I have some experience uploading her on PS and am just now dipping my toe into the designer pond.

Thanks for saying hi Kate!!

Welcome PeaBea! So glad you said hello!

Hello. My name is Midu I am married and the mother of the best kittysever.

Welcome Midu!

I am Susanne from Germany. I have three sons and a husband smiley . I love digital scrapbooking and taking pictures. I like travelling and watching my (youngest) son playing Baseball (a very rare sports here in Germany...). And I am addicted to planners and notebooks and all writing stuff... smiley
I am happy to be here!

Hello I'm Margaret my designer name is Xtenziv Images I am mostly a digi kit person but I really want to expand my skills.. I'm so proud I just finished creating my first element in at least 7 years.. I made a snowman, I'd like to share it. If you have any pointers on how to make my elements better quality please feel free to steer me in the right direction.. nicely of course.

Welcome! Thanks for saying hello!

Hey Fellows Crafters!
I am a married mother of 3 and new to this site! I hope to share, learn, create and most of all, CRAFT!

Hello, my name is Erin. I have been a traditional scrapbooker for over 24 years now. I am looking to branch out a little into some digital scrapbooking as well. This seems to be a good place for me to get my feet wet. I love seeing everything that everybody makes and contributes. I have three children. My oldest girl just turned 12 and I have twin 10 year olds! A boy and a girl. I am so behind in my regular scrapbooking that I feel the guilt. I did start project life in 2014 and so since then I have been able to keep caught up. My problem is how far behind I was before I started project life.


@Erin: I've been doing project life for four years, and I'm also a bit sad for the years before, I love the end result of my yearly pocket books, wish I could have more years, but glad at least I got started when I did!

Hi- I’m Molly and I live in the Midwest in Missouri. I found Pixel Scrapper through a friend on Facebook and have just been really curious so I’ve stopped by. I really enjoy what I’ve found so far and actually have been adding the kits to my personal bulletin journals just to Jazz them up. I am a graphic design student and seeing all your lovely creations inspires me! You guys have definitely created an amazing site!

Hi y'all! I'm originally from Maryland but I now live in South Carolina, near Myrtle Beach. I'm married to a great guy named Vic, have a cat named Harley, 1 son, 2 step-sons, 11 grands and 4 great-grands. I love to read (mysteries, thrillers, suspense), I love photography and crocheting. I try to garden so I have photos of flowers to scrap! We have a 5th wheel travel trailer and we love to camp, especially near a beach! I taught elementary school in MD for 29 years (1st, 2nd & 3rd grades) and then I was an Admin. Asst. to a non-profit's Board of Directors, and I got to travel to some great places for meetings and then I stayed on to explore them. I've been digi-scrapping for over 18 years. I started at a site called Digital Scrapbook Place (DSP we called it) and I'm still around. I am on several Creative Teams and love them all! Looking forward to sharing my creations here at pixelscrapper!