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Hi everyone,
It's great to discover such a fun, friendly community.

I'm a digital artist and designer, a Photoshop coach, tutorial instructor, freelance writer and editor. I love photography and photo restoration, travel, music and reading.

Looking forward to getting to know everyone! smiley


Hi I'm Michelle and I live in beautiful Upper Hutt, New Zealand. I am 43 years old and married to my awesome husband John, we have 3 wonderful children aged from 12 to 18. I have been doing digital scrapbooking on and off for about a year, but the last 4 months I have been dedicating myself to it. My current project is to complete photobooks for our children to show them what my husband and I have done throughout our 22 years of married life. I am up to year 2007 so still have a few years to catch up on, then it will be onto creating photobooks for each of the children all about their lives. Every page in the photobooks are scrapbook pages. I am only a beginner, but finding sites like this with all the wonderful tutorials is fantastic - thanks so much Marisa and Jordan smiley

Welcome everyone! It's so fun to have people from all over! What a great way to come together.

Hi - I'm Helen and I live in Adelaide, South Australia. I've just stumbled across Pixel Scrapper through a Pinterest post I saw and I like what I see. I've been procrastinating with my digi-scrapbooking recently and seeing your site has inspired me again. It's summer time here at the moment (Dec - Feb) and recently we've been having temperatures upward of 40 degrees celcius. So lots of beach and pool scrapping for me to do. I love looking through your galleries - loads of inspiration and ideas to be found there. I have to get onto my Christmas scrapping, but I find it difficult to find digi christmas kits that aren't all about snow! Our Christmases are spent in the warmth and usually near the beach - with long summer nights. I often fantasize about heading to the northern hemisphere at least one christmas in my lifetime to experience a winter wonderland kind of christmas. Thanks for having me on your site. I'm looking forward to getting re-inspired once again.

Hi, I'm Malou and I live in Roermond, The Netherlands. I'm 25 and a nurse.
Never done any paperscrapping and I just started with digital scrapbooking, so I'm still trying to figure out how everything works especially photoshop. Just finished my first page, woehoe! So far I just love all your designs.

Hello, I live in the United States. I am having fun exploring this site, there is so much to offer. Thank you

Welcome ladies! So fun to have you here! Thanks for saying hello.

My name is Lindsey. I'm a 29 year old wife on disability with fibromyalgia. I have been scrapbooking since I was 14 when I went to a scrapbooking party and feel in love. I got my first camera from my grandfather when I was 9. I had a ton of pictures and nothing to put them in to make them look appealing. I hate old photo albums. They are so plain. Since I have been sick and have no children I haven't had much to take pictures of other than my husband. He is a musician and a lead singer of a band. After making a few digital photo albums though they all started to look the same. Now I have a new phone and I bought it strictly for the camera and the apps I can use on it. I know that sounds funny. I have had 35mm SLR's and I also had 14-16 Mega Pixel DSLR's. I sold my DSLR's because I never used them and they were just sitting in a case. It was so much of a pain to carry around. I have taken so many pictures since I got my phone though that I have a ton of different scrapbook ideas (ie: an album per month). I have become queen of 1 picture layouts and mini albums. I love them. It doesn't take a ton of time to make and since I'm such an indecisive person I don't have to figure out which pictures I want to use. I found pixelscrapper trying to find patterned papers that I liked. I'm tired of the same ones at stores and they never change them. I like doing digital scrapbooking as well as traditional. Sometimes I make a page and then print it out and embellish it once I have put it in my album. When using scissors I don't always cut straight lines so digital scrapbooking works well. I love this sight. It is amazing and I love that I can use the files over and over.

Hey, Marisa, I too was born in Minnesota but didn't stay even as long as you did. Just a few weeks in my case. I have been scrapbooking for a few decades now, switching to digital for the last several years. 10?! It doesn't seem possible but time is flying by so I must be having fun. Each year I scrap about 200 to 250 pages of family photos of everything from grandbaby's first step to the garden harvest and everything in between, plus usually 2 or 3 albums of longer trips my husband and I take. I just found this site a few days ago but already can tell it will be inspirational. Thanks everyone for sharing your talents.

Welcome ladies! Thanks for saying hi!

Hi! I am Marquette, mother of 3, wife of one. I have been a SAHM for a few years and followed the trend of making hairbows after I found out I was having another girl. I discovered the world of bottlecaps (and putting them in the center of bows), but I was spending soooo much money on the images, I decided to learn how to make them. That was 2 years ago, and that is when photoshop entered my life LOL. I love it! I began doing scrapbooking layouts, facebook timeline and profile covers, album covers for my hubby, and teaching my 9 year old daughter how to use it for school projects. I am still a newbie though, and learning something new every day. I would love be a part of your community and expand my photoshop horizons!!!

Hi/Olá !
I live in Brazil ... Mum of 1 amazing boy (24 y.o.), I'm a dentist and love scrapbooking.
I scrapbook a few years now and I create some alphas since 2011 but stop for awhile.
I just wanted to leave you pals with one of my fav layout
See you soon !

Welcome ladies! Thanks for saying hello!

Hi everyone! So many new and old faces! Welcome!!

About me:
I am from the Netherlands, Europe. I am married and and have two beautiful kids. Some years ago my husband started his own business and I wanted to do all graphics designs myself (for the website etc.) So I started to learn Coreldraw and I found this site by accident on the web when it just started. And fell in love with it! Since then I am also hooked on digital scrapbooking!
I also use it for other things like bookbinding or other craft projects.

And I am an artist. I have been painting and drawing since I was a little girl and could hold a pencil. It runs in the familiy I guess smiley I use different kinds of paint like oils, acrylics and watercolor. And I am a student in fashion design learning about drawing clothing patterns & sewing techniques.

Hello! My name is Angie; I'm from Iowa, a wife and mother of three boys, aged 13, 2 and 1. I really ought to be doing more scrapbooking but I'm back in school now, finishing up my graphic design degree (yup, it's only taken me 11 years to go back and finish it up, ha ha!) Also, I do some design projects on the side, when I have a chance. I've been downloading your CU templates for a while now; they're a HUGE timesaver when I want to create a pattern, background, etc. Your work is lovely, Marisa and I'm definitely grateful that you're so generous with your resources! Thanks a bazillion-and-one!

Welcome! Thanks for stopping by to say hello!

smiley Hi!

I'm Enid from San Juan, Puerto Rico (small island in the Caribbean), I'm currently a Pharmacy Technician at a Hospital, love to read and digital scrapbooking. I'm studying Natural Sciences to became a Pharmacist and have a 10 years old son. I visit this site for about a year and I really like it.

Hi Marisa and Jordan!

My name is Icajovita, I'm 32 years old.
I'm from Tangerang-Indonesia. (hope you ever heard about it)
I found pixel scrapper site by coincidence,
and I love the creativity! Thank you so much for all the assets you're sharing for us.
Pardon about my english..

Icajovita smiley

Hello, everyone! Just found this site and am loving it!

Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hello!

Hi my name is Sue and have just joined recently, the site looks great and I love all your creations, great work.
I am new to Photoshop and loving it and have been using PSP, I love to try my hand at Digital scrapbooking so hoping to get ideas,
I am from Australia and married with two grown up daughters and 3 almost 4 Grandchildren.
Looking forward to getting to know you all
Hugs sue

My name is Bethany and I'm married and have a precious 2 year old baby girl, as well as 6 furry kids (all cats). I used to be an avid paper scrapbooker, but once real life took over, I found that I had less and less time to do it, and to do it the way I wanted. After a trip to Italy a few years ago, I made my first digital scrapbook and have been hooked ever since. (SO much easier and faster!) Since I'm also a wedding photographer and spend countless hours in Photoshop anyways, it was a quick, natural transition. So happy to have found this site!

Hi everyone. My name is Monica, I'm married and have 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls.
I live in sunny QLD Australia and I kind of stumbled upon this site. I'm a traditional scrapper but have always admired and drooled over digital creations so I though...ah heck, why not??
I'm have just upgraded to the latest Photoshop Elements and I have been doing a lot of playing- I'm yet to complete my first digital layout. I hope I can get somehing together to show you in the gallery soon!

Welcome! Thanks for saying hello.

I'm Betsy, I just joined yesterday! I'm very excited about finding this site. I've made dollhouse miniatures for many years and have recently gotten very interested in digital art. I sell my designs, but I'm still learning. I'm specifically interested in digital scrapbooking. I'm very happy to be a part of what looks to be a wonderful community of artists!

I'm a mom of 2 boys who keep me busy. I also love horses and I try to ride every day while the boys are in school.

Welcome Betsy! Thanks for saying hello.

Hi everyone! I'm Cat. I live in one of the most beautiful areas in the world - the foothills to the great Canadian Rockies in Alberta, Canada. My husband and I have a cat and a dog - both spoilt silly. I've been doing digital scrapbooking for quite a while - about 8 years. I started because I wanted some way to display my wedding pictures (will be married 9 years this year). I still haven't finished my wedding album! smiley I got so involved, I even started designing and selling digi scrap kits, but gave up designing because I didn't really have time to do it, so I only design when I need something for myself. I then started scrapbooking with paper and moved to card making and stamping and then started using digi stamps, so I guess you could say I've gone full circle. I've started looking at digital scrapbooking again and hybrid. I love that I can print out my digi papers for my cards and get exactly what I need (no worries that the craft store is closed). I love the designs you have and think you're a very talented designer. I'm sure I'll be around quite a bit now that I've found this place... smiley

Hi everyone, I am Sue (imjustsue) and I live in Queensland, Australia. Married 35 years in April and have 2 children. Our daughter is married and has blessed us with 2 adorable grandsons. They feature in most of my layouts. Our son, works on a cruise ship and travels the world. I look forward to spending some time here and getting to know you all.

Hi Everyone!
I'm Angela Davis ... I fell upon Pixel a few months ago. I'm married to the most wonderful man I've ever known, Jake Davis ... have 2 wonderful boys (which I scrap about most). My hubby was in the Army (got out in Sept ... Thank goodness!) Too many deployments, the boys and I were ready for them to stop! Anyways, I was in the Army as well: stationed in Japan, states: Colorado Springs, Louisiana, Missouri, Texas. Japan is where I met my husband smiley Talk about a fun place to be stationed!!! I've also been to Mexico, Canada (Vancouver) Washington State (where I'm from), Oregon, California, Iowa, New Mexico, Nevada, Idaho, Nebraska, South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming and Kansas.
After my hubby got out of the Army we decided to move back to Weatherford, Texas ( where he grew up) and here we are. I have a ton of pics from Japan, Mexico and around the States...

Welcome everyone!

@Sue: I always wondered what it was like to work on a cruise ship.

@Angela: I've always wanted to go to Japan.