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Hi Karin, and welcome!

I’m Laura Reed. I discovered digital scrapbooking ages ago, but I’ve never been a hardcore scrapper. My attention span for crafting is short. There are too many fun things to try.

I have no kids, two dogs, one cat, and one husband.

I have a master's in Modern Dance and one in Library Science. I was diagnosed with MS in 2016, so I don't do too much dancing these days.

I inherited the thousands of pictures taken by my amateur photographer father, so I've got a lot to work with.

I blog about life at

fantastic photos and fabulous layouts! I see a lot of scraplifting coming.

Like Marisa I was born and raised in St. Paul MN. At the age of 29 I followed my boyfriend, now husband, to Orange Cty CA. We have lived here since 1998. We have two beautiful kids, a daughter Taylor 14, and a son Tristan 12. I am a photographer and homemaker and I am so lucky to be able to stay home and do what I am so passionate about. I am the storyteller for our family.

I am on the CT for Simple Pleasure Designs and also 4 CT for The Lilypad. I love teaching others how to document their memories. We owe it to our children and their children to get our photos off of our phones and computers and into our lives.

Welcome, Laura and Trish. smiley

Hi! I started out paper scrapping but switched to digital several years ago. This is my creative outlet. I love preserving our family memories!

Welcome to all newbies

Hi I am Bunny and am from Canada. joined this site afew months ago but did not really have time to explore it etc. I am new to digital scrapbooking, but do alot of craft stuff when ever I get time.

Welcome Bunny

Hi, I'm Anna. I'm not new to scrapbooking but new to this site. Thanks for the start kit and the daily downloads! I still have much to explore here.

Hi, I'm Nancy and I started paper scrapping back in the late 90s. I switched to digital in the early 2000s after a brief hybrid period. Unfortunately when my son was 6 months old my hubby lost his job and i had to go back to work, and all of a sudden 17 years went by! I've lost all my early digi elements smiley after switching many computers and laptops so I'm back to buying and collecting (which I have to say is probably my favorite part lol) I'm currently working on a 5x7 positive inspirational book for my special needs daughter. She is 21 and is getting her high school diploma. So if anyone has some great positive quotes/sayings/ or uplifting words, I'm all ears.

Welcome everyone! So glad to have you all here.

@Nancy: Sounds like a sweet project! Brooke has some a great bundle called "Encouragement" which may have what you want. She has word art for it here.

Hi everybody!! I'm Kate and I'm new to digital scrapbooking. I've always really enjoyed creative things, but I don't like the amount of "stuff" I needed to scrapbook, paint, etc. Now I can have literally everything with me in my tablet and I can work on stuff whenever I have a few free minutes smiley I'm super excited to learn from everyone here!!!

Welcome Kate

Welcome to all newbies that I missed

Welcome!!! smiley

lovely story, we have a few things in common. it's a pleasure to meet you!

Hey everyone! I am thrilled to be a part of this community!

I am Mirella Claire Dowrich, a proud Leo, sun child, born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, a little island in the Caribbean. I live in "de East" or the eastern part of Trinidad. I am a full-time Secondary School teacher. However, the rest of my creative time is spent caring for my boys (my fiance and our 8 year old and 3 month old sons); baking and decorating cakes; making handmade cards; and whipping up good home-cooked meals.

I am a woman of many interests. I love cooking and I'm a qualified pastry chef. I love music and singing; I play the steelpan, piano, and violin and I was a member of several choirs until motherhood took over. I enjoy being outdoors and meeting new people. I have a keen interest in the stars and metaphysics, and I absolutely love all things crafty and colourful and beautifully eccentric and creative.

I am new to digital scrapbooking. I've had an interest in all things crafty and creative since I was a child. I used to make my own bookbags and pencil cases out of scrap material I'd collect at the foot of my mother's sewing machine and old denim jeans. lol I took up quilting at one point as a teen but quickly gave it up after the second quilt because my allowance didn't allow me to afford the pretty materials I loved. So I turned to paper and paint and coloured pencils and magazine cutouts and started creating handmade cards. It was while making a card for an aunt who lived abroad, which included a picture of myself at the time, that an interest in scrapbooking developed, even before I knew it was called scrapbooking (just like selfies). I love love love taking photos and dressing them up. I think it makes the memory much more valuable to look back on.

So, I'm here, hoping to learn and discover new layouts and graphics. I'm already loving what I've seen so far. You are all so talented.

Hello i am Marielle and i am maried whit my husband Riccardo, we have two kids age 5 and 9 years old, they are the temes of al my scrapbooks smiley I love to be cerative and scrapbook. My englisch is not so good so i do a short introduce.

Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hello smiley

@Mirella: So fun to have someone say hi from Trinidad and Tobago! Sounds like you have a busy and fulfilling life!

Hello: I have recently joined PixelScrappers, and so far it has been a lot of fun looking around at all of the charming pieces available for my inner creative muse. I have been an avid crafter all my life, and I have been swept up by the "junk" journal craze, though to me it is more like a "hidden treasures" journal rather than junk, lol. I think scrapbooking, planner creations and junk and art journals are on the scrapbooking spectrum, imho, however you wanna get your crafting fix, it's all good to me! I don't know physics, Marisa, but I do watch a lot of the History Channel and the Science Channel. I am fascinated with quantum physics and mechanical physics and string theory... sometimes I have to exercise the other side of my brain, lol. I have not had time to visit as much as I would like to, but plan to change that. Hope you have an awesome day.

Thank you Marissa! I love your creations, particularly the elements. I find myself clicking while browsing and mostly always choosing your stuff. We share a similar style.

God has blessed you with a special gift and may he continue to shower you.

@Leslie: Love the "hidden treasures" name!! smiley

@Mirella: Thank you! smiley

Welcome to PS, everyone!

I don't know if I am supposed to post in this thread, but I did post in the Getting Start forum.

My name is Robynne and I am from both New Zealand and Canada. I am a newbie Digi scrapper and new to Pixel Scrapper as well.

Actually I have been lurking and downloading free elements every day for a few weeks, because I cannot really afford to pay for much else. So I was offered a 1 month subscription for next to nothing, and am now on that. Whether or not I will continue the subscription, will depend on how things go here.

Hi, I’m Tami. I live in Indiana with my husband, son & our 3 miniature schnauzers. I’m new to digital scrapbooking but trying to learn all that I can. I love the idea of scrapping on my iPad and look forward to scrapbooking on the go and the convenience of having your hobby at your fingertips.



I’m a 43 year old wife and Mum living in alberta Canada.

I found pixel scrapper when the shipping of my planner subscription box price skyrocketed. I’ve digital scrapbooked for 4 years using a different site that was mostly just journal cards and thought there must be something better for my planner.

So excited to be part of this community!!

Hi Elizabeth. Alberta, huh? I live in Toronto!! Nuff said about that. Hows the weather out west?

Hi! I'm Lisa. I live in Michigan currently with my husband, 2 children (ds16 & dd13), 2 dogs, 1 cat and 3 goldfish. I started digital scrapbooking in 2007 but go back and forth between digital and traditional as my focus. Currently concentrating on digital as we are in move mode.

I stumbled across Pixel Scrapper the other day whilst roaming the web during a bad cold, so I'm not really clear as to how I got here.