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Hi! I'm Kathy from Fort Worth. I just started my scrapbooking journey and am having a blast! I have found so many generous and helpful designers. I just wanted someone else to do the heavy lifting of designing and allow me to add my touches and go. So far, so good! I'm still using My Memories software and will probably continue to for awhile. I may branch out into Photoshop but not in the near future.Thanks for all the cool stuff!

Hi everyone! I am Karlene and I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. I just found this site yesterday, but am already loving it. I have been doing digital scrapbooking for over 14 years, but still have a lot of room to grow and learn. I started off first with Corel and then continued with it as they switched over to Paint Shop Pro. I am not very good with really technically stuff, as you might be able to tell from my sideways picture. Have made several attempts to correct it, but not happening. So maybe I am a bit quirky.
Looking forward to getting to familiar with everything here and participating as work allows me to.

Hi Kathy! I'm new too! It's fun browsing all the goodies, isn't it!!


Hi Karlene!
I'm new too! I agree, this is a great site!

Hello Everyone! My name is Sherry and I live in Ohio. I have been scrapping for about 25 or so years. With 3 girls and one adorable grandson I am always busy scrapping their events. For Christmas, I got PSE 2019 and decided it was time to try my hand at digital scrapping. I've taken a couple of beginner tutorials and have just scratched the surface. I stumbled on your website about a month ago and have been hooked ever since. I am hoping someday to be able to create pages as stunning as those I have seen posted. Happy scrapping and thanks for all the wonderful products and tutorials!

Thanks for saying hello everyone!

@Karlene: We have a help article here about rotating your profile photo.

Hi Kathy - I am a My Memories scrapper, too. There are quite a few kinds of software discussed in the Pixelscrapper Forum, but I don't see many who use My Memories. (Or maybe it is a well kept secret, LOL). Good to know you.

Hi everyone, I'm Elaine, I found few weeks ago PS. Thanks Marisa and Jordan for making this such a great site!

Hi--I'm Barbara. I just wrote a long introduction, pressed "preview" and it all disappeared! If it doesn't reappear, I'll come back and write another intro later.

Since my first introduction disappeared into the ether, I'll begin...again. I live in southern Louisiana, very close to New Orleans. New Orleans isn't just the French Quarter (and Mardi Gras)--it has many different neighborhoods and each has its own personality. When I was younger, I loved being in the city, and enjoyed the sights, sounds, and even scents unique to a particular area. Now, though, I'm happiest in the country, and I enjoy driving along Bayou Lafourche toward coastal Louisiana, always on the lookout for birds to photograph.

I'd been thinking about doing digital scrapbooking for some time, and finally got serious about trying it just a few months ago. While I've been using different versions of Corel's PaintshopPro to edit my pictures for several years now, my understanding of layers and the various tools available in the program was extremely limited...raster, vector,masks,templates,visible, invisible, merge,png, psd, pspimage, I didn't know what any of that was. It just so happens that there's a website named Scrapbook Campus, run by (Carol) Cassel, which is dedicated to all things PaintShopPro. Cassel has developed two experiences, a Scrap Bootcamp that's offered a number of times a year, and a Love Story Challenge held in February, that do a great job of teaching the basics of layers and how to use a number of the tools to make really nice scrapbook pages--and it's free! Cassel also offers video workshops that deal with different functions--one that comes to mind shows how to upload different paintbrushes. I participated in the Bootcamp and the Love Story Challenge and now understand how to use PaintShopPro to do basic digital scrapbooking.

I think one of the most difficult things for me has been finding the style of scrapbooking that feels right for me. Do I want to make gorgeous pages with layers and layers of lush papers and embellishments or are pages with few embellishments and very quiet backgrounds more appealing to me? Do I want to use pre-made alphabets and word art? Do I like smooth or textured backgrounds? large or small or no patterns at all? I think I'm leaning more toward the simple end or maybe that's only because I'm not good at figuring out which elements to layer together to create more depth. And while kits with coordinating everything would seemingly help me do that, I find it almost impossible to make a page using a kit. I don't like being hemmed in by someone else's vision. Okay, that's enough about my design philosophy dilemma.

I don't remember how I found pixelscrapper but I'm so grateful that I did. It's such a great resource . Thank you.

Hi and welcome to all of you! @Barbrara, you have come to the right place. I am always amazed at how many papers and elements are available on PxS!

Thank you...I am going to give that a try.

My name is Lola. I discovered digital scrapbooking in April 2019, so I am newer than super new. I've wanted a better way to make albums with digital photos for years, I just didn't know digital scrapbooking existed. I feel like I've discovered a whole sub-culture. I am still getting to know the community and testing the territory. It is easy to get overwhelmed with all the different monthly blog trains, scrapbooking challenges, activities, blogs, forums; I can't do them all. So I am testing which ones I like, which ones have the best rewards for participation.
I've made some really bad layouts, and some ones that I am really proud of. I like using templates, it makes beautiful layouts with minimal design effort on my part, but mostly the page comes together in an hour instead of 5 if I designed it on my own. I also like using bundles and kits rather than individual embellishments. I have no designer's eye, I can't tell what colors go together with what, I need the ladies in the stores to put outfits together for me, I am this designer-challenged. So a whole kit of goodies that is guaranteed to color match is the way for me!

Happy Scrapping to all those out there.
I'm growing, learning, and loving this so far.


Welcome Lola! So glad you are here.

Hi, Marisa -- I recently learned about Pixel Scrapper from Lindsey Zenor and I love it! I'm fairly new to this; just stumbled upon junk journals in December and have become obsessed. I'm a former California Girl, now living in East Tennessee, having put in my time in Minnesota and Maryland. You can find me at where I now often include a link to Pixel Scrapper in the description box of crafting videos. I love what you've got going here! Thanks to you and your team for sharing your talents so generously! Love and hugs, Alyce-Kay

Hi everyone, I'm Sabrina and I'm from Australia. I dabble in digital scrapbooking but I recently got some scrapbooking supplies from Aldi, so I shall soon try my hand at traditional scrapbooking too!

Welcome! Thanks for saying hello!

@Alyce, Hi! I went to you YouTube channel and was SO incredibly excited to see you with an Inductive Study Bible! I used to work for Precept on the Area Teams. Have you been to Chattanooga for a women's conference?

P.S. I've been doing inductive Bible study for 8 years now.

My name is Chrissy, I just made and ordered my first digital scrap book for my daughters first year. I'm excited to see how it turned out and I am trying to step my game up for book two. Thanks for all the kits available and to everyone who posts finished pages. They look amazing and I want to be you!

I have only recently found your site and I am loving it all so far.
Thank you for sharing your journey in the world of scrapbooking. It is lovely to see the person that is often behind the scenes and never seen.
Mine has been a long journey as I have always for as long as I can remember kept scrapbooks and (way back when) taken photos although not very many as it took ages to develop film and it was costly and not a luxury we could afford.
Now I take photos everyday either on my phone or camera so have thousands of photos that no longer get printed and put in albums so I have turned to digital scrapbooking to get me back into scrapbooking (since having kids I am limited with time and space).

Hi there Amanda, tis another Amanda here and another roaming around the halls somewhere... seems to be a lot of us scraping smiley Tis nice to meet you smiley

HI Amanda
Lovely to meet you too.
Yes there sure are a few of us about. smiley

I haven't been to one, but boy, would I love to! I've been through several of those Bibles until they've worn completely out. I keep thinking I should get a different Bible, but I love this one so much!

Hi everyone, I'm Lisa and I found this site a while ago, but I've never been to access & post in the forum after I added a pic to my profile. Thank you for making this site and allowing us to share our layouts!

Hi, Kate -- I think I started to answer this at one point and lost it. Sorry! I've used Kay Arthur's Inductive Study Bible for years! Every few years when I need a new one, I think I should try something else, but I keep going back to it! smiley Are the women's conferences Precepts conferences? I've not heard about them and I'm so nearby. That would be a dream!

Welcome Lisa! Thanks for saying hello.

I'm trying to figure out exactly what the blog train is. It looks maybe like people sharing something within a theme that others can download?

Howdy! I'm Kim. Started digi scrapping this year! working on pages for my daughter at camp now. Love it!
I'm a mom of 5 'big' kids and grammy of 2.
Blessed and lovin' life!

Hello, I'm Christina from Toronto Canada. I am a mom of 2 young boys and am a lupus fighter. I started scrapbooking about 5 years ago and just discovered digital scrapbooking this year. I love the convenience of digital scrapbooking since I do most of it from my phone. So glad I found this site!

Hello all. I'm Robin Sampson.

This is my last year being a homeschool mom! My ninth child graduates this year.

I am scrapbook designer turned Bible journal designer. My biggest passion is the Bible. I've written Bible studies and homeschool studies since the 1990s. I have never paper scrapbooked but I began digital scrapbooking in 2009. In 2011 I began designing my own kits. I shifted my passion for patterns and colors from quilting to scrapbooking. When Shanna Noel introduced the world to Bible journaling in 2014 I knew it was a game-changer for me. That week I began working on Bible journaling kits and combining them with my Bible studies. I love how God gives me the desires of my heart!

I love the art journaling mixed-media styles and do some hybrid Bible journaling with Travelers Notebooks. I believe Pixel Scrapper is the best value available. I've always admired Marisa Lerin's ingenuity. I love the way the site is set up—perfect for me to grab an element quickly.
I'm originally from Orlando. Florida.

We now live just outside Nashville, Tennessee. My husband is a retired federal agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and Homeland Security. We have one eighteen-year-old son at home. and whenever possible my twenty-year-old Marine is home on leave. All my other children are adults, most with children of their own. My thirty-six-year-old daughter when to Heaven in 2014. We moved back to Florida for five years to help with her three sons. Now that they are all over eighteen we moved back to Tennessee to be near the rest of the family.

When I am not Bible journaling I'm reading, researching, writing or quilting (almost always with my little five-pound Pomeranian, Arrow, on my lap or by my feet). Life is simpler now that most the children are grown. It has taken me years to learn to not cook for eleven people, but I still feel like laundry is never ending. smiley My adult children visit frequently so our home is still like Grand Central Station but there are more quiet times in between.

Family is my life. Creating and sharing digital art is the frosting on the cake.