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Hi All,

I've been lurking here for years (since 2017) and only today found out about the Commons area and looked at the forum. Now I'm keen to upload layouts to the gallery.... finally trying to make some ... and discovered I need some Community Points first... eeck. So here's my intro post... hehehe.

I hale from Sunny South Africa. I've been paper scrapping since 2003 and collecting digi freebies for just as long. I've dabbled a bit with digi scrapping on projectlife app and am trying to get my feet wet with more digi scrapping. Used two quickpages and loved them now need to branch out some more.

Looking forward to learning more and hopefully taking part in some challenges.

Hey peeps! So I need to introduce myself in order to upload to the gallery...
I'm in my 30s and have lived in New York all my life. I married my Australian husband last year even though we'd been friends online since 2004, where we had bonded over mutual love of a certain storied mecha anime. I am a librarian and got into scrapbooking basically about five seconds ago. It's something I'd always wanted to do, but I'd feared I didn't have the manual dexterity to create traditional papercraft scrapbook pages. I didn't really know much about digital scrapbooking but figured I didn't have the time for it.
Well, after getting into journaling, planners, etc., I heard about Project Life and when I saw the templates and layouts Becky was selling, I thought to myself, "I can do that!" I've been using Photoshop since the late 90s and taught myself InDesign around 2007. I basically already have the skillset and software I need, and PixelScrapper's amazing assets and kits give me the tools to make fun layouts! I do weekly "pocket" scrapping and have been having SO much fun looking around my life each day and thinking about what would be interesting to photograph and/or journal about. I especially enjoy the overall notion of taking something that's kinda everyday and "boring" and documenting it anyway, because it's those everyday, "boring" things that we are most likely to forget with the passage of time.
I use Blurb to print my books and after I finish up my 2019 partial-year book, I plan to make one giant book each year. I think these will be keepsakes that I really treasure.
Thanks for this great site, Marisa!

@Alyce-Kay, yes to the women's conferences. They are held on campus in Chattanooga. They host two a year, spring and fall. The fall conference is in October. I really like to go. In the past the teaching at the conferences was (in my opinion) comparable to a PUP study. In the recent couple years they have changed the conferences a bit. I say the are more like a Lord study, if that makes any sense to you. They are still good, just less intensive teaching. I preferred the more in depth, intensive teaching, but I know not everyone is like me.

@Kate -- It sounds really good. Yeah, I prefer more in depth ... but right now, my soul could just use watering. I'll have to look for it. Chattanooga is only an hour from me.

@Alyce-Kay, has all the info.

Welcome everyone! Thanks so much for saying hello!

@Alyce-Kay: We do a new blog train every month. There is a set palette and theme and people will create something to give away for that month. You can find this month's list here.

Hello everyone! I'm Cindy and I've been lurking around this site for quite some time. I've decided to apply to the commons, but first I have to come here and let you all know who I am! I live in Virginia with my husband and four children. Once I discovered digital scrapbooking and how much quicker it is for me than paper scrapping I fell in love. Somehow I started wondering how all those lovely elements and papers are made and decided to learn what I could about digital design. I believe I landed on Pixel Scrapper in search of how to do something, and I've been around ever since! I've participated in a few blog trains and I love how supportive everyone is here. I don't think I would have ever dipped my toes into the design pool if I hadn't found this site, so thank you!

Welcome, Cindy!

Hi! I am very new to this community and digital scrapbooking. A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I was interested in trying digital scrapbooking and someone immediately referred me here. I am still working my way through the tutorials, but I have already learned so much. Thank you for the wonderful site and information.

Welcome everyone! Glad to have the new faces smiley

Hi ya, I'm Bert. Im in the UK.I'm into card making I love this site . I retired last year Im living off a small pension till my state pension kicks in,in 4 years time . I look on here when I need some background papers or just to have a look at all the wonderful ideas.Its really good site and I thank you .