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Welcome! Thanks for saying hello.

Hello, I'm Cheryl and I joined here a few years ago, then just kind of dropped out. I got an email out of the blue to come back and here I am. I've been digital scrapping, exclusively, for about 7 years now. I started paper scrapping after my first grandson was born and he's almost 23 now. I live in SW Florida, but am originally from Michigan. smiley

Welcome back, Cheryl!

Thank you so much, Tammy! smiley

Hi all! I'm Ben and I live in South England, Dorset with my wife and 4 year old daughter Lilly. I am a designer and like to create the odd font and a little art work on the side. I am really happy to have found a warm community like Pixel Scrapper as I can share some of free stuff and creations.

Welcome, Ben. I'm a fontaholic...

Welcome- I love free stuff!

Haha! Check out the free fonts page here:

I post so more soon

Ben - I didn't know there was a font thread! Thanks for the heads up!

Wow, Laura, it does sound like you are living a grand adventure. Welcome to you and all the other new members of this fantastic site!!

Well, goodness I see I haven't said hello to so many newcomers. So, I'm just going back a month or so...

@Ben - welcome, I look forward to your fonts! (I'm a bit of a font junkie myself)

@Cheryl - welcome back!!

@Cathy - I love project life, too

@Zoe - Welcome. (I did a 52 week one a couple of years ago and I loved it). I have several project life templates available in the Commons, maybe they will help you

@Cindy - I look forward to your commons designs

@Kristi - Welcome. I'm glad someone referred you to this site. It is truly wonderful!

@Bert - Welcome. So glad you love the designs here!

@Amber - Welcome. I'm glad you stumbled upon us!!

@Janice - Welcome. I think you'll really like digital scrapping, especially if you are comfortable with Photoshop

@Gabriella - Welcome. I'm glad you have found some of the designs on this site useful. Hope you find many, many more!

@Amanda - Welcome. I hope you "lurk" here for a very long time smiley

@Fatiana - Welcome. I hope you find lots of inspiration and decide to jump into digital scrapping. I think you will find it relatively easy and oh so fun!

@Becca - Welcome, we are very glad to have you here! Congrats to your son on his upcoming wedding.

@Aly - Welcome! I hope you find we truly are nice and generous.

@Christina - Welcome and lots of luck getting started on your scrapping!

@Amanda - Welcome. What a cool idea to make scraps about my life's journey for my children and grandchildren. I know I would have loved to have something like that for my grandparents! Thanks so much for this grand suggestion!

@Christine - Welcome and happy scrapping to you, too!

@Karen - Welcome. I notice you have joined the Commons. I look forward to your creations.

Hello, Im Crystal. I am 33 years old, i have a 14 year old, a 9 year old and a 4 year old That keep me very busy. I am married and have a pug and a french bulldog who i love so much!! I am the happy new resident of Colorado. Just moved From Los Angeles, and am happy to be more surrounded by nature and focus more on the things that make me happiest. Like Designing and crafting for instance. I am very excited to be a new member of this community! Thank you so much for this incredible Site that is so inviting to be free in being yourself and making anything you want without a ton of rules smiley Im so grateful!

Crystal, welcome! With the three children, I bet you have lots to scrap!

Thank you! Yes, took a Break from the first and 3rd, this site is making me excited to get back into it!

Hello from Louisiana, USA! My name is Laura, and I love making sig tags in PSP. I am an Endometrial Cancer survivor, diagnosed in January 2019, and I am also a college student going for business. I am graduating in May 2020. I am a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, and I am a self-taught baker. I also love collecting postcards and playing video games. I stumbled upon this site looking for peach items to make sig tags for Endometrial Cancer (peach is our color). There aren't many peach-colored kits out there, but I did find some lovely peach items on this site. Thank you so much for that! Have a wonderful day!

Welcome, Laura!

Welcome! Sounds like you have been through a lot. Even more reason to scrapbook!

hi am Robert I have Asperger's syndrome my mom and me scrape book together it is our time and we both enjoy it . thank you for letting me join

Nice site just would be alot more convienant if it actually went where it said it would when clicking on the freebie links for the Blogtrains. I give up way too stressful. I wanted to subscribe and become a member but wow what a hassle. I don't care for the files being uploaded in the Google cloud or whatever. Downloaded one and haven't been able to access it yet. Just my thoughts. Thanks was gonna share the train on my Pinterest and blog I have alot of psp friends and scrapers bit I'm afraid they will think it is too much of a hassle. Sorry. I will just take my daily download one piece at a alot less complicated. Thanks and oh I have been psping for about 20 years and doing scrapkits so I'm well aware of what I'm talking about. Thanks Nae

Welcome Robert!

@Rena: Sorry you experienced such trouble. We of course want to do whatever we can to make things easy for people. It can be confusing for some because the monthly blog train is a community event, so the list is on Pixel Scrapper, but many of the submissions are available of site by the people who created them. A few are also available on Pixel Scrapper, for subscribers, but will also be available for free on the designer's blog. Let me know which part for you was confusing and we'll see what we can do.

It is fine thanks. Nae

Hello. I'm Meg. I just started the digital scrapbook adventure. I recently got married and wanted to make a wedding scrapbook. I was going to do the actual paper/book type but I realized how much $$ that cost. EEEK!! I ran across digital scrapbook information and got hooked. I am definitely a beginner. I am not very creative at all which is why I am hoping some of you amazing folks can help me!

Hi! I'm Jenna and I live in California. I love all these pretty scrapbook designs and was absolutely crushed when I found out that Daisytrail had closed. Got lotsa hobbies including trance music, art, and raising budgies. Got five cute baby 'keets that hatched over a month ago and they're already starting to fly! Thinking of getting some cockatiels too because they're such affectionate birdies!

Welcome to everyone!

Meg, you will find a lot of inspiration in the gallery and there are templates to download to help you with the layout.
Marisa created a whole bundle of quick pages and there is also a "Our Special Day" collaboration. So I think you will find a lot of graphics etc. to fit your needs.

Hi everyone !
I thought I had already introduced myself, but it seems that this is not the case. So I'm Sabyne. I live in France near Paris. I've been scraping since 2014. I love Pixel Scrapper but I was a little shy to participate in English. I decided to start anyway because I like to take part in challenges. I also love to do design and it would be a real pleasure to share here. Especially since I am very grateful to Pixel Scrapper for the help provided with tutorials and templates.

Hello my name is Jonas. I'm 55 years old, I'm married to Gilma and I have a 26 year old daughter, Polyanna. I'm from Brazil and I'm starting in the scrapbook world as a hobby. Ps: I don't speak English very well, please have a little patience with me if you take too long to post comments or respond to all of you. I am happy to be part of this special group. I hope you could understand me. smiley

Hi all
I just typed out a long intro and thought I posted but obviously not grrrr
The short version.......
My name is Paula and I have 2 sons, a daughter and an adorable granddaughter...I dabble in a few crafts but nothing digitally so am not sure why I am here other than it looks a great place to be.
I have a shop here in Devon UK and sell Italian ladies clothing and handcrafted goods from Bali, India and also local and I scatter my pieces around too lol

PS Jeez my photo is a bit in your face ...well mine to be more exact!!!

Hello everyone, my name is Mayte, I'm from Spain.
I love spending time with my family and being able to leave it captured in photos, when I started to know digital scrapbooking I understood that I could make it even more fun. I found this website and it has already been impossible to leave it, the designers' works are very elaborate and serve as a constant inspiration for me.
Thanks for your generosity.

Meg, congratulations on your marriage! I wish you a long and happy marriage. That is how I got started into paper scrapping as well. Plus, you don't ruin precious photos by chopping them up, etc. Good luck and have fun. This is a great place to grow your scrap stash and lots of talent and experience for inspiration and support.