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Jenna, welcome! You have lots of interesting hobbies. I look forward to seeing your work.

Sabyne, welcome! There is no better place to start.

Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hello smiley

Hello, my name is Elle and I have a slight obsession with digital everything! I do photography, digi scrap, digital art and cardmaking. I’ve made it a mission to scour the internet for the best sources of quality products that don’t break the bank. Of course I believe in paying artists for their time and talent, but it’s a nice perk when I find a site that offers freebies as a bonus. I initially found Pixelscrapper through a Blog Train and here we are. Nice to meet you all.

Elle- Well you definitely found the best source! There is so much talent here!

Hi all, complete scrapbooking newbie here! I've stumbled across this site in my desperate trolling of all things digi-scrap. Everything is very overwhelming, but lots of fun. I'm not an artist, or creating scrapbook layouts to create artistic masterpieces. I like digital scrapping to capture and preserve lots of my photos and experiences with my family. As a busy mom with 3 teen/tween boys, I find the hardest part of photography and digital scrapbooking is capturing the extent of motion and sheer volume associated with each moment. There's nothing slow, quiet or sedate about boys this age! For me, the most rewarding part isn't necessarily even creating a nice finished product, it's the growth I see from one layout to the next as I attempt new things and learn new (to me) techniques.

Welcome everyone! So glad to have you here.

Hello from the UK, my name is Lou and I've used lots of lovely resources from Pixel Scrapper over the past few years but not got round to doing this. Love the inspiration you guys provide, thank you smiley

Hello all! I am new to scrapping and journaling. I am so excited to find a place where I can learn to create!

Hello Elle! Nice to meet you and look forward to sharing!

Newbie here too! Welcome!

Welcome! Thanks for saying hello.

Hi Fabiana, I met scrapbookingdigital in 2007 and since then I work with this wonderful art, I'm Brazilian, I'm 43 years old, you can see more about me on my website and social networks.

Start without scraps by downloading giveaways and being part of forums, with time being left leaving a side and doing my trade, but I want to take back as origins and because I started scraps by researching galleries found like this, I want to test to see if you adapted me because i don't speak english, use a translator and this makes interaction difficult be patient with me lol

Welcome Fabiana!

Hi Diana, I just joined and am just scrolling through everything to get to know the site. I noticed you are from Alberta, me too. I live in
St Albert (Just north of Edmonton in case you don't know it.) I do Paper and Digital as well. Years smiley of Paper scrapbooking and just trying to learn digital. Just thought I would say Hi!

EDIT: I was trying to send this message one person but I am new and sent it wrong. smiley
Well everyone can read it anyway, lol.

(I'll try again) Hello!
Just found this site and I am very happy as I have been "learning" digital for a year or two but not getting very far. I have used a couple of older systems before. I have now had Photoshop Elements 2018 for a year or so, but can't get my head around organizing all the hundreds of elements I have downloaded during that time. It is overwhelming. Of course, I download something here already! I'm addicted to collecting but need to focus on actually sorting all my stuff on PSE so I can start making pages again.

I will try to get a better picture soon lol

My name is Rena but my friends and family call me Nae. I was.born and raised in Tennessee but moved to Arkansas a few years back. I am a huge animal lover. I have many.... smiley I also have 3 children they are all grown. I am married and I also love working in my flowers and I love creating scrapkits, making tags, writing tutorials, making websets if it has anything to do with creating something I'm in! I love it. Well thanks for having me. God bless. ❤Nae

Hello my name is Chole,
I love to spend time making crafts and walking my small dogs. I enjoy seeing others work of art. I do try myself with a little bit of scrapbooking but have not gotten it yet. I am my own worst critic. I enjoy craft fairs, swap meets, and community events. I am happily married with a handsome son and 2 wonderful grandchildren. My husband works long hrs so I often find myself on the computer looking for something next to inspire me. I never know what adventure I will get myself into.
It's very nice to meet all of you.

Hi I’m Tammy. I scrapbooked about 20 years ago and stopped as life got busy! WOW! I found digital scrapbooking for scripture two years ago and have recently started doing family photos! I love the art and enhancing photos without the mess! 💗

Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hello!

Thanks for acknowledging us.☺

Hello there! I am Patricia, I am from Brazil. I am a hybrid scrapbooker, super excited to join the forum!

Hi Patricia it's is nice to meet you. smiley

Hello! My name is Roxana and I am from Romania. I am a travel agent for my day job. I am married and I have a 14 yo son, Vlad. He is my main inspiration. I discovered scrapbooking because I wanted to make a special album with his digital photos, and no software at that time seemed to be good enough for what I had in mind. Now I try to find inspiration in our everyday life and from our vacations and my traveling. I am a digital scrapbooking addict and I do this in almost all my spare time.
I am so glad to meet you all!

Welcome it is great to have you.♥ smiley

My name is Terry from Michigan. My husband and I are now full-time RVer's and we love traveling and taking pictures for me to do digital scrapbooking. I am not always able to get on-line but when I do the first thing is to check out all the wonderful ideas on Pixel Scrapper.
Thanks for everything smiley

I could of swore I posted here? I think it got eatten!! yikes! anyways.. hello everyone. I am Kari. I am from Wisconsin USA. I am mommy of three .. Bianca (15), Kai (13) and Asia (11). I have an amazing Fiancee Eric and a service dog named Neelix. I work for the airlines. Can not wait to get to know everyone a little better

Hey my name is Izzy and im 24. I come from small country called Croatia smiley Been tagger for 3 and a half years and digital scrapbooking designer for year and a half. Got into this community by accident but would change it for anything since I was lucky to meet some amazing people. No kids,husband,fiance or boyfriend smiley but have my baby Luna,its 9 month old Samoyed smiley Not really sure what else to say so feel free to ask smiley

Nice to meet you. I am Nae.♥

Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hello.

Hi everyone! Welcome to Pixel Scrapper! So glad you all found PxS!